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  1. Also I’m looking for the lighter model of the vapor trail. I believe it is rated from 1-3oz or something close to that.
  2. Thanks for your offer but it would cost too much to ship a 1 piece. Looking for a two piece. Thanks
  3. Bump
  4. The weapon sounds like a winner, I’ll definitely reach out to Ryan and get his opinion on which model he thinks would best fit my needs but that 10ft model sure is tempting!
  5. What’s the gear ratio?
  6. I am looking to fill a spot in the quiver and only looking for vapor trails at the moment. Thanks
  7. Anybody selling a like new or in good condition CTS Vapor Trail in 11ft?
  8. I made mine out of rope with some clear tubing slid over where the opening is for your foot to help keep it open and keep its shape. I find this one works better than the ones they sell online. On the other end I have a carabiner that I slip around the handle on the opposite side of the kayak and clip on the line to fasten it to the kayak. Once my foot is in the loop all you have to do is reach over the kayak with your arms and pull yourself out using your legs to push with the strap and you’ll be back on in no time. It is key to keep a low center of gravity when re entering otherwise you’ll end up rolling the kayak again. Hope this helps. This assist ladder can also be helpful when trying to roll the kayak over again.
  9. Tuna Salmon Rock Cod
  10. I have been fishing a megabass shadow Pangea for the light stuff for the last two seasons and I love it but it doesn't like to go over 1.5oz. I was looking for a rod that could throw the lower end well but have the gusto to throw 2oz metal if the birds are busting out past the sand bar. Sounds like the 10ft weapon is the way to go.
  11. Yes I was able to find this information but this is the lighter 9’6 model only rated up to 2oz. He mentioned a 10ft model that was rated slightly higher and would better fit my applications. Does anyone have any info on this rod?
  12. Does anyone on here have any experience with the Century Weapon? I spoke to Ryan the other day from Century and he mentioned that they have a 10ft model out that is rated up to 3oz. I can’t find any information on it anywhere...
  13. Do you have it ima belt or shoulder strap?

  14. 7’6-8ft. I like the additional length to be able to maneuver the fish if need be.
  15. Brand is all about preference but I preferred and trust hobie in particular I really like the outback hobie. It’s stable, tracks well, and with the upgraded rudder kit and pedal drive is pretty fast on the water. For me weight is a huge factor since I have a roof rack. The kayak has to be light enough for me to load and unload by myself. This is where the outback shines. I really did like the Pro Angler kayak but it’s way to heavy to get around especially loading on the roof of a SUV by yourself. Lastly, buying a used kayak can often times be the way to go but you definitely don’t want cracks in the hull. There are many reasonably priced well cared for pre owned kayaks for sale online and through your local retailers.