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  1. Chasing topwater bluefin off the Cape on my boat...
  2. What do you guys think? Bullet in the side of head out the eye? Or seagull pulled the eye while it was floating...
  3. May 4th 2017 was the earliest I've landed one... last year my first was may 14th but last season was a cold and miserable spring ... I'm going to start poking around first week of may
  4. They are back
  5. They are on the way.. huge flocks migrating, saw them @ point judith RI... also a few gannets divebombing!
  6. The biggest slug go they make... nice BI topwater bass
  7. Awesome! I’m skipping the zebco as well for my 4 yr old daughter... I cast, she reels in. So far so good! Last season was her first, she is hooked!!
  8. A dozen birds working herring in the bay, big splashes under the birds... seals are my best guess.. but you never know!
  9. Come over to the dark side
  10. Go spinning
  11. I never said I didn’t own any wooden plugs, I said I never fish them, I’m usually too busy taking fish off my plastic plugs and rubber too bother with anything else
  12. Spring yet? I’m ready to fish!
  13. No wood for me.... all plastic, epoxy’s and rubber.... I never fished wood so I might not know what I’m missing
  14. 100 yards of mono... Then 200 yards Give or take depending on the reel of braid... can’t go wrong
  15. June for my vote.. I’ve seen more bass stacked up in shallow water in June...