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  1. I realize this isn’t fishing related but if I don’t get them remodeled soon my fishing is done... Looking for recommendations on a bathroom remodel in Monmouth county. any recommendations. thanks scott
  2. When I was on my way back from Toms River they were only in the far right lane... traffic was flowing just fine.
  3. Sometimes you just get lucky...outback NOMOCO 4:30-4:45pm. went to a spot after work and schoolie bass were busting on peanuts... only managed two before getting soaked. Went home and changed and came back to find they were gone... top water smack it jr did the work... I did notice the water was still clean where I was fishing.. other places had already turned to Yoo-hoo.
  4. That’s the smell of victory!! Congratulations on your first keeper!
  5. Not much of a report but taken a few days ago.. I know boat fish don’t count and it’s only 2-4 lb blues but they were fun. regarding the bucktails... I use them with a trailer. John Skinner has great videos on this topic. A few observations from my perspective... I fish them when there is a bar at least 100’ offshore... I want to be able to cast the bucktail just over the bar or at least to it... night time has always been better than daytime... fall is better than spring... if the sand eels are in I know I am catching.. these are just my observations and my experiences. IMG_5595.MP4
  6. Lunch break fishing report... 1:30-1:45pm... out back in NOMOCO. Stiff NE wind and super high tide... gin clean water but no fish... will try again after work...
  7. Lunch break fishing report... outback... first of the out going... hard NW wind made it tough conditions... no fish but ultra clear water today... may try a little later
  8. Lunch break fishing report... finally some action... out going tide... out back... 1:30-2. Nothing for the first few casts but the school must have came to me because I got about a dozen in 15 casts... then nothing tried for the bigger stuff like @Eric_S but no takers and no peanuts
  9. Eric that is awesome... I haven’t seen any peanuts in the river this year
  10. Lunch break fishing report... incoming tide... decent west wind... I am going to try something other than my kastmaster... they are following it but not hitting... I tried different sizes and colors but only managed two from 1:06pm to 1:38pm. I did have a small school of snappers busting on spearing for about 10 seconds... tried to get a video but they were too quick. I had an annoying wave runner in front of me for about 10 minutes...
  11. Lunch break fishing report... clean water... incoming tide light west wind... not much to report though.. saw a few snappers chasing my lure but no takers. Might have to switch things up tomorrow... did see a few crabs swimming though as water was so clean... this guy hung out with me the whole time
  12. Lunch break fishing report... wow what a thunderstorm... turned the water into chocolate milk with all the run off... I did manage one and as noted earlier there are more crabs now than I have been seeing all summer... see what tomorrow brings...
  13. @Eric_S no lunch break fishing report because everything is off... I only got one the past two days. The big blow from the weekend did a little dock damage to boot. I was going to note that while the snapper fishing dropped dramatically I did notice more crabs so great job catching those jimmies. I am also a little shocked at the amount of jellyfish or sea nettles the past few days. Every cast I feel the lure going through them. It feels like I am dragging the lure through sand. After I reel the line in I have to get those stingers off the lure which is a bit of a pain.
  14. Lunch break fishing report... outback off the dock... low tide East wind around 10-15 mph... one caught and lost a few hits... also had some gulls flying around today and almost caught one about 10 feet from the dock... damn gull dove down right on my lure and then tried to get it while it was just hanging from the rod... it was so close I could of punch it... anyway hope you all have a great weekend...
  15. Thats a great catch!