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  1. Have yet to fish this but designed it off a number of patterns I have seen out there.
  2. Anyone familiar with best spots for fly fishing coastal Maine? As of now I'm thinking York, Kittery, Biddeford, Cape Porpoise areas but wanted to see if there are any secret gems out there that should be explored. Cheers!
  3. Thanks so much for the visuals! I'm tying for sure. I've whipped up clousers in pink over white and a lot of baitfish patterns in all white finished in hot orange thread like you have here.
  4. Used to go as a kid, I'll be sure to stop off for a bevy if the fishing goes well!
  5. *
  6. I am in the market for a SUP for fly fishing here in New England, specifically North Shore Massachusetts, New Hampshire Sea Coast, to the South Eastern coast of Maine. As you can imagine my biggest concerns being durability with the rocky coast as well as effectiveness out on the water in case of chop and wind. Using a kayak these days which is fine but would rather be standing to cast more effectively especially in deeper water and out on flats or shallows. Any feedback on models such as hard board to inflatables would be greatly appreciated. Cheers!
  7. Thanks so much for the input, much appreciated! My 9 10wt is my only saltwater rod at the moment and figure someday I'll size down but not at the moment. What is your fly selection like for Marco Island in the Spring?
  8. First post so, hello all! Planning a trip down to Marco Island for mid-May to do some fly fishing. I will be staying across the street from Tigertail Beach and I understand that gets pretty active as things heat up down there. Wondering if there are any extra tips, tricks, and info anyone has on their own excursions down that way and is willing to share. I'll be packing a 9-10 wt with floating and intermediate lines and am looking into some boots to wade through the muck and such. Please and thank you, tight lines!