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  1. Is that a grass carp ? If so, they have them in Florida. Here is my son with one, I estimated this around 50 lbs or more.
  2. My son and I went to the pass last night after the rain stopped. On the walk out I noticed a couple (man and women in late 20’s) walking on a sandbar in the Gulf. It’s a “fishing only beach” (as is the pass), but whatever, and we made our way to the pass. There was about 2 hours left of the outgoing, and the tide was ripping out. So much that we had trouble fishing our lighter jigs in the pass, they would just get swept out. It was approaching dusk, and a few boats were heading into the pass as usual. I then notice the couple from the sandbar made their way to the pass and started wading in, then swimming into a roaring rip, as if they were going to swim to the other side. In no time time, they were being swept out into the gulf. The last boat to enter the pass was jus to my right in the pass,the swimmers were to my left. I was getting out my phone to call 911, and stated waving at the boat, I saw that they took notice of the swimmers too, who were now frantically waving their arms in distress. The boat did a quick 180, headed back out and threw the swimmers a life ring on a rope, and then brought them on the boat, and then back to shore inside the pass. Needless to say, they were clearly intoxicated, and very lucky to be alive. If that boat didn’t notice them, or hadn’t been there at all, they were dead meat. I’m not the best storyteller, but trust me, it was crazy to watch !
  3. Go to 8:00 to see how to rig up a live lobster for fishing.
  4. Ande pink 30 lb mono is my go to leader here in SW Florida.
  5. You have to be staying at South Seas Island Resort to have access to Redfish pass from land on the Captiva side.
  6. BFD, hope things start going your way soon, best of luck to you ! Stu
  7. Here's another fish. Nice hump.
  8. My son just sent me this. Took a trip across 75 to see Grandma in Lake Worth. He looked at satellite maps, follows a canal into some random development and this.
  9. Thank you. Honestly, I’m not sure, 28-30 inches, and 8-10 lbs, but that’s just a guestimation.
  10. Thanks again for all your answers, really appreciate them as I decide what to do going forward.
  11. My son does pretty well on the juvenile tarpon with them. Usually jigging/popping of the bottom. Occasionally just a straight retrieve. Snook too. I have no confidence in them, for some reason.
  12. I believe this may be their excuse, based on what the Community Association Manager said to me, but then again, she was generally clueless, so.... Thanks for all the replies and ideas. A lot of the ideas suggested are along the lines I have been thinking. Thanks Cpalms for sharing your experience as a condo board president, very helpful.
  13. Thank you for the responses, I will let you know what happens. One of the complicating factors is that the board is in the process of moving from “developer controlled” to “resident controlled” as the development is just getting completed. I believe the wording used was a “reasonable fine” for breaking the rules, but I will have to look that up again when I get some time. Thanks again, and if anyone else has experience with a similar situation, please continue to share them.