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  1. AFAW is a higher end rod. It competes at a high level with Century and Zziplex. It falls in the category as your preference.
  2. nuts and bolts
  3. Well worth the money. It's an expensive rod.
  4. I invented this! "The Beertini" Guiness with an olive
  5. Breakaway LDX Carolina Cast Pro
  6. RIP! Very sad
  7. A flat of butterfish.
  8. I can make a living off of these things.
  9. You can try the morning bite. Sometimes the sunrise triggers a bite. The water is a little cooler from the night and work the ebb or flood period. You'll have some tidal flow. MAYBE!
  10. This is not a distance casting outfit. I bought a used surf rod.
  11. stubbed my toe on the way to the bathroom.
  12. Penn Jigmaster with a 40 pound Ande pink.
  13. THIS IS NOT A BAIT CASTER! My recommendation would be A Shimano Tiagra 16 reel. The Tiagra's are dunking reels. Used for A long time on the long range fleet in San Diego on back up gear. You might want to look into A Cal Sheets conversion. If you still find it to fast just take the lever out of free spool and put a tiny bit of pressure on the spool to slow it down for the cast.
  14. Yes you can do it. "Land based fishing with cut fish bait"