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  1. I have been on the beach every day on the south end of FMB there is a lot of bait but no fish. I caught one small jack last week . Is there anything on the beach at lovers key ? I did hook a large fish that I never got to see near the pier behind lovers key resort.
  2. Saltfisherman did you take the pictures on Estero Bay?
  3. Hi everyone I just want to let you know that I purchased a St. Croix Legend Elite SW 8 wt. and have fished it a couple of days on the beach and one day for large Mouth bass on a lake. So far I like the rod it is not real actuate up close but it is great once you have enough line out to load the rod.
  4. Good to hear Porky is is still on the go, he was really good to me and we had a great afternoon fishing. that was before he had the tackle shop/ He took me out on a boat that he looked after it was owned by a big time CEO of a large toy company that I will leave nameless. I was back to the Vinyard a couple of years ago and dropped in to the tackle store and said hello.
  5. Tin Boat thanks for the reply does going up one line weight slow the rod down a little? Different topic notice you are live in the Vineyard , I had one of my first saltwater fly fishing experiences while on vacation there about 30 years ago went out with a Local guy (Porky Francis) had a great afternoon with him wonder if he is still around.
  6. Looks like a nice setup what rod are you using with it ?
  7. Thanks to everyone who commented on this post it is good to hear other peoples thoughts. Of my older rods I like a loomis IMX 7 wt. and a winston boron 2 9 wt. so i will probably gravitate towards rods with similar actions. I will be arriving in FMB on the 30th and will probably wait until some time during my first week to shop for a new 8 wt. I will post in this thread when I find something that fits my casting style in the sub 500 range .
  8. Brings back memories of my youth trout and salmon fishing.
  9. Sauve being a fellow Canadian I remember the Miner boots and if my memory is correct they made a black chest wader that had laces on the boots or am I dreaming. Also did they have a red diamond logo
  10. Red Ball master series insulated .
  11. Is the rod still available ?
  12. Thanks gman1253 all of the rods you mentioned have been on my radar the Colton XS seems to be a great value .
  13. BFD thanks again for your insight I am not in FMB yet but I see the Snook pods that I described each year about the 3rd week of April. There is one particular spot where they seem to gather year after year . There is some structure a little further along the beach that is a good spot for Jacks Trout and Snook if you PM me I will describe exactly where it is and how to get access to the beach.
  14. Thanks for the heads up sidelock I think I will reconsider any purchase from Edge, perhaps a local purchase in SW Florida might make more sense. There is a good fly shop on Bonita Beach Road and another on Sanibel, perhaps supporting a local business is a better idea.
  15. I was back on the Edge site and added a 9 ft 8 wt to my cart but notice a 2 - 3 week delivery time and I am going to be at the beach fishing in 2 weeks so i will wait until tomorrow and give them a call hopefully I might get on quicker . If not I will buy a new rod when I get there. I have a 9 wt. winston at my friends house in Bonita and will use it until I find a new 8 wt.