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  1. Hey everyone, I'm looking at mounting a hummingbird helix 7 SI g3 onto my 15 foot aluminum boat. I am trying to figure out where to put the transducer. My transom is very strange in the fact that it is recessed and the sides extend further out than where the motor is mounted. The previous location (see picture) will not work because side imaging would hit the outboard, and I lose 2d sonar signal on plane. I am looking at mounting the transducer at the green spot marked on one of my pictures. Will this spot be okay? I'm going to use a stern saver, and my motor does not have electric trim (I can adjust a pin to give more clearance). At the moment, the measurement from the transom to the leading edge of the motor is 7", if I move it out one pin then I have 9" of clearance. I am worried most about side imaging clearance and if the transducer is too close to the motor (read somewhere that I needed 15", I would only have about 8.5 - 9") Thank you for any suggestions or help. Really trying to make this side imaging unit work on my boat.
  2. you don't think it will be blocked by the motor? I would think the side scan would be completely blocked that way
  3. Hey everyone, Last year was the first year in a boat trolling tube n worm for stripers. Did very well in rivers where depths maxed out at 35' (all the way down to 4') using unweighted tubes with 40-50# braided fishing line. I am wondering if it would be beneficial to add an egg sinker (and what weight to add) for deeper water? Or would it be worth it to get a dedicated lead core setup? Ive seen many posts online that say the tube *needs* to be close to the bottom or close to where the stripers are, but clearly that isn't true from my experience. I'm just wondering if its worth the money to go lead core to get the tube down further, especially if it would help me catch bigger or more fish. Obviously adding a lead weight won't cost much and I'll definitely be trying it out this season. Also, I did not have any luck fishing the ocean (Long Island Sound, CT side) with the tube and worm. Would getting my tube down deeper help in this situation? Fished a few times near reefs and shoreline/structure with no luck. Thanks! Sharing your experiences or adding your input would be very beneficial.
  4. you're saying you wouldn't even fish the tube and worm? When I went fishing, it looked like I was outfishing the people next to me, and the tube and worm was the only thing I caught stripers on all year (if it isn't broke, don't fix it). Cost of sandworms isn't the issue for me. My dad and I would have 50+ fish days, so its worth it to us. Im just seeing if I'm missing out on more and bigger bites by having my lure near the surface (or not very deep subsurface) when the water gets 20+ feet deep