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  1. Hi all first post here! I need the Minn Kota Riptide spot lock for my 20' CC Looking for advice on what type of battery setup I would need to power this... Like most I have a cranking battery and a house battery. Through my quick research it sounds like I need another battery or 2 (hopefully not 2). I'll also need to find a spot to hide these batteries as there's no room to sit with the others. Any advice would be great, clarity on what type of battery, how to hook it up, how does it charge, etc... Thanks! Rob
  2. Very helpful thanks guys
  3. Thanks for the advice! Yeah I checked out Minn Kota's site just wanted some first hand experience with the setup, hoping someone would say my current batteries would be enough (wishful thinking, I figured though ) but I get it with the 24v and with the thrust needed... Let me ask this can I setup the motor and batteries as a separate entity and hook a solar panel up when docked to top them off? Unfortunately we don't have outlets at the dock.
  4. I have a buddy that is in the roofing business, is Flashing good to use? Figured it was soft and I could cut to fit in pot... I just got all my supplies for making bucktails, whoo hoo!