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  1. Striped bass good tog amazing tuna none 2019 been a good year. Years past been better.
  2. Keep em coming. Skunked at the canal Saturday. Made up with it back in RI!
  3. I’m not here to make enemies. I’m here to share my reports with everyone else. I thought this was a social group who loved what I enjoy also. My experience has been different from everyone else for the month of May and June. No need for insults. Because of that’s the case were all grown men. My picture is on my profile. No need to be shy when you see me on the jetty. I have pics of pogies and bass. I don’t understand your jokes. Maybe it’ll be funnier if you told me in person. Anyway happy fishing.
  4. Hope you’re not referring to me as dumbass. RI is small we can see each other anytime
  5. Snagged today @Kooky
  6. All my bass this year have been caught in RI waters starting from May when I saw schoolies first appeared. June has been a great month. Only skunked out once from my own fault. I didn’t fish the correct tide this time but still went anyway. But as of right now bass is flooded. Lost a big one due to my stupidity. Landed bass ranging from 25-30”. My younger cousin landed 36”. All from shore. So lack of bass. I don’t think so. Lack of bait? I don’t think so. I seen big schools of pogies.
  7. Both already seen someone I knew pull up big bass.
  8. Fishing for striped bass has been amazing for me. Not sure the locations everybody else have been too. All caught in RI waters. Knowing the tide and when they feed is always key. It’s always been a small window around this time. Usually great fishing at night. Good luck to you all but RI fishing is on fire. July will only get better!!
  9. Night time bites are best in RI.
  10. Double up with lil cus
  11. @rbart I don’t believe RI is getting bypassed. It’s more of finding them in RI. Big bass are still caught on shore here. The only reason the canal is a better option in my opinion is cus you know the bass will swim by so it makes it easier. So it’s like take the hour drive or bounce from around RI. Most ppl will take the drive.
  12. @SlackTideBri pot lickers and spot jumpers lmao!
  13. @Kooky the things ppl do it’s unbelievable. Had to yell at someone yesterday for that. He was swinging his rod over someone’s head.
  14. Dedicated to the prick who bought all the green crabs this morning. This one is for you!