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  1. I am looking to add a few live liner reels for the upcoming season and are looking at the Shimano Baitrunner 6000D or Penn Spinfisher V 6500LL. You guys have any thoughts on comments? Prices are about the same for them. Plan on using them to live line pogies and eels. Thanks for any feedback.
  2. I have an undercover truck cap thats one piece and has struts. Its lockable and is awesome. Love it.
  3. $80 is the best I can do right now. Going to hold off spending more in case there are any great deals at the upcoming fishing shows.
  4. OK. I will look for your pics.
  5. I am looking to buy two Shimano Baitrunner 8000Ds. Can be used but should be in good shape. Thanks.
  6. 99.99% of my fish are on top when I can find birds and feeding is on top. I want to be able to find more stripers when nothing is showing on the top.
  7. Am I the last holdover from only using spinning reels?
  8. Some really talented photographers on here. Good stuff!
  9. Trouble I have is getting the largest rod on the boat but being able to toss lures without hitting hard top. I have a walkaround and its not as easy at one would think.
  10. Going to have to get me a pair of the Harbor Freight 11 inch pliers.
  11. I am thinking if you are sleeping in your car nowadays someone is going to call the police thinking it may be a possible OD.
  12. Same here. Reputable companies IMO.
  13. I used to see horse shoe crabs all the time when I was little around the south shore. Havent seen any in years.
  14. Havent been to a show in a while - would I expect to be seeing some good deals or are most booths just selling at MSRP?