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  1. So after installing a new pinion gear and main gear it still is rough. After looking in the reel some it looks like the main gear is rubbing on the crosswind block. No clue on how to get that to stop
  2. So after looking over the reel everything is in the right spot as far as the parts go. Only thing I can think is I must have damaged either the pinion gear or main gear. I only get the vibration when I put the handle in and start turning the reel. I took a light and looked over them and couldn’t find any damage. When I turn the rotor without the handle it’s smooth but when I put the handle in and turn I get the vibration. Maybe it’s due to the fact I can get it turning fast with the handle. This is is the first spinning reel I have cleaned. I used the same process that I use when cleaning my bait casting reels. One of two things may have happened...I put all of the parts into a glass jar and run them in an ultrasonic cleaner. They could have been damaged that way even though I’ve never had that happen before. Or when I was first putting it back together I was trying to put the pain gear in after the shaft was already in place. I couldn’t get it to fit in there so maybe I damaged them then. What at are y’alls thoughts?
  3. That is possible, I’ll open it back up this evening and double check everything
  4. I just purchased a penn fierce II 4000 and decided to clean it to get all of the extra grease out of there. Well, after lubing it up with corrosion x grease the whole reel just seems terrible now. I’m 99.9% it is reassembled correctly. When I turn the handle it feels rough, seems really loose now and is loud. Ive read where some reels don’t mix well with certain greases. Should I go out and get the penn grease and try that? Or is that what I get for purchasing a $70 reel?