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  1. PayPal works for me. I'll get the payment out soon and I'll PM you my address and shipping info.
  2. Understood. I was thinking the price was including the braid, and I didn't mean to lowball you. In that case, I will pay $400 for the gold torque if you will still sell it. Thanks.
  3. I really like the 10k 'gosa. It's a reel with a very refined feel, yet is very durable and has killer drag. Has really good line-lay as well.
  4. Ok. I would be more than happy to pay those prices for one of the reels if it wasn't for the fact that I'm going to have to pay more to respool it (I would be running 50lb braid). With full respect, could we possibly meet at $390 for the gold torque? If you want to keep the braided line and knock off a few $'s instead I would be amicable to that as well. Thanks again.
  5. Gotcha. Would you be willing to do $400 for the black reel or $350 for the gold? Also I apologize for the delayed responses; I've been traveling and have been in and out of wifi. Thanks.
  6. Hi DaveBKNY, thanks for the offer. What lb braid is on the reels?
  7. Never used them, but they look decent. Mustad is a very popular brand, so I'd be surprised if they didn't hold up.
  8. In many places, yes. Best to check up on your local/state regulations, though, because it can vary.
  9. Hello, I'm looking to buy a used Penn Torque TRQS5 in good condition. Don't care too much about cosmetics as long as the reel is mechanically sound. Thanks!
  10. Awesome. Bucket-list location for sure.
  11. Nice fish! The keys are a great trip when the bite is on.
  12. I've never had a gamakatsu live bait hook bend on me. For swivels, I usually go with spro power swivels.
  13. So far, I really like the 2019 outback. It does ride lower than the older model, and as such it is more of a wet ride. The rudder design, especially the kick-up aspect, is very useful, however if line/lures/etc get stuck on the rudder while you're on the water it can be very difficult to get it off as the rudder is constantly submerged under the boat (as opposed to the old model). I added the gasket upgrade, and so far have not had any issues with leaking through the front hatch, granted I haven't gone out in any excessively rough conditions. The 2019 is more stable than the older outback, and is easier to stand/move around on. It is about 10-15 lbs heavier than the old one, which makes it slightly harder to get on a car top (if that's how you plan to transport it). That being said, it comes with a little stand that mounts on the back of the kayak which can be used to prop the kayak up without worry of damaging the rudder when car-topping. The aspect of the 2019 that I like the most as opposed to the 2018 is the inclusion of the H-rails and side tracks, both of which you can use geartrac accessories with. So far, I haven't even needed to drill into the hull because the kayak comes pretty ready-to-fish.
  14. The seagrass, papaya, and red hobie color options all seem to stand out very well. Seagrass may be the most visible out of these, at least on a sunny day. It always helps to have a bright vest as well, too.
  15. It's a grey piece of plastic type material; about the size of an encyclopedia. I don't have a picture of mine, but here's one from the hobie demo video.