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  1. For SW Florida, chasing the common smaller snook, jacks, ladyfish, Spanish Mackeral, Reds and Seatrout on a calm shallow beach throwing small/light lures , make sure you have a “light” 6’6”-7ft Rod/2500 sized reel, 10lb braid etc.
  2. Also make sure you have a good selection of smaller sized live bait/circle hooks. Size 2,1, 1/0 will be necessary when the greenies are on the smaller side.
  3. Yeah, same blank I got, X-ray DS 721-1. I got it cause it’s one of the few xf ul around. I’m going to use it exactly as it should be, for throwing lures at Snook and Juvi Tarpon !
  4. Scoob, is the blank a DS721-1 ? I’m just about to build a spinner out of that blank.
  5. Fishing, and red tide, are getting better. Sons been getting trout, snook, and Goliath either from land, or very close to it down in Marco. Tarpon have starting moving too. The snook won’t be stacked up on the gulf beaches just yet, but they’re around.
  6. I have built spinners on the PB701LXF and 731MXF, Both KR concept 16,8,5.5 and size 5 runners in titanium/Torzite, and they are “lighter then air” , and a faster action then any other rod I’ve ever handled. They almost float upward in your hand they’re so light. I feel they have a heavier power then described and can handle heavier lures then the specs say. The cons are that the lightness comes at a cost of durability (of course), as my son has managed to break both of them. About to finally re-wrap the 701.
  7. There’s still some on the beaches, just not in the numbers of the warmer months.
  8. Red Grouper caught by my son from a dock on a swim bait.
  9. The tail and gill plate are pretty messed up.
  10. Got the Vanford 2500, 3 trips with it, so far, so good. Light, super smooth, awesome line lay, and a smooth drag on 10+ pound Jacks, large Spanish Macs , and a really nice snook (15lbs ?). Truthfully, I like it more then my Stella. (lighter, freer spinning)
  11. 3/8 or 1/2 oz Kastmasters will catch you a lot of fish, got 6 species on it yesterday. Also like light colored DOA CAL Shads on A 1/4 oz jighead, and a spook jr raises a lot of fish.
  12. Good job, those are some very “educated” snook down there.
  13. Great report ! Once you catch Jacks that size on light tackle it kinda ruins snook fishing.
  14. Thanks for the additional replies. Fishing in not my main concern, I pretty much fish 5 days a week as it is, but it is the main concern of my 16 year old, who will fish every second of every day. My wife just wants to see “something new”, while getting away from her very stressful job, and get some relaxing in by a pool. She likes “nice” places, and deserves it. I guess my main concern is finding a balance to keep both of them happy. Going to reconsider Thanksgiving week, as the expected price increase was more then expected. Maybe the week before. Cheeca Lodge and Hawks Cay seem like good choices, so will probably end up choosing between the two. As for fishing, we prefer “do it yourself” land based opportunities to a guide. Early morning and late evening sessions, light tackle lure fishing. Willing to drive to find it, but would love some opportunities walking distance from the room. Considering that, any thoughts on what would present good fishing opportunities between Cheeca and Hawks ?