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  1. My buddy and I are making our first pilgrimage to the keys this weekend, we have a guide booked for Monday, the 13th, but would be more than willing to pay for gas and beer (or pops, as we don't drink), and pole if you have a skiff, if anyone has open seats May 11, 12, or 14th. Also be more than happy to return the favor and row you around a western Montana river of your choice in the future. We're mainly fly guys but aren't purists by any means....
  2. I’ll be staying close by so I’ll definitely check it out! Thanks
  3. So is this part of the joke? Make the new guy tell a joke then send him on a chase?? If not, and this is serious I'll definitely check it out! I don't care what environment I'm in of there's tarpon to shoot at! Thanks!
  4. gotcha. Here goes. This ol salty pirate gets into port and walks into a bar, happens to have found a steering wheel he liked but didn't have pockets so he stuck it into his pants. He goes right up to the bar and orders a beer. Bartender promptly brings the pirate a pint of beer, notices the steering wheel and curiosity almost get the better of him but he figures maybe he shouldn't ask the pirate about it so he goes on about his business. After three or four beers, the bartender can't handle it any longer and, upon deliver another beer, casually mentions, "So I couldn't help notice you have a steering wheel in your pants"..... The pirates replies "ARRRRR!!! It's drivin' me nuts!"
  5. I'm confused. If I owe someone a joke I'm glad to tell one, no guarantees on laughs though! and yes, that is absolutely my real name.
  6. Greetings everyone, My buddy and I are making our first pilgrimage to the Keys May 11-15. we've booked a guide for one day but plan on DIY the rest of the time. We'll have kayaks to try and reach some less accessible flats, hoping to find something to take shots at. Will be looking for flats near deeper water, moving water, bait being crashed, hopefully a tail or two, or (not holding our breath) sight fishing. I'm sure we'll hit some roadside flats as well. We definitely plan to fish morning and evening regardless of tide, otherwise will be looking for moving water, incoming or first part of outgoing tide. We are staying near Key West but if anyone happens to be down there during our stay we will have a car and would be more than willing to travel anywhere from Key West to Key Largo to meet up and wet a line. Hope to have something to report back! Craig
  7. Did you ever make it to Bahia Honda to try the flats?
  8. Sorry to hear of your loss...
  9. First of all, I'm going down in mid-May, thanks for this post, lots of useful information. Couple of questions-which rental company do you use? Also, do they charge you to put their transponder on it to use your sunpass? Thanks in advance for any info and I'm looking forward to your reports. Good Luck!!!
  10. Awesome! Great read, thanks for sharing.
  11. How did the trip go? Did those big flies produce?
  12. I have an Ion XL 9wt. It is a little heavy in hand, not like their old rods though. It casts great with a 9 or 10wt line. I can throw it all day without getting too tired. I use it to fish pike with big flies, I've caught pike to 20+ pounds with it and I wouldn't hesitate to battle a larger fish with it.
  13. abaus3, I'm headed down in middle of May, have a guide booked for one day but DIY the rest of the time, I would appreciate some up to the minute intel when you get back! In the meantime I can send you some stuff I've compiled over the last couple of months...
  14. Awesome! I'm currently sitting in my office in Montana, looking at 3' of snow outside and it's piling on as we speak, 8 degrees at the moment. I'm headed to Key West in May for my first tarpon trip and cant wait