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  1. It's like a DL. What's your track record. First offense, Second, ETC . . . . . We know who you are.
  2. Do you know what you're doing? Can you come to an agreement? You're not haggling at a flea market. ;-)
  3. Remember the last time I had dinner at your house? Marathon, P-line, Sea Striker, Fish-N-Mate, Plattinum = sand spike
  4. Stella D'oro - Swiss fudge cookies Entenmann's - chocolate chip
  5. I know guys that chunk with live liner/bait runner reels all the time. You can chunk with a hand line. Have you ever yo-yo jigged tuna with a 50 wide? It's not practical but it's done more often than you think.
  6. What you have now is more than what you need. Even with 40 or 50 pound braid a 6500 size abu holds plenty of line capacity. Perfect for your 10' rod!
  7. It's not that I don't believe you. I just need to see for myself. I watched a couple guys sling lures with the Ticas and they performed exceptionally well under the circumstances. Field testing goes a long ways. WHO? I also like the . . . . . ? and the ?
  8. I'm going with the . . . . . "CTS S8 SE1204-2" "CTS S8 SE1205-2"
  9. I said to him. I never had this problem before.
  10. United composite USA fishing rods and blanks has an “Elite Composite” series of rods you can look into.
  11. I like the flip knives. You can keep them in your front pocket or wader pouch and with one hand in a pinch. They POP open and POP close. I use it to cut heavy mono leader when I'm sharking in the surf. The blades under 4 fingers.
  12. I went to work for him and that's when I said to myself. "I knew what I was doing until you showed up." Cancer deceased
  13. You have your tip-top with the runners to the choke point and from there start the COF to the gatherer or first connecting guide. GUIDE FOOT PRINT = LC - MN - K Series What's your reason? One size doesn't fit all - Rings?
  14. I really haven't had the time to watch. I just took a quick look. Lamechenko is on the light side. What's the success rate in wins with all of the contenders. Their weight classes vary or fluctuate quite a bit. From super-fly weight all the way up to welter weight. Three pounds in each direction and it means more than you think. You can think of it as Gatti and DeLahoya. Gatti - DeLahoya - Edit, had to remove all those links before it would post ~ Sudsy
  15. The biggest issue in the bay is plasticbagitis. The big cans with bags inside I think would help greatly. My long walk on a short pier has one can when you first walk on from the parking lot. From there on your saving bait from the gulls and a plastic bag blows over board.