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  1. Thank you very much. Problem solved
  2. Hey, I have an old penn squidder with a problem. When the spool spins it rubs on the bearing cap and slows in down, but if I tilt it towards the handle it spins like a dream. I’ve tried loosening the bearing cap but it still rubs. Is this normal or does something need to be fixed? thank you
  3. Got this in a box at a garage sale and I was wondering if there is any specific use or techniques for it. I know you can’t use mono on the old Bakelite penn spools. But maybe this will work
  4. Last year I was teaching one of my friends how to fish. It was our second time out and we were using Carolina rigs for rainbow trout. It was around 5 pm and we were getting ready to pack up. We had caught a couple keepers that day but nothing too big. There were some big boulders off to one side and the rest was just smaller rocks. I had casted at the boulders a few times before but I would always get snagged and my braid would fray and snap. I decided that I would try one more time on the last cast. I feel a couple taps and Bam! A fish hits and runs. I always keep very low drag for trout because I enjoy the fight, but this guy was big and strong. I had to keep him out of the boulders for the whole 15 minute fight and when I finally beat him he was the same length of our net (which is 24 inches or 60 cm) we landed him without the net and I hooked my friend on fishing. here are some pictures
  5. Nice fish and nice reel
  6. I just went to the first old penn related forum I saw
  7. Kirkland all beef wieners by far
  8. I’ll try and find him
  9. This on is a left hand model and I’m pretty sure they were made later
  10. This was a stocked fish and it actually tasted great
  11. I am replacing them currently. None of the above have a waffle clicker on it.
  12. I have got a couple of old penn reels and l do not know how old they are. Any help would be appreciated. the first one is a penn long beach 60. It has black sideplates an ivory coloured knob,brass internals and leather and brass drags. My father said he got it around 88 from a friend. Second is a penn squidder left hand in maroon. It came with a green and white marbled handle, a Bakelite spool, stainless guys and a guy surf casting engraved on the bearing side. please tell me if you need anymore info/pictures any help would be appreciated thank you
  13. I ain’t casting it it’s going to be for inshore jigging. I know it’s pretty slow but it’s the only thing I could find in left hand. I have absolutely no experience surf casting but hope to learn with the plastic spool and my squidder
  14. Beautiful colours
  15. Here’s mine fishing on a mountain lake, pretty gloomy foggy weather. Hadn’t seen any lightning or heard any thunder but it had been sprinkling on and off. I was casting a mepps cyclops for rainbow trout from a rental boat. I had just got a new fenwick HMG and there is a small metal ring on the bottom of the handle. I grabbed that ring to do a two handed cast and it started electrocuting me. This continued for another 10 minutes and at one point it was shocking me through the rubber reel seat. At that point I put my rod down in the boat and drove to shore. We were in the middle of a lake with graphite poles and a tin boat while they were electrocuting me. lets here yours