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  1. Can you tell me length from butt to middle of reel seat?
  2. You say it's good for throwing 1.5 - 2 oz and rated 1/2 to 2. You throw 1 oz. but wanted a lighter rod.. Is this not a good rod to throw 1 oz with? I normally throw anywhere from 3/4 to 2 1/2. Thanks
  3. How far from butt to middle of reel seat on 9 footer?
  4. Out back in a creek in lower OC from 6:30-7:30 during outgoing. Tried Fishaholic, Keitech, Z-Mann, Tsunami popper, Storm shad. Finally got one on the bucktail. Was just nice to get out after the crappy wind/weather past few days.
  5. Out back in lower OC. Went to usual spot at 6:30 and the wind was probably 25mph in my face. I brought some heavier lures with me and still had trouble throwing 3 oz. Water was like chocolate milk too and weedy. Left and went to another spot where the wind was getting blocked by houses behind me. Water was calm and clean. Put on Fishaholic finback shad and was running into bunker with it. After about 10 casts, hooked up with a fatty, but short. About 26”ish but definitely heavier than that. A few more casts and I called it a night. Looks windy then next couple days. Might have to come back to this “new” spot
  6. Out back in lower OC from 7-8. Had good night. There was about 7-10 of us all using artificials. Caught a few on white Fishaholic finback shad. Some anglers put on some top water plugs. A female fishing a bunker colored pencil popper got blown up on. It was a nice sight to see the fish crushing them on top. I switched to a red and white cordell pencil popper but no takers. The sun was just about down when I switched to a bunker color pencil. First cast- boom. Nice fish- 24”. Biggest fish around me was 27” but every one was using light tackle. Best night of the season yet.
  7. Out back in lower OC yesterday from 6:45-8. Wind was making it difficult with my light tackle set up. Was able to get 3 on a white Fishaholic finback shad. I caught 2 pretty close to the sod bank. Saw others catching but all between 12"-20". One guy lost a nice fish but wasn't able to land it. The area where I am fishing is pretty unique in that all the bait fishermen are in one general area and all the ones throwing artificials are in another. Don't know how that started, but we seem to catch way more than them.
  8. Plenty of places to fish that aren't officially a park.
  9. I clean my plastic parts with dawn and the metal gears with lighter fluid. I also take the bearing shields off and do the bearings with lighter fluid or carb cleaner. I then oil them. My reels don't get too wet so I don't pack them with the grease. They are Penn reels so I use Penn products and like them.
  10. Been heading out back in lower OC every day from 6pm - 8pm and catching every night. Nothing to write home about- literally 12”-26”. All on plastics or a Spro bucktail. Doesn’t matter what tide, it is always good fishing from 6ish to just after sunset. Starting to see bigger fish caught in this general spot but I haven’t heard of a keeper caught yet. I could be wrong. Oh yea, saw a small bluefish caught today too.
  11. Out back in lower OC from 6-8. Bunch of small rats on 1/2 oz. bucktail. Put on bigger profile but no takers. Saw a group of Asians fishing and looked like they were setting up to be there all night. Guy near me said they were keeping the small ones earlier and he got into it with them and made them throw them all back. Too bad some were dead already. He said he didn’t want slashed tires on his car so he kept to himself after that. I didn’t’t see them keeping any but I knew as soon as we left they were going to. I wouldn’t have a problem calling the authorities if I witnessed it.
  12. I could see people getting fined but probably no jail time. We shut down a gym today and the owner will probably get charged...
  13. I would say it is and you should not get bothered if you stay at least 6 feet away from everyone else.
  14. “walking, running, operating a wheelchair, or engaging in outdoor activities with immediate family members, caretakers, household members, or romantic partners while following best social distancing practices with other individuals, including staying six feet apart” This is exactly what is in the Governor’s executive order that says what you are allowed to do. Fishing is an outdoor activity so I would say everyone should be fine if you keep 6 feet apart.
  15. Out back in lower OC from 6:30-7:30 at start of incoming. Brought my bigger pole and bigger plugs because I was done messing with the dinks I’ve been catching. 2nd cast with Fishaholic finback shad caught one about 16”. Then nothing for a while. Noticed bunker splashing far out and they eventually made their way in closer. When this happened, I kept bumping them every cast, so I switched to top water- white tsunami popper. On my next to last cast caught a 24” just after the sun went down.