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  1. I've read a lot of good things regarding the TFO BVK or Mangrove. a 9wt mangrove seems like it will suit me well
  2. 9wt is looking like a great option since it will be my only rod (for now). Make it a little easier is there is wind.
  3. Exactly!
  4. Any suggestions on budget 9wt rods? Say around/under $300?
  5. I always try and avoid using split shot if at all possible, typically only use in deep pools. Sometimes the split shot is too heavy for the indicator to handle. Placement depends on the speed of the water and the depth. Fast water-greater distance. Slower water - shorter distance as the flies can sink easie. The distances you mentioned are a great starting point, but it will always very depending on the water being fished. It also depends on the weight of your flies. You want to be close to the bottom no matter what, so start long then keep moving the indicator down until it is not snagging on the bottom a ton. Also, keep as much line out of the water as you can! It's tough for anyone to achieve a dead drift with a lot of line floating on the water
  6. Very true! My first time in the saltwater game was in Belize last year. Bonefish are tough! Of course the first one i landed, the rod came apart and i reeled it in with just the butt section and the reel until the guide jumped in and brought the rest of the rod back to the boat. somehow the fish stayed in the line!
  7. I heard the same thing about Hawaii. Good idea on reaching out to some guides. Got my first bonefish last year in Belize, now i'm hooked!
  8. If you are looking to buy from a private seller, try Craigslist and facebook marketplace. Both are good for local finds, and you can also change to locations where you think the boat you want might be.
  9. I got my first kit at cabela's. Was cheap and has done the job. Definitely not the nicest, but does the job. Wanted to make sure i liked tying flies, or that i actually could, before i spend a lot of money.
  10. Will likely just use the fly rod for saltwater on vacations. At home is usually trolling lake michigan in the boat.
  11. Thanks for all the input! Of course everyone has different opinions... I'm leaning towards a 9wt. Keep the opinions coming. Headed to Key West, Cayman Islands, and Hawaii this year!
  12. As the title suggest, i'm looking to purchase my first saltwater combo. I know 8wt seems to be a good all-around rod for bonefish. Probably target bonefish, but who knows i might want to go for some tarpon, permit, etc. I was somewhat set on an 8wt, but now i am second guessing and thinking 9wt. What do you guys think is best option? Thanks in advance
  13. Stripsettter, please post up what find out when you are there! I am heading to Key West the beginning of May
  14. There isn't any access to the breakwaters here in Chicago. I see a couple fly fisherman every once in while going for perch ans salmon at some of the harbor inlets, but i've never actually tried.
  15. I used to live in Boulder, CO and fished most of the streams in Colorado. It really depends where you want to stay. Do you want to be remote, or close to town/bars, etc. Boulder is fun town, has boulder creek right in town which has a ton of decent fish, some very large in the deeper pools. There is also South Boulder creek up over the flat irons, smaller fish but very beautiful area. Any where in the mountains has good rivers/streams, as well as fly shops.