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  1. I catch and release
  2. Using fluor cant hurt....
  3. I support catch an release!!!
  4. I usually rinse down with fresh water and a few squirts of wd-40 on handle. I was told by a commercial guy not to use wd-40 because it will break down the grease though.
  5. Glad I am not the only one...other projects/time take a backseat...my yard in the summer sometimes looks like the amazon with 8" high grass....bushes are overgrown...paint chipping on fence....but the boat sparkles like a shined diamond.
  6. On second thought I think the 3xl on grundens is going to be too big. I am 6’2 and 250 so xxl May be the best fit. I don’t want to be swimming in it. Do you have a set in xxl?
  7. Thanks but I am going to pass. They have new ones cheap on Grundens.
  8. just south of boston
  9. orange Hercules top/bottom in 3xl
  10. How much for the set?
  11. What about a one year ban on commercially fishing the striped bass?
  12. Just got a few lobster pots and am looking to buy some Grundens XXL Pants/Bib to make it a little easier to clean up. Didnt know if anyone had some used pairs kicking around. LMK.
  13. Interested in (3/0 hooks are fine): 4 Sand Eel 2 All white Fluke Teasers (2/0 Hooks): 4 of most popular colors Thanks
  14. I believe that slot in the front is to mount the metal lip to become a Deep Diver.
  15. Price for pickup of reel instead of shipping?