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  1. American Shad look like a ton of fun to target, I know they are down in CT when I used to live there. Do they run in MA at all?
  2. It's funny, I was looking into this yesterday myself. What part of NE do you typically fish?
  3. This is really smart and a great point, going to start carrying cutters with me
  4. Heard some people used a car battery on the old Atom 40s to heat it slightly to allow the through wire to be replaced. No idea if itll work for SS, but figured I would mention it!
  5. Double Uni, super easy to tie especially when out on the beach and always reliable for me. FG is just too big of a pain and I gave up after my frustration took over
  6. Great to know, thanks for sharing
  7. I load cotton cordell pencils with old Split Shot sinkers since you cant use them in Freshwater anymore in MA
  8. 100% agree with the GSB 120 1 L blank. Best custom rod I have ever owned
  9. White pencil poppers!