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  1. Best Rask has looked in a while IMO, great win!
  2. Blurple SP minnows, bombers, and small bucktails. reel SLOW
  3. Was thinking the same thing, crazy out there. Seems like this warmer rain will raise coastal water temps? Been trying to monitor the impact here and humor myself that this will help bring the migratory bass a week sooner
  4. Thanks for the great information, I was watching those reading the surf videos and they are immensely helpful! Thank you everyone else for the great and insightful responses thus far
  5. Hi all! I did some searches on this previously, but couldn't seem to find good aggregated answers so figured I would create a new post here (apologies if this has been discussed before and I missed it). Very generally, if a spot or lure is not producing, I am curious how often people change it up? I have seen great anglers switch spots/lures after a couple casts if they haven't felt a bump (something I for sure do not do) and others who say "don't chase the fish, if you stay in your spot, they will eventually come to you". I know this can be a subjective question dependent on location, tide, and bait (e.g., sand eels like to concentrate in one area whereas schools of large bait fish will constantly move), but am very interested in what has worked historically for others. I am thinking for this year to trying and implement some methodical/iterative process to go about this (i.e., spend X mins jigging, X mins top water, X mins soft plastics, etc. then if still nothing switch locations), but was hoping for some help establishing rough guidelines. I found myself last year sticking to spots and trying some different lures, but with garbage results on a few trips. Perhaps I was going about it the wrong way. Is there a good way to determine if the fish are there and not biting your offering vs. not there at all?? Thanks in advance!
  6. Lets go!!
  7. Thanks Reed422, I was planning on getting the OVR permit this year for the national seashore and potentially the Sandy Neck area as well since our family has a house in mid cape area. Any suggestions would be much appreciated for a novice like myself! I heard Brewster flats just might not be worth it since you can only access at low tides
  8. Think this would pair well with Penn battle III 3500?? Grabbed one on sale over winter and love my buddies tidemaster when I fish down in Florida. My lami schoolie blank is just a tad too stiff so looking to upgrade
  9. Hi all - looking for some SP minnows, preferably 5" floating, but curious too see what people have new or used. Thanks!
  10. Lures
  11. All amazing advice everyone, thanks again
  12. Thanks Guys!
  13. Hi all! Have been an avid surfcaster for some time now, but this year I plan on converting my older Toyota 4runner into a beach buggy. As I do not have any experience, I was hoping people could share their #1 piece of advice for beach driving and surfcasting (besides some of the more obvious answers such as tire pressure, carrying a shovel, not driving too close to waters edge, etc.) or something they know now that they wished they had known when first getting into it. I know all beaches can be quite different so want to mention this will be done exclusively on Cape Cod. I was also hoping to look into some vehicle modifications for lure storage etc (I have a ski rack currently for rods). I am sure there are a plethora of previous threads discussing these types of things so if you have any handy send them over Thanks in advance!
  14. SPRO swivels for sure
  15. If you are not loosing bucktails, you are not keeping it close enough to the bottom!! Cant wait until the schoolies arrive next month