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  1. All the way to the sword... found some whales and dolphin but no tuna. Not nearly as much life out there as the last few weeks... only saw 3 other boats out all day.. we were the only cc.... way too cold Today.
  2. I’ve been out 2 times in the last 2 weeks.. definitely lots of life out east... lots of 40”-50” fish on top... live macs under a balloon don’t last 5 min, either porbeagles or spooled in 30 seconds I’ll be out there tomorrow! Hopefully I’ll have something good to say !!
  3. First time trying the lead jigs... I’ve always used traditional high low rig. I think I’ll be fishing more jigs in the future!
  4. I believe that was lost In a recent water rescue class... if you would please return to Charlestown rescue. 4891 old post rd Charlestown
  5. Thanks for the report! Live bait or casting stick baits, RonZ’s to breaking fish? I’ve been out on the bank a couple times the last few weeks, I haven’t seen as much life or Rec size fish as I was seeing last year at this time... I’m struggling to get my first bluefin of the season!
  6. Tomorrow and Monday look out on the bank nice to hunt down some Rec fish.. anyone else going? I plan to run tomorrow
  7. I WAS hoping too.. latest forecast has me changing plans
  8. I was hoping to hunt down some rec bft off Stellwagen tomorrow..
  9. Sounds great. I appreciate it.. I’m in Warwick pm coming
  10. These 6 plugs and the bag with local pick up and cash.. I’d like to offer $40
  11. I’m in RI also, where are you in RI? I’m interested in half your plugs and the bag. Do you have the plastic separators? Or do you like to use without? I’m able to meet local with cash to save shipping and PayPal fees. Thanks.