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  1. if you got prices on line, you wont get a better price at the dealer. on line pricing is basically bottom line. every dealer has the same program. they know what the other dealers prices are. if you lie to them you found it cheaper, they want to know where and they will go check. if you got 4k off the sticker your doing good. if you have great credit, they will give the best deal. I have never paid for gap insurance or extended warranties. that's your choice. good luck
  2. rent to buy ? happens alot
  3. good luck...…………..and congrats
  4. bring back doogie……………..
  5. they may never loose again...…………...
  6. I thought he got a free b. job
  7. now 25 married at 23. he buys them on line. matched the colors to what he is wearing. the prom sneakers matched his then girlfriend,now wifes dress. since a freshman in hs, he was known for his sneakers .
  8. can they score 10 runs a game and only give up 9 ?
  9. my son wears sneakers all the time. to his proms and even his wedding. he probably has over 50 pairs of sneakers. to him, they are dress shoes.
  10. with out brady, eddleman who?
  11. lol...………….
  12. yep. I was there . great little cove. go grab some crackers from the food area and feed the fish and all the kids you be your friend. I just cant imagine anyone sitting on there phone on this web site while enjoying the day there.
  13. so your on vacation, enjoying the day, and your posting here ?
  14. must be nice to go on assignment , have a car rented for you, then leave 500k of money and jewelry sitting in it. sounds fishy to me but when your rich, guess it doesn't matter to carry that much with you.