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    Retired pharmaceutical manufacturing consultant, and historic restoration carpentry as second business career. Busy with grandson's ice hockey and teenage years. I fish as much as possible and have been since early years in Florida. Migrated via North Carolina outer banks fishing and on to Massachusetts for going on thirty years now. Mostly outer Cape stuff. Just getting into Canal fishing. A lot to learn.
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    Fishing, making plugs, listening to recorded books, reading.
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  1. As in Folkswagen, huh?
  2. Penn 850ss

    I've thought of that, but damn I just don't have any problems with my old drags! Why are you replacing the stocks? Wear? Breakage? And will you run the HTs dry or greased (with Penn blue of course)?
  3. Lighten up yourself triple load. It was a joke. You know joke like in humor. I am from the South and can laugh at myself. Can you? Pahk da cah, gahrahge; talk about twang? Francis, jeez! Good thing fish don't follow political opinion because if they did they would all be swimming one way on this forum and they be gone!
  4. Here is my trusty Penn 850ss reel recently (last night) rebuilt using two parts only(s) from Ebay. My question is regarding drag maintenance. I have always just cleaned the drag well, etc. and lightly rubbed with oil. It works great for me and handles fish quite well. Is there any opinion(s) on whether or not to oil or grease to a greater extent. I have two of these and just love'em.
  5. Don't they cause cancer? And if the wind doesn't blow I understand your TV will not work.
  6. Tarred? Tarred? Black dialect? You Yankees ain't never been tarred at the end of a hard day? Hell, I'm so white that you have to put your shades on when I walk into the room! All us Southern boys are tarred of you Yankees makin' fun of how us talk. Don't you boys go down to Georgia and do that! Or you will learn what tarred really means!
  7. That's just too pretty to throw in the water and have a scaly, slimy thing anywhere near! Beautiful. Impressive innovation re the storage of leader.
  8. Had both of mine done by Andy Ayers, New England Orthopedic Specialists, Peabody in May '14. Used latest device design which gives a more normal movement to the knee afterward. Great! Got up to pee four hours after surgery and shuffled over to the pot. Now shoot baskets, walk, lift weights, and bike up and down the CCC. Now, all that said, it is how well you both prepare and post-rehab. Push, push, push, hurt, hurt, hurt. No pain no gain in this game. Highly recommend the surgery but be prepared to prepare and post-pare.
  9. Does a one or two oz casting egg mean the egg weighs that or the lure/toy weighs that? Is there a scale from which one can tell what size egg to use with what weight lure? I guess that depends on the specific gravity of the type of wood, huh? Anyway, I don't know anything about casting eggs but want to try this season. Appreciate any help.
  10. Well put! Here is my humble opinion on what will actually happen; If there is money to be made in catching striped bass, then the regs will go with the money until there are no fish left. Thinking ahead does not make money and common sense does not make regs. Sad to say, huh?
  11. Nice restoration work there fishrman3. Yeah, I like doing the same to my plugs at end of season. At least I know what the plugs I do repair/restore do in the water. Great job.
  12. You know, that Helmsman is good stuff. In my business we have used it quite a lot on both raw and old wood. It works for what it is meant for very well. I did do a few plugs using it and learned this, post painting: first few dips diluted say 2:1 solvent/material; move towards not less than a 10% final dilution dip. The Full Monty is really thick and takes a lot of work to get it to level out as you would like it. The key to these products is dry time, dry temperature, and air circulation. Be prepared to dry for several days at least! I dry for weeks before water time. It is a softer finish, but after several seasons of success, what can one reasonably expect? Do it catch fish or what? Does it impact the action of the plug? Can it be repaired when the gators bat it around, and do you like to fish it? Now that's a great plug if it do and it works. I've never seen a fish say don't hit that one, it's got a ding on it's side, and I've never had any expectation to walk away with all the gear I showed up with. It's a contact sport and things get broke. You know, like football and ice hockey, and relationships.
  13. I like the idea of heating the plug with the sealing step. Makes sense. I'll try that. Damn those gators!
  14. The material is the same material used for commercial floors. Hard as nails once dry, clear gloss. No discernible water problems at all. Holds its weight when all is considered when making your own lures. Upsides: inexpensive, available in large quantities, good dipping, rotates to a smooth finish or hangs well if brushed after dip, clear and glossy with good leveling, patches well Downsides: dry time is long for each dip, typical cleanup issues re: solvent and rags, does not store well
  15. Over the past three seasons I have used Minwax Poly, Clear for dipping my plugs for the final clear coat, and damn, they seem to hold up as well as the more expensive and complex compounds used. I am not after a bar counter top but rather a protected lure above all. The Minwax goes on easy as a dip (let drain, brush to even, and rotate). I use five or six dips. It holds up well, hasn't yellowed in two years, and just seems perfectly OK. The plugs are sealed with spirits/linseed, primed, four coats of paint, and then the dips. Also, dings and such are easily touched up with a dispo brush. One trick is to allow for ample drying in between coats, and dry in a heated environment. So far so good. Feedback?? Picture is of plugs in their fourth season now