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  1. I logged my catches from last year and caught over 100 stripers in the Boston Area and one was legal size to keep (barely and I released it). Granted I do a lot of topwater when smaller fish are more prevalent but I do a lot of chunking as well. You would think with over 100 fish I would have percentage wise had to come across some cow or larger fish. Nope. I would say 99% were in the 20-26" range. Baffling.
  2. Spent a lot of time Saturday and Sunday covering all Boston Harbor and didn't see one bird or striper feed. Odd for this time of year. Last year there was plenty of action at this time. Ended up with one 24" on Mack all weekend.
  3. Sold to friend who saw it on the board and reached out.
  4. I have for sale a fantastic condition Aquaskinz Large Plug Bag. Open to trades as well. $85 Plus $12 or so for shipping.
  5. The fishing stinks as of late - at least for me. I blame it on the warm water (not my fishing skills). Fishing was great in April-June with tons of birds working and plenty of bait. I don't think I got skunked once in those months. Fast forward to July and there are zero birds working and I am not even seeing a ton of pogies like last year. Its like everything disappeared.
  6. I am starting to chunk more as I get older and lazier from the dock. So you are saying to hook the head so the hook tip is facing to what would be the tail of the fish? Speaking of tails - did you ever use them? Some people say dice up the tail section as chum.
  7. Bill, Could I get 4 white tail hooks (6/0 hooks) added to my teaser order?
  8. Bill, I would like to order 20 of the teasers....with 5/0 hooks. Could I get 10 in sand eel colors, then 10 in assorted? Thanks, John
  9. Any interest in trading for lures or possibly some other reels I could offer or are you just looking for $$?
  10. I have about 15 poppers of all sorts, spoons, bucktails, swimmers, plastics, sluggish, etc. You name it I should have it somewhere. Sometimes they just wont bite. I figure there is so much bait that my lure is just one of the thousands of options in front of them...
  11. I am convinced I stink at fishing lately so you arent alone. I see a lot of birds, drive over near them and unload the tackle box and get nothing to show for it. Earlier in the season a pencil popper would work but now they seem to not want to hit anything. I need a better strategy as well - I drive around looking for birds. If I don't find any I scratch my head at what to do next....
  12. LOL. I stopped going to the canal because of the &^&*#^$show that goes on down there. I go fishing to relax and have fun - not to fight for space and argue and get pissed off at people who blatantly break the rules. The canal is now the wild west and it should be reigned in. Environmental police should be stationed there 24/7.
  13. You have to pay for a Saltwater permit anyways and the fisherman are the one really causing the issues. I don't see anyone ever complain about the walkers or joggers. Its been proven that fisherman cant follow the rules - most do but there is a too large of segment that keep undersized fish, leave trash all over, urinate anywhere, etc. Are you expecting them to all of a sudden follow the social distancing rules? I think a day permit for $5 with money going to Canal cleanup/Police details would limit the number of fisherman to a safe number and still allow people to fish. Fines have to be huge for offenders (it should be for illegal keeping of fish but now its a slap on the wrist).
  14. What they should do is sell online a specific number of $5 a day passes to limit the fisherman. If you have a permit that day you can fish otherwise you cant. Have environmental police supervise as they should have time on their hands now. Fine for not having a permit $1000.
  15. I started using teasers in front of my plugs last year and 95% of the stripers I caught hit the teaser instead of the popper. Was eye opening really.