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  1. If ya change your mind, let me know. Absolutely interested in the frontier.
  2. Appreciate you taking the time to post it up. Looking for something that will still torque minnows and weightless plastics and can push to 3-3.5oz. And handle it well. Have a feeling the blank is gonna be pretty stout w it being cut down. Thank you, going to pass though
  3. Thanks for the prompt response bow3022, I’ve never fished any of the fiberstars, unfamiliar w the action and whether it fishes it’s true ratings. I will absolutely keep you in mind in the next couple days, wanna let this ride for a little.
  4. As the title states, looking for a rod between 9’6-10’6. My main rods were all blown apart by my tonneau cover breaking free and blowing them up in the rack the other night. My preference is the odm NXE-105 but I’d go as long as the NXE-116 for the right deal. Can pick up in the philly, Delaware, jersey areas. Let me know what ya got - tight lines
  5. Potentially trade for a vs250?
  6. Tight lines bill!
  7. I’ll take it Miguel.
  8. Beautiful. Would you be interested in partial trades so that I don’t need to look for a divorce attorney ?
  9. Pa near Delaware at all?
  10. Are you looking for spinning or conventional?
  11. FOM and Pogy are in the wheelhouse but I’m open to most patterns. As for sizes micro-6” all find a place in my bag throughout the yr as well. Jointed’s are fine as well. Let me know what ya got you’re potentially willing to part w.
  12. I saw, unfortunately I didn’t have any buddy’s in the area to stop by for me.
  13. As the title states, looking for gliders to replace a couple scabellys I lost this spring. Floating, sinking, and slow sink are all good. Please drop a pic and what you’re asking. Thanks in advance gentlemen
  14. I’ll take this for the $250 shipped
  15. Respectfully offer $60 shipped