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  1. These look sweet ... seems like they are on back order ... any idea on lead time?
  2. First time caller, long time listener. What rod (ski) rack are you guys liking? Looking for one that locks. Need to retire the portarod system and utilize the bed space. Thanks
  3. I love my ODM Genesis 11’ 2-6 throws down to an oz no problem, super sensitive too, and the back bone to turn a nice fish .. I think they go for $400 but that extra hundred bucks is worth it (or try to find one used).
  4. Great write up, I’ve been learning this the hard way. thank you
  5. Those bill Hurley squids catch fish. I usually fish big rubbers slow with a slight twitch followed by a pause. I’ve had success with big slugos and ronZ. I havent fished the GT eels but they look killer. Time and a place for everything it all depends what the waters doing.
  6. Any experience with upgrading the hooks to 6x vs 4x VMC on the big 5oz magic swimmers? More specifically does it hurt the action? I know it does on the smaller plugs like sp minnows ext Throwing in big current (the canal) and don’t like to “canal rig” with a swivel