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  1. I bought a Daiwa Proteus NE this year for the spring/early season. 7'6 MH XF .5-1.5oz. It throws the heavier part of its rating very well and I would not be surprised if it could handle 2oz (I haven't tried). It's probably too stiff for what I intended it for. I might sell it for only that reason alone, otherwise an awesome well made stick.
  2. Thanks everyone for your input, I really appreciate it. This past weekend I went back to the pencil and caught my best fish so far. I'll be putting what I've picked up here in this thread to work this weekend. Joseph
  3. You know, I've had this idea hanging in the back of my mind that at times I might me forcing myself to fish a jig when it's just not necessary. I just might need to find a better location to put it to practice. Although, this past weekend I snagged 2 bass on a 3/4oz but they both shook me off, caught me off guard and didn't set the hook well enough. I also picked up some 1/2oz to try out. Thanks for the advice Mr. Wetzel. This is an interesting idea, I'll need to set up a leader this way and give it a try. Thank you.
  4. Hello all, It's probably safe to assume I'm new to striper fishing by the title of this post. I wanted to see what your thoughts are about using a bucktail when the veggies are floating. To give you an idea of the area I'm targeting, I'm fishing a river mouth on the beach as well as a bit up river where the shore allows. I've had most of my success on the slack at the end of the high tide on top water and glide baits. However, any attempt to throw a bucktail will foul up my jig, especially when there is current or I drop too deep. I eventually put the bucktails back in my bag and get discouraged with them. So what are some of your tips or ideas about jigging around mung and/or seaweed? Do you even bother pulling a jig out under these conditions? Has there been a situation where it has been productive for you? Thanks, Joseph
  5. This is great, thanks for the heads up.
  6. Thanks guys, I appreciate it. I'm going to check out them out this weekend.
  7. Are there any local tackle shops in MA that carry either Guy Cotton or Stormr surf tops? I'd like to find a place where I could try some on to find what I'd like best as well as supporting a local shop. Thanks, Joe
  8. This is definitely my mentality right now. I fished freshwater for most of my life and I only hit the salt sporadically when I was a kid. Every lake, river or part of the coast is a bit different and I'm looking forward to putting my time in and learning about the area more. Thanks
  9. Thanks John, I'm a big fan of John Skinner, I assume many fishermen are, and all the info he puts out there. Much of the gear I purchased are based on his recommendations and reviews. I will be picking up some books of his as a way to support him in return and learn more. I'm a pretty careful guy now compared to my 20 year old self and night fishing will get put on the back burner until I get comfortable with my surroundings.
  10. Ha! Thanks for the tip. Yeah, I think I set myself up better for some fun on the surf and later on I'll try to figure out the canal.
  11. Hello All, My name is Joe, I'm life long 36 years old MA res and have never caught a striped bass. I love to fish and for the last couple of years I've been scouring the internet, researching the species, tackle and gear necessary for the surf. I've soaked up so much information especially from this forum and enjoyably filtered out all the great sarcasm. I want to thank everyone who has contributed a piece of their knowledge so someone like me has a place to learn and pick up some advice. So I signed up and this is my first post. I don't have too many friends, which is how I prefer it. However, the majority of my friends like to sit around and braid each others hair while I on the other hand still like to play in the dirt...or the sand in this instance. So I'm getting started on my own and I'm really excited. By the end of the month, I should be all geared up and ready put what I think I've learned to use. My general focus is going to be fishing from the CC beaches at first light and afternoon. I probably might start scouting once I get the plow off my truck; a great day of the year which I refer to as "Get This F'ing Thing Off The Front Of My Car Day". I want to ask a couple of questions though and get some advice about wading. I know that these waters aren't what the used to be and the population of water dogs and teeth missiles have made things considerably more dangerous. Besides the awesome advice of "not swimming with the seals" I see so often, is there anything like about the terrain I should look out for? Any areas to definitely stay away from if I'd like to keep the lower half of my body or bad rips that will send me to England? I don't want to go to England. Thanks again! Joe