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  1. FWIW, I was asked to show my fishing license today by an FWC officer. First time in 30 years visiting and now 6 months living here. My son was asked once in the spring, but he’s young enough not to need it yet.
  2. You free Wednesday ? We can catch baby Tarpon on land, or I can point you to a small launch spot that will get you into lots of stuff.
  3. Yesterday I was getting them on DOA Cal shads, white/gold fleck, root beer/chartreuse tail, and green(?) on 1/8th oz jigheads. Was doing reel good on Gulp swimming mullet in pearl previously.
  4. You sure ? The full moon was Wednesday 10/24, not Wednesday 10/31. Anywho, fishing was great in the backcountry this mornin, hooked seven (small) Tarpon, landed 2, plus a small snook. South winds again today for me, supposed to swing North tomorrow. Have a great trip !
  5. Collier County has been beautiful the past few weeks, winds were east, water was beautiful, the fish were plentiful. Winds have been south the past 36 hours, and for tomorrow. I think you’ll be fine. I think that weather/tide report was the week before, no ?
  6. That would be fun. Even more fun are these, especially on Stuu approved light tackle. Drag zinging, braid pinging fun ! (pics taken yesterday)
  7. Thank you. Those were on a 1/8th oz jighead, 1 on white 4 inch gulp swimming mullet, the other on a Cal Shad root beer/fluorescent yellow tail.
  8. I got one yesterday, the jig was in his mouth, they were also “whacking” at my spook as I worked it near the school.
  9. Tim, it was a refreshing 74 degrees this morning, come on down ! These pics are from this weekend.
  10. Great fish, great story. I’ve been having a blast on the west coast catching 2-10lb tarpon on light tackle in the backcountry. They are an awesome gamefish at any size.
  11. Hmmh, maybe a Jack-knifefish.
  12. It had a general silver coloring, some type of drum was my second guess. I'll try to look at some pictures later.
  13. Thank you. Ended up catching 8 different species today. Snook, Tarpon, Redfish, Jack, Ladyfish, Flounder, Sea Robbin, and a Mayan Cichlid. Here’s my son with a nicer Tarpon he caught this evening.
  14. It’s small, but it’s a Redfish......lovingly cradled in my wet hand, that’s been chilled down to a perfect 65 degrees. One of 6 species caught this morning.
  15. Yes, I’m well aware of that !