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  1. They can’t seem to resist a properly walked spook. Or any lure that gets accidentally dragged over their backs.
  2. I use 10lb Suffix 832. Can’t remember how much I get on there, about 150 I think.
  3. Scoob, since moving to Florida in April, I doubt anyone’s put more (inappropriate) pressure on a Ballistic LT 2500 then me. Between bringing in 40+ lb rays, having dolphin taking hooked fish, hooking a 125+ lb Tarpon for 10 seconds, reeling in 5ft Alligators, yanking on countless mangrove snagged lures, not to mention all the 10lb plus jacks, Tarpon, Snook, and hundreds of ladyfish and Spanish mackerel and bluefish, fishing 5 days a week while not cleaning the reel, it has really passed the test. Still smooth and refined. Don’t even use my 3000 Stella, the LT is so light and a pleasure to fish with. A+.
  4. This might be just what I’m looking for. I do like to use a snap to change lures frequently, but even the 50lb TA clips are too big for some of the smaller lures I like to throw. Was using the Owner Hyper clips in size 1, but did have a few open up on me , losing the lure and fish. Do you know what lb they’re rated for ?
  5. Pompano.
  6. BFD, hope you had a good Thanksgiving! WHEN you get back down to SW Florida, I'll take you too my Tarpon spots.
  7. FWIW, I was asked to show my fishing license today by an FWC officer. First time in 30 years visiting and now 6 months living here. My son was asked once in the spring, but he’s young enough not to need it yet.
  8. You free Wednesday ? We can catch baby Tarpon on land, or I can point you to a small launch spot that will get you into lots of stuff.
  9. Yesterday I was getting them on DOA Cal shads, white/gold fleck, root beer/chartreuse tail, and green(?) on 1/8th oz jigheads. Was doing reel good on Gulp swimming mullet in pearl previously.
  10. You sure ? The full moon was Wednesday 10/24, not Wednesday 10/31. Anywho, fishing was great in the backcountry this mornin, hooked seven (small) Tarpon, landed 2, plus a small snook. South winds again today for me, supposed to swing North tomorrow. Have a great trip !
  11. Collier County has been beautiful the past few weeks, winds were east, water was beautiful, the fish were plentiful. Winds have been south the past 36 hours, and for tomorrow. I think you’ll be fine. I think that weather/tide report was the week before, no ?
  12. That would be fun. Even more fun are these, especially on Stuu approved light tackle. Drag zinging, braid pinging fun ! (pics taken yesterday)
  13. Thank you. Those were on a 1/8th oz jighead, 1 on white 4 inch gulp swimming mullet, the other on a Cal Shad root beer/fluorescent yellow tail.
  14. I got one yesterday, the jig was in his mouth, they were also “whacking” at my spook as I worked it near the school.