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  1. I dont see anything.
  2. Im not entitled or allowed to respond to a comment? He lied and I let him have the truth. Your associating my name with BST? Im confused by what that means. I am new to this page, Why so harsh, and ready to kick someone? And What did I say about not wanting to pay a price? I just told him they are 50 new.
  3. I have some Maple spins and a 2oz darter all old stock
  4. Hey guys never make it to the NJ shows, So looking for a 2nd bar pencil or a couple. Let me know if you guys have one or two would like to let go to a old fellow. Thanks and good luck this run.
  5. ive put 30-40 pound bass on the number 2 hooks that they come with. never had one issue. But did drop some fish due to small size of hook
  6. Anyone Have one? Pleaasssse =)
  7. New Or Used. what do you you guys got? Was waiting for more to be made, but he has been very busy. Anyone have 1 they would like to part with? Thanks
  8. Beauties... Only if the price tag was lower.
  9. green used, and the top one sold, just two middle I have. Let me know if your interested
  10. No sir I dont sorry
  11. you posted 1 lure sir. I am not entitled to my opinion? Just curious
  12. If you can buy them new at 50 Why would someone pay 45 for used?
  13. Little beat up there, Ill pass at $35
  14. Gasoline, Green eye
  15. CTS vapor trails. Thier New Blanks are amazing and come 2pc, ina 90/10 split