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  1. just lose weight. at 262 i was 150over82 at 224 i am 114over80
  2. last piece is CJ. lets hope it gets done. Possibility of bobby wagner to replace white. i think they draft lane johnsons replacement at #10. take a edge guy at 31.
  3. Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley is calling for changing the retirement age for Americans currently in their 20s and limiting Social Security and Medicare benefits for wealthier Americans, staking out a position on the politically controversial issue of entitlement reform that’s already been the subject of attacks from former President Donald Trump. Haley had first proposed altering the retirement age for “young people” at a town hall in Iowa Wednesday, outlining several changes to entitlement programs. Haley’s campaign, however, did not respond when CNN asked what she would set as the retirement age. At the Conservative Political Action Conference last weekend, Trump didn’t name any fellow Republicans but alleged some members of his party “want to raise the minimum age of Social Security to 70, 75 or even 80 in some cases” and “are out to cut Medicare to a level that it will no longer be recognizable.” copied from CNN
  4. Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., has reintroduced legislation to make daylight saving time permanent across the country in an effort that he says would end the "antiquated practice" of changing clocks twice a year.
  5. that sounds about right. my buddy has a 3000sq ft home with 9. 2 baths up stairs. 1 on the main floor. half bath in the finished basement 1 in the kitchen. 1 in the garage . 1 in the pantry. and 1 outside in the pool house. and another at his fish cleaning station out side.
  6. hurts is the starter. need a back up . whats the issue? only change offense will be maybe kelce retires and his replacement is there. get a better 3rd wide receiver. let sanders walk but who cares.
  7. nope andy will sign wentz .mahomes doesnt miss much. wentz can sit the bench and collect like doug pederson did.
  8. yep and minshew lost two winnable games
  9. right now we have a memory foam one from one of the local places that was like 800.00 are any of the high end ones worth the money? strearns and foster is near 3k i dont see it on any best mattress web sites. Saatva appears on most lists near the top and is under 2k and its a hybrid and comes with a 365 day trial and the most others i see are like 101 days or less. Puffy is a out of the box one that seems to get good ratings also under 2k. there are so many brands out there how to choose one.
  10. cut minshew and add him as back up ?
  11. Legislation has been passed in the Senate to permanently end the practice through the Sunshine Protection Act, which would end Daylight Saving Time. However, the House has yet to vote on this bill.
  12. i thinks the its better to be safe then sorry attitude but with that said my wife has had covid twice
  13. my wife is changing jobs as i speak. she is going from a long-term care facility to an assisted living facility and yes, you must show proof of vax. the money is the same but set 4 day schedule , thursday friday and saturday off. no pushing a medical cart. no lifting of patients, much more relaxed atmosphere. right now nurses can find a job at will and set the demands they want. they are also giving her immediate healthcare the day she starts.oh and she gets a 3,000.00 sign on bonus and its 4 miles from home.
  14. hmm so in his pics of the bathroom that is beadboard ? is the nickel gap shown in the stairway pics? sorry to sound stupid. just trying to learn. lol.you see my basic bathroom
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