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  1. I’m hoping to catch fish this year...
  2. I was trout fishing on a remote mountain lake. We were casting spinners for deep rainbows and it was a gloomy rainy day. There was no lightning but it was sprinkling. I was using a new fenwick HMG and did a two hand cast. Rod started shocking me through a metal ring on the bottom. I noted this and kept fishing. This continues for about 7 minutes and it gets to the point where it was shocking me through the reel seat. I decided at that point to pack in and boat to shore. Ate lunch for an hour and returned to fishing. Didn’t get shocked for the rest of the day. Also caught some fish after that.
  3. We were on a boat in a lake in Canada catching rainbows and lake trout. Pulled our anchor to move and while boating across the large lake, found a 3 foot long snake in the centre swimming to the other side. The lake was probably a mile across.
  4. I know it is a DAM quick I am wondering about the logo on the handle
  5. I received a dam quick 550 from my grandfather recently. It was used before he had acquired it and said it came with this handle. Any help identifying it would be appreciated. Thank you.
  6. The wide spool version is actually very rare. I have never seen one with a box before, in fact I have only ever seen 1 on mystic parts. The narrow spool version aren’t as rare. I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that they used the wind spool 49s for shore casting in South Africa. Sharklobster might know more about it.
  7. Any news or signs of a new Stradic ci4 for 2020?
  8. Where are you located
  9. One of my friends was jiging inshore for rockfish and lings when he got snagged on the bottom. He pulled and pulled for about 7 minutes until it finally came free. Got his jig to the boat and there was about a palm sized chunk of white fur! I think he caught a seal carcass but I’m not sure. Do you guys have any ideas on what it might be?
  10. I’ve had the reel for about a year. Always take good care of it and use it for fresh water fishing for things like pike / big trout. This last trip I was landing some small pike on a small spoon and noticed my anti reverse starting to slip. I am always careful with my reels and I haven’t even dropped this one. Did I get a lemon or is the quality really just that bad. Either way I’m pretty disappointed in this reel.
  11. Thank you very much. Problem solved
  12. Hey, I have an old penn squidder with a problem. When the spool spins it rubs on the bearing cap and slows in down, but if I tilt it towards the handle it spins like a dream. I’ve tried loosening the bearing cap but it still rubs. Is this normal or does something need to be fixed? thank you
  13. Got this in a box at a garage sale and I was wondering if there is any specific use or techniques for it. I know you can’t use mono on the old Bakelite penn spools. But maybe this will work
  14. Last year I was teaching one of my friends how to fish. It was our second time out and we were using Carolina rigs for rainbow trout. It was around 5 pm and we were getting ready to pack up. We had caught a couple keepers that day but nothing too big. There were some big boulders off to one side and the rest was just smaller rocks. I had casted at the boulders a few times before but I would always get snagged and my braid would fray and snap. I decided that I would try one more time on the last cast. I feel a couple taps and Bam! A fish hits and runs. I always keep very low drag for trout because I enjoy the fight, but this guy was big and strong. I had to keep him out of the boulders for the whole 15 minute fight and when I finally beat him he was the same length of our net (which is 24 inches or 60 cm) we landed him without the net and I hooked my friend on fishing. here are some pictures
  15. Nice fish and nice reel