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  1. Is the rod still available ?
  2. Thanks gman1253 all of the rods you mentioned have been on my radar the Colton XS seems to be a great value .
  3. BFD thanks again for your insight I am not in FMB yet but I see the Snook pods that I described each year about the 3rd week of April. There is one particular spot where they seem to gather year after year . There is some structure a little further along the beach that is a good spot for Jacks Trout and Snook if you PM me I will describe exactly where it is and how to get access to the beach.
  4. Thanks for the heads up sidelock I think I will reconsider any purchase from Edge, perhaps a local purchase in SW Florida might make more sense. There is a good fly shop on Bonita Beach Road and another on Sanibel, perhaps supporting a local business is a better idea.
  5. I was back on the Edge site and added a 9 ft 8 wt to my cart but notice a 2 - 3 week delivery time and I am going to be at the beach fishing in 2 weeks so i will wait until tomorrow and give them a call hopefully I might get on quicker . If not I will buy a new rod when I get there. I have a 9 wt. winston at my friends house in Bonita and will use it until I find a new 8 wt.
  6. thanks for that info Capt. Lou I just looked on the edge web site and there is an on line sale this week $385. for a 9 ft 8 wt. I own an older Loomis IMX 9 ft 7 wt. and have always liked it, must be 25 - 30 years old . I am reluctant to buy a rod without test casting it but for that price I am tempted.
  7. Thanks for sharing BFD I stay at the Estero Beach and Tennis Club Condos, beach access is difficult in that area if you are not staying in one of the buildings on the south end . Some mornings I can look down from the deck and see the Snook off the beach but they are mostly smaller, generally speaking you will see one or two large ones surrounded by a lot of smaller fish generally in the 18 to 22 in. size. It is hard to get a shot at the larger ones because if the snook are in a feeding mood one of the smaller ones grab the fly before you can drag it past the big fish. I have had good luck on the grass flat above New Pass bridge fishing for Red fish on the rising tide. I have not tried lovers Key although it is only about a mile from me but if the snook are on the beach next month I will try it. i was wondering about access to lover key park early in the Am. or do you park at the Carlos Pass bridge and walk along he beach towards Lovers key Have you ever tried Bunche Beach I have been told it can be good when the wind is south west .
  8. Thanks for that RJ I was wondering about the St. Croix as I have a 9 ft. 6 wt. trout rod. I have also read everything I can find on the Edge rods but haven't found a lot of information, does anyone on here own an Edge rod if so please let me know what you think.
  9. BFD I have never been lucky enough to get a Snook that big on the Beach or any where else for that matter. I used to only do a couple of guided trips on Estero bay or up in the Sanibel area when I was on Estero Island but last year I decided to try the beach fishing and it worked out well, had some good mornings on FMB caught quite a few trout, and jacks but only a couple of snook hopefully this year will be even better.
  10. Thanks everyone for your input I am considering both the Mangrove and BVK as well as the other rods I mentioned but I will defiantly try to cast the rods under fishing conditions not on grass hopefully that will be an option.
  11. Thanks BFD I have a RIO 8 wt flats pro stealth tip line on an Orvis Hydros IV reel that I plan to use on the rod when I get one . I have looked at a lot of reviews that say the BVK as a great deal but I see some complaints about the reel seat . have you had any issue with the reel seat ?
  12. qecfly thanks for the response I have a 7 wt. Loomis IMX but it is a 2 pc and not as travel friendly as I would like, the shop I deal with in Bonita beach will let me test drive the rods so perhaps a 7 wt might be an option . I have read lots of reviews for various rods but I feel that hearing from guys that actually use the rods for extended periods might give me more insight . I don't want something that goes mushy at 50 or 60 ft. but don't want a broom handle either.
  13. Heading to Florida FMB at the end of the month and will fish the beaches on Estero and Sanibel island I have a 9 wt. setup down there already but am thinking of getting an 8 wt. to use when it is not too windy . I would appreciate input from forum members on what you feel is the best bang for the buck in an 8 wt. salt water rod . I would like to stay under $600 and have been thinking of the following rods TFO BVK, Thomas & Thomas zone, ECO Boost salt 9 and Orvis recon but I am wide open to your suggestions and want to keep an open mind when selecting a new rod. thanks in advance.
  14. Best wishes to BFD and wish you a speedy recovery.
  15. A friend of mine told me that after using the flash light he puts the flies in his wife's UV finger nail polish dryer I believe he called it a "nail salon" according to him it hardens the resin better than the flash light.