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  1. How did the trip go? Did those big flies produce?
  2. I have an Ion XL 9wt. It is a little heavy in hand, not like their old rods though. It casts great with a 9 or 10wt line. I can throw it all day without getting too tired. I use it to fish pike with big flies, I've caught pike to 20+ pounds with it and I wouldn't hesitate to battle a larger fish with it.
  3. abaus3, I'm headed down in middle of May, have a guide booked for one day but DIY the rest of the time, I would appreciate some up to the minute intel when you get back! In the meantime I can send you some stuff I've compiled over the last couple of months...
  4. Awesome! I'm currently sitting in my office in Montana, looking at 3' of snow outside and it's piling on as we speak, 8 degrees at the moment. I'm headed to Key West in May for my first tarpon trip and cant wait