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  1. My preferred model is only $30 off, SOB !
  2. I don’t fish from boats, so don’t use the marinas, but, now that you mention that... I fish from “land based spots” on the way to your area, and the past several weeks, have seen more trailered boats and wave runners then ever before. Like 10x the amount I’ll see during the season. Also, lots of law enforcement (sheriffs and FWC) on the road.
  3. Happy Birthday Tim !!!
  4. We love the weather.......and the tarpon and snook ! Hope to see you down here sometime soon !
  5. Glad you had a good time and we could find some fish in less than perfect conditions. Come back when it’s a little warmer and we’ll really crush them ! It was great to meet you. Stu
  6. So far, so good, in the salt for my 2500, mine doesn't get dunked but splashed etc. It's nice, but it's no Daiwa !
  7. I have the 2500 Ballistic LT, the new Stradic 2500, and a Stella 3000, and I reach for the Ballistic LT first. You said it in the original post. The Daiwas blow away Shimano in the user experience dept. If you really want, get a new JDM Luvias. I'm sure that's a sweetheart of a reel.
  8. FYI: if you sent a pm, you need to resend it, nothing received.
  9. What days will you be down and available to fish ?
  10. Sounds like a really swell guy !! I’m sure he really enjoyed fishing with you, as well.
  11. Mojarra. Some say the best snook bait around. My son said they taste very good.
  12. marry Xmas, I hit seagate lots of cats and bait size whitting and one sm.Bonnet. 

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    2. Stuu


      I’ll get to beach at 6:50am, first light. It’ll be very low tide, but I bet we can jig up some Ladyfish, and maybe Pompano and Spanish Mack’s at clam pass. I like to throw small metal jigs like a 3/8th oz Kastmaster, or any 1/2 oz metal jig/spoon, and I use very light tackle for fun. Can meet you right by 1st rockpile on beach. 



      If conditions aren’t good, we can go chase Juvi tarpon in the glades.

    3. Clbay1971


      Hay just got back from clam pass 1-sand trout 1-big cat 8-whitting  keeped two 1-ladyfish and lost four more jigs.Missed too many to count. They really liked the crab fish bites.All keepers caught on hi/low rig. Thanks again for bringing me out today.

    4. Stuu


      Christian, my pleasure, thanks for the update, sounds fun ! Working tomorrow, so let me know how you do. Maybe we can meetup again Saturday.


      PS: remember to keep you tackle a safe distance from anyone else’s !

  13. A bunch of all-star posters on that first page !
  14. Just a FYI update. With the small window of opportunity to fish, and the weather, I didn’t even make a cast. Thanks again for all the replies.