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  1. I’ll pass, I appreciate it.
  2. How much for just the Cabo 80? Shipping to 02818
  3. Thank you! Hand tied fly by my buddy, sinking 700 grain line, 40lbs florocarbon leader.
  4. recent trip to the cape, picky BFT’s on butterfish. My buddy was able to go 3 for 3 on the fly!
  5. Hey brother, I sent you a message on THT, I’ll be out Thursday, still deciding on stellwagen or East….
  6. Sunday looks to be the day! I’ll be out as well! Get out early, the bite is over by 9am.. plus looks like the wind picks up in the afternoon.. tight lines!!
  7. Second for Amica .. you can talk to someone local they have an office in Lincoln RI.
  8. Found some decent sized bass feeding up top on sandeels. Where are the bones?? I usually get my first around July 4th every year, give or take a few days…
  9. Tuna are still in close.. more whales and dolphin than I’ve seen, anywhere! Not far offshore our coast is alive! Hopefully this tropical storm doesn’t mess everything up!
  10. I was marking fish at only 40’ down… so We dropped 2oz hogy epoxy’s because there light… most hits came on the fall… lots of life close to land
  11. Tons of school bluefin very close in!!
  12. Not sure on weight, maybe 30-40lbs? 38” and 40” fork tail length
  13. We went 6 for 8 on the jig in the middle of the trolling guys, who were cleaning up! One after another! I’d rather take them on spinning gear!
  14. Love these bill Hurleys .. any issues with the hooks? I’m looking to pick a few up!