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  1. Happy Birthday John! I hope you got the chance to wet a line!
  2. My thoughts and prayers are with his family. May he Rest In Peace.
  3. Lunch break fishing report... dead low... snapper bite continues to be very good... not killing it on every cast but a very good bite... hard NE wind made seeing the peanuts a little more challenging but once you did you found the fish... all good fun size...
  4. Lunch break fishing report... same as last time.. all the snappers you wanted...dead low today with east wind... none on first few casts but then they came around... they were in and out of casting distance but for the most part stayed well within casting range and it was a fish every cast... all were about same size... I need to make sure there are no 2pm meetings because I would be a few minutes late... picture below is about average size IMG_7328.MOV
  5. Lunch break fishing report... NOMOCO out back...all the snappers you wanted. first of incoming tide... as many others have noted lots of peanuts... snappers are ripping through them... if you want to catch or have children/grandchildren... now is a great time to take them... I have upgraded from 1/8th oz to 1/4 oz kastmaster with one of the trebles cut off and the barbs crushed on the other two. Snapper poppers work very well too... this is the go to lure at local ramp but it tangles a lot if there is any wind.... at least that is what I witnessed... all were between 6-8 inches or so... lots of fun
  6. Sending prayers to those north and west, hope you all fully recover from Ida. Lunch break fishing report... NOMOCO... 1:30-1:50... water was stained from all the rain... a bit slow by then the snappers turned on... got 6 and lost about as many too... nice size... even stayed a little bit longer than normal... here a few pictures
  7. I didn’t know they keep stats like this... it’s really scary to know how many people just this year have lost their lives to lightning.
  8. Lunch break fishing report from NOMOCO... beginning of outgoing from 1:30-1:45pm just a few snappers... fun to catch... gorgeous day out... lots of boaters...
  9. What kind did you get... I brought my son a traxxas rustler... already had to get new tires for it... I don’t know anything about them... we hardly use’s hard to find a place to run it...
  10. Congratulations!
  11. Happy Birthday John! I hope you have a great day! tight lines, scott
  12. Sudsy... thanks for all you do here! It’s really appreciated!
  13. The new “clambrella”
  14. It’s rapidly becoming my all time favorite... I love it...
  15. I realize this isn’t fishing related but if I don’t get them remodeled soon my fishing is done... Looking for recommendations on a bathroom remodel in Monmouth county. any recommendations. thanks scott