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    Always liked to fish but just really got addicted last fall.
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    Fishing... duh. Being outdoors, spending time with family.
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    Police Officer

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  1. Use the ozone machine and put in a new air cabin filter. Also try putting bowl of vinegar in it overnight or few days.
  2. I would rather fool them than feed them...
  3. Hooked one fluke fishing on my 7 ft St. Croix. Was fun at first but get kept making runs. Just couldn't get it in with 15 lb test. Eventually broke off. Fine with me if I never hook another.
  4. Stripers by far. Not even close. I have a hard time catching any stripers in summer and I catch so many blues. Total of blues is definitely higher than stripers annually.
  5. I have the 8 ft Penn Battalion, rated 3/4- 3. Casts everything in that range with ease. Under $150
  6. I second the St. Croix but I have the Mojo Inshore 7 ft.. I love it and its sensitive enough.
  7. Ocean Gro. Check the website for locations.
  8. I always us a leader with braid. 1) Braid line is not clear so I "think" fish may see it and 2) I would much rather grab a leader like mono or floro while a fish is on it. The braid will do some damage to your hands.
  9. I think is no other feeling like having a nice fish like that one strike your top water..
  10. Out front in lower OC from 6-9. Caught two short fluke and lost a third. Guy next to me caught this beast.
  11. Out front in lower OC from 5-8 in morning. Only 2 small fluke from the surf. Feels like the water may have warmed a little... others near me but didn’t see them catch anything including one guy who was dead sticking it.
  12. That’s surprising because it is a slow release fertilizer so it shouldn’t burn your lawn.
  13. Out front in lower OC last night from 6:30-8. Got into a CNR and when it made a run after getting in close, my line snapped. Hooked two short fluke on a magic tail with white Berkeley Gulp mullet.
  14. I used to use Milorganite but everyone knows about it so its hard to get some before its sold out. If you can find that, I would recommend it. I now use an organic fertilizer made by a sewage treatment plant in my county. It's pretty much the same as Milorganite.