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  1. My Mojo reel seat spins which is why I want something different, I loved it when it stayed put. I agree with the crank on the vs although I haven't had hands on with a zb. I'm all for saving money but I'd just like to make a good investment in something reputable for a long term. I personally know nothing about building a rod... Sounds interesting to me tho.
  2. I appreciate the opinion! I do favor the warranty on the legend much more so I'm kinda leaning towards that. I just want a setup that I wouldn't have to worry about warranty. I believe ODM is only a year?
  3. Is it the old model or new model? I might be interested. Where are you located?
  4. I know the options ive listed are pricy but I just wanna spend it and know it was a good investment. Won't damage my finances so it's alright. I'll be using mostly 1-2oz lures, mostly wading in the surf on the beach and on some jetty tho.
  5. Hey I'm new to the forums but I'm interested in buying a new surf rod this year, more of a one and done type setup. Really interested in the ODM Frontier or st croix legend. Paired with maybe a van staal or zeebaas. I don't want to fish out a lot of money but I really don't want to keep getting cheap setups. Right now I have a 10' MOJO surf paired to a Shimano ultegra XTD. I mainly fish with pencil poppers and yozuri swimmers. Any help is appreciated!