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    Always liked to fish but just really got addicted last fall.
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    Fishing... duh. Being outdoors, spending time with family.
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    Police Officer

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  1. Sounds great. Thanks for your input. I generally fish the southern side of the inlet, because going to the northern end I would need to drive on the beach and I don't have the vehicle to do that. Last week the crowds were insane at the inlet I was fishing. Guess everybody heard the bluefishing was good.
  2. I can just as easy fish an inlet as the surf since they are not far from me. Are there times, conditions, etc. when it is advantageous to fish the inlet as opposed to the surf?
  3. Out front in OC this morning. Caught one smaller blue on Storm searchbait. Only used that because had no luck with anything else. Went out back, searchbait got bit in half. Missed another on a bucktail. Guys were catching next to me out back on bunker, just not big ones.
  4. What rod and reel?
  5. probably 3-5 pounders. Were hitting SP even before I got a chance to start reeling it in. I should have tried some top water plugs.
  6. Went to an inlet in OC. Holy crowded. Threw some Ava’s but no takers. Put on bucktail and son caught 3 blues and I caught one. Not very big but fun for him.
  7. I have had several golden retrievers in the past. I now have a mini sheepadoodle (mini poodle mixed with sheepdog). I will never trust or love another breed as much as a golden retriever. From now on that’s the only breed I will get.
  8. Last time I checked 50 is more than 45.... so it’s ILLEGAL.
  9. Out back in lower OC as tide was rising. People were catching blues on bunker. I was throwing artificials. Lost 2 on the SP Minnow. Probably because I changed out the trebles to inline hooks. I felt bad this morning after destroying the inside of a blue with a treble. I released it but it came back up floating so had to give it away. I don’t mind losing a few by changing out the hooks instead of killing some.
  10. I think it depends on where you are fishing. I noticed out back the blues chased the bass away, but I find them both out front.
  11. I was fishing from shore in Great Bay just before high tide this morning. Caught 3 descent blues on SP. Others were catching on bunker. Pretty much every cast.
  12. Out back in OC this morning for quick trip... threw bone SP and hooked up first 3 casts... 3 more in an hour... probably head back tonight.. saw 3 people of Asian descent who took literally about 50 bluefish.... sad
  13. Outback in creek in lower OC from 11a-1p. Nothing on topwater and threw paddle tail near mouth of smaller creek flowing into larger one. Two hits, two misses...oh well.
  14. Out back in lower OC from 6-8 pm. Was hoping to test out my new inline hooks I started changing out from trebles, but no luck. Saw one blue and one striper caught on bait.
  15. Pandora. Usually Volbeat station or Disturbed. At work now so right now Breaking Benjamin is playing on the Disturbed station.