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  1. I would love to wait, but with my sone getting his license in August, he will be taking my current vehicle. I know I won’t be getting a better price than if I waited, but I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place.
  2. Looking at getting a brand new mid size 4WD pickup. I live in southern coastal NJ so the salt air is already present. I have looked at the following makes/models: - Toyota Tacoma SR5 - Chevy Colorado - Ford Ranger Now The only thing I really need is 4WD and 4 doors. I am not concerned about hauling or towing capacity. There are things I like/don’t like about each truck but I would like to hear from owners of them if possible. I will be driving it on the beach but it will not be very often because of work. I am leaning toward the Tacoma because of the interior, overall reliability and resale value. However, the rust issue with the frame scares me. Have they corrected this yet at the factories? Thanks for any input.
  3. Don’t know if anyone else does this but it looks very inconspicuous. Saves you storage in your tackle box too.
  4. I recently gained possession of a fly reel that I have no intention of using. Was possibly going to sell on the BST forum, but don’t know the value. Anyone give me a hand? Looks to be a Hardy Marquis series 5, but don’t know how old, but I know its old. Some of the finish wore off from storage but other than that it seems to be in great condition. Thanks for your help.
  5. As a recently retired NJ cop, thanks for your kind words. I didn’t hear that a lot and is nice to hear it. I couldn’t have gotten out at a better time. the attitudes toward cops, and the restrictions being put on them made it the perfect time for me to retire. I am going to be an armed school resource officer at a high school, so I guess I will still get attitude from the students I’m sure.
  6. Out front in OC this morning from middle to slack of outgoing tide from 4:45-7:00. Northwest breeze which was nice. Water was clean but the wind didn’t lay it down too much. Tried an Ava, white paddle tail, and chicken scratch SP. Only landed one smaller bass on the teaser at the lip. Yesterday fished from 11a-2p in OC out front during top of incoming. Used the Ava and landed 3 descent blues. Others were catching blues in the same area I was.
  7. I use a Grunden’s rain jacket that is light and keeps me dry. I think it was under $100 on Amazon.
  8. Fished lower OC out front from 11-3. Northeast wind but was able to throw heavier lures. Lots of white water and it was clean. Was able to catch 2 on a diamond jig in the wash. Maybe 20 inches. Missed another.
  9. What’s the best set up to fish these? Do I want it to be on the bottom or be suspended, moving with the current? Best way to hook them is through the belly I assume..... Split shot near the hook or a small sinker above it? I tried searching for this but couldn’t find anything. Thanks..
  10. Out front in lower OC from 5-6:30. Water was clean and surf has laid down. Sacrificed 2 paddle tails to bluefish. Put on a Z man and caught 2. Those z man really hold up well to the blues. Another fisherman next to me fluking but only saw him reel in a blue also.
  11. Out front in OC from 5a-7a. Water was good and fished a nice hole. 2 bumps before sun came up and missed on both. One on a white paddle tail and one on rubber eel. Fluke fisherman next to me didn’t hook up neither.
  12. Went out front in lower OC from 7:00-8:30. Big surf but surprisingly only stained slightly with the south wind. Was able to land one on a paddle tail and had one bump. Haven’t brought one in since Mother’s Day so it was a nice feeling.
  13. If you are in the Wildwood area, the beaches there are very flat. I would go out back or maybe go north or south if you wanna fish out front.
  14. I can only hope @Deemonee looks like his avatar....
  15. I like my Tsunami Salt x rod which is under $300 on Amazon. 1/2oz - 2 1/2 oz. Great action too. I throw everything from 1/2 oz bucktails to pencil poppers.