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  1. How did you manage that?
  2. It sounds like A storage issue. Hot, cold and ends up dry rotted.
  3. Finicky fish! This is a plug that has a lip on it. It's designed to scoot from side to side with a slight dive under the water column. This design is better known as a jerk bait. With out the lip it would be more of a walk the dog technique. From what I'm understanding. You're on the perfect location. An argument can be the wrong size, color, line shy or are you twitching, jerking the lure when retrieving. Better done when worked slowly and at times possibly let rest for two or three seconds.
  4. It matters on conditions and structure. Different species have different feeding habits. At times largemouth are feeding and nesting right on the bank. I prefer a frog popper. Black and silver A Rapala original is an all time favorite. Mepps spinners are good too. The Vibrax is better in my opinion. My favorite all time spinner is a Panther Martin. Any spinner that I ever had. Never had any dressing on the hooks. Black and silver - original culprit worm In pond like conditions with structure a rubber worm is deadly for large mouth when rigged weedless on a worm hook. It's just the worm and hook tied direct to the main line. No less than 4 pound mono and no more than 6 pound mono. A snapper zapper is very good for trout fishing.
  5. I concur with the ugly stick being a broom stick. I second the tsunami. Can't get a better rod for the price.
  6. Why couldn't you? Fly line with a 1/4 ounce fly cuts through a gusting head wind. The braid and mono will not. Taping micro guides to the blank and taping the reel to the blank. Start casting with a tail wind at a turf farm and start making infield adjustments. Add guide(s), remove guide(s), move them a fraction here and there. I'm not a rod builder.
  7. 150 gram tournament casting well over 800 feet OVAL STAINLESS STEEL SPLIT RINGS They look exactly like this. Where do you get them. Used all day repeatedly in the field. They never fail. I don't get the from here.