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  1. Yesterday I had a flat tire on the interstate. So I eased my car over to the shoulder of the road, carefully got out of the car and opened the trunk. I took out 2 cardboard men, unfolded them and stood them at the rear of my car facing oncoming traffic. They look so lifelike you wouldn't believe! They are in trench coats, exposing their nude bodies and private parts to the approaching drivers. I started to change my tire, and to my surprise, cars started slowing down looking at my lifelike men. And of course, traffic started backing up. Everybody was tooting their horns and waving like crazy. It wasn't long before a state trooper pulled up behind me. He got out of his car and started walking towards me. I could tell he was not a happy camper! "What's going on here?" "My car has a flat tire," I said calmly. "Well, what the hell are those obscene cardboard men doing here by the road?" I couldn't believe that he didn't know. So I told him, "Hello-o-o-o-o-o, those are my emergency flashers!"
  2. I use an empty spool attached to a drill and you can go as slow or fast as you want
  3. Ho Ho Ho I'm in Santa
  4. Sorry for the loss of your friend Alby,my uncle went the same way beat cancer onlt to get that strep thing and dies in the hospital
  5. I'm in TYVM
  6. $2.31 in Old Bridge NJ
  7. Another piece of information if you cut a piece of wool for inside your shoe or boot your feet will be toasty all the time.An old Boston lobsterman told me this year's ago and I tried it and sure as can be kept my feet warm all winter long.I worked on the water as a dockbuilder for 30 some year's so take it where it come's.Good Luck and Good Fishing