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  1. Light equipment for me would be a Carolina rig tipped off with squid. Cut in what ever shape your heart desires. You can purchase it in strips. You can trim the strips. What you have left over can be froze and reused. You can put a couple in a ziplock bag with a little menhaden oil.
  2. Mesh laundry bag and tow it around. Disposable
  3. Penn 525 mag
  4. What species? Drum, Tuna, Stripers, swim bladders
  5. What's your reasoning behind this? You're not changing the rings. You are changing the frames. The rings are the same. I just like the way it looks, is a 100 percent acceptable.
  6. Batting glove - Hand Held glove - Handheld glove - dive light glove
  7. The famous carp fisherman from Peru with his hand line. That looks dangerous to me. 4!
  8. It's hard to say. If it's the first time dealing with them. I'd just fish it and give them the benefit of the doubt. If it happens again. I had to tell you. Not interested. If you've been dealing with them before. The first time accidents happen. It happens again, you bring it to there attention. Are you mad at me. The issue gets rectified.
  9. Outrigger line tied to a sash weight and at five feet after A release clip. Mark every 5 feet. Tie it off to your cleat.
  10. Only if it's really of a nuisance.
  11. There's A lot of resistance and tend to dive with out the lip. They dive, they shake, they rattle.
  12. I don't build rods. I've fished with every guide there is besides microwave. Not sold on it. I can comfortably say my favorite or put it as my personal preference are the MN's. I pass A 60 pound mono shock leader with my MNSG guides. It's tied directly to the 20 pound mono main line with a low profile knot. COF (Cone Of Flight) - Stripper guide - choke point - runners Line diameter - rod tapers - tip top - Is that what you're looking to do?
  13. That's a coin toss. How much does it cost? I also like water gym belts.
  14. This is a fun topic. I'll back swing more at angle with 6 ounces than with 8 ounces. I'll do this to better preload the rod and I'm mainly doing this when there's a gusting prevailing wind. In A strong head wind I'm fishing eight and punching through the conditions. On a trade wind, it's you tell me.