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  1. Hello there, sent you a message. I need some help with my account
  2. Beachmaster for sure
  3. *
  4. Hit the Pier, you will have the best time. All the locals are friendly, and will offer help, give advice. also will enjoy a good talk. A1A has tons of places to hit up. Find a good local and he will put you on some land lock Tarpon =)
  5. This isnt a flea market style show. This is a Very big show now, Due to the High Schools Fishing team. They do a Excellent time Running this show.
  6. I like to use those EVA Foam Round Knobs. Work great and not too expensive either.
  7. Cloth tape, or any hockey tape. Works great.
  8. Fleabay has some decent ones. Or just get a Ring and cut it, then close it back together. Little tack weld and be good.
  9. Go for more of a A/T than a M/T. the M/T will bite more, and dig in. The balder the tire the better.
  10. The bucktail lure is in the military survival kit. That is how universal the lure is.
  11. as the guy above POR 15
  12. Very good show, Gets better every year the family and I attend.
  13. I think they are a great pair of pliers myself. I own a pair and so does my son
  14. Hello and thank you for the add, this place looks like a good read, and where I can learn to be a better fisherman. thank you guys for the add