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  1. Come over to the dark side
  2. Go spinning
  3. I never said I didn’t own any wooden plugs, I said I never fish them, I’m usually too busy taking fish off my plastic plugs and rubber too bother with anything else
  4. Spring yet? I’m ready to fish!
  5. No wood for me.... all plastic, epoxy’s and rubber.... I never fished wood so I might not know what I’m missing
  6. 100 yards of mono... Then 200 yards Give or take depending on the reel of braid... can’t go wrong
  7. June for my vote.. I’ve seen more bass stacked up in shallow water in June...
  8. Spring yet?
  9. TFO 11” 3-4-2oz ?
  10. Considering caught in CA
  11. Halibut is my vote
  12. I’ve taken them out 50 miles and feed them to mahi.. no water just a soft 6pk cooler, with ice dripping down on wet seaweed... very tough bait
  13. I just picked up a few savage gear surfwalkers. They look awesome, and have a threw wire construction Great sandeel imitation.
  14. Can’t wait for spring!!
  15. Was a great King mackerel show.. cool too see them go 8 feet into the air