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  1. they sell them on amazon
  2. they are called shadow boxes you can pick them up from hobby stores such as Michaels
  3. what’s up brotha. that’s actually an old rebel
  4. yes exactly brotha
  5. just not a fan definitly don’t like how you can’t run downscan/sonar at the same time. and I hate the way the cables plug into the back of the unit compared to how it use to be
  6. hell yeah! troll all types of wood trollers. nice and slow and steady pace when moving. definitly need a rod with some back bone to it
  7. I have the Thule Hullavators rigged up on my jeep wrangler. great investment IMO if you are seriously gonna be using the kayak a lot and moving it on top of your truck
  8. personally I don’t like the new Hook2 series. I was a huge fan of the original hook series but after using the hook2 for a season definitely wish I still had my original hook. the garmin stryker is nice for sure
  9. for me personally I don’t find it necessary to have at all. iv had my hobie now going on it’s 3rd season with the 180 drive and it would be lucky if the reverse feature gets used twice a year. also depends on the type of fishing you are doing I guess
  10. I get a pilot hole going and then switch over to these longer extended bits
  11. a few old redfins. sanded down, primed and repainted. also like to load these up with shot prior.
  12. what are guys finding the best way to control an aircraft bit from wondering off when drilling through an entire body 7 inches minimum i’m talking?
  13. thanks greek that’s a good idea and i’ll try that. iv been doing most of the slits on center thru the end and it’s worked out so far but was just wondering about when the lip slot needs to be off center
  14. I bought some glue syringes off of amazon and they have worked great for me . the epoxy I use has to be a very perfect mix and i’ve found this to be the best way.
  15. a friend of mine recently recommended using ebay to try and find cedar ballasters. I was easily able to do this with a simple ebay search. found a few different options. definitly give it a shot