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  1. Pretty sure there is a kastking sharky reel with a bait runner built in to it for about 60 bucks
  2. I took the one with no corrosion over pm. Thread closed
  3. Pm sent thank you for the post helps a lot thank you
  4. Hey I finally got bst privileged and have a post up for a squidder LH if the offer still stands
  5. Here are pictures of the imec p11
  6. It is going to be fished and refurbished. I am going to convert it to a 145. If I have the choice I would like red side plates and a green and white marbled handle. HAS TO BE LEFT HAND. I would also be willing to trade an imec p 11 reel for it thank you
  7. The squidder is 3:1 jigmaster is 4:1 my current bottom fishing reel is a 60 long beach which is 2.5:1 but I don’t mind it for shallow but deep is a bit annoying I think 3:1 will work
  8. For bottom fishing would 3:1 work
  9. Very interesting thanks for the info
  10. Just to clarify the 500 HS or just the normal one because I’m going to try and get a left hand. The problem is the high speed ones don’t come in left hand
  11. Thank you for your opinion but I am looking for something older because I am useing my grandfathers rod from the 60s. Even if I was going modern I would probably get an old penn since they are built like tanks. thank you xavier
  12. I would like to get an older penn because I am using my grandpas old rod from the 60s
  13. I’m a huge fan of old penn reels and would love to see some nice pictures of your Bakelite beast!
  14. I’m going to be getting a reel for jiging rockfish, ling cod and halibut in medium to deep water. I have narrowed my choices down to a squidder 145 or a jigmaster 99 ( albacore special) any recommendations would be greatly appreciated