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  1. I have a custom 1265 with a vr150 on it. Great set up. Love it. Launches a mile
  2. I have a super nice Akios scora reel that fits nicely on it for additional $100. Long distance casting. Lmk
  3. Hello, have brand new lamiglas insane surf never used. 11 ft (2-6 ox). You can throw a 1 oz with it no problem. $130 shipped. Lmk
  4. I support catch and release
  5. I have a Akins scora 80. Almost brand new. Not a mark on it. Spooked with braid and a spare spool included. $120 plus shipping
  6. No thank you.
  7. Price drop. $120 plus shipping
  8. Sorry, missed this somehow. Southern New Jersey
  9. I have a brand new lamiglas insane surf 11’ 2-6 oz. will sell for $120 plus shipping
  10. Not a problem. Thx. Good luck.
  11. Larger reel and I have both spools too. Don’t think it will hold that much. Maybe if braid. 350-400 of 60lb or 80lb. Not reel sure. I don’t use that heavy of line. Only leader that size and reel in 2000 to 300lbs all the time.
  12. I have am Akios scora 80. Like new condition. Caught numerous large shark on it. Will let go for $140.
  13. Thx so much. I am gonna go the 1265 route. Thx all.
  14. I fish south jersey beaches and jetties. No skishing. Some montauk trips.