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  1. don't remind me. him and my dad were in the same icu together in stratford kennedy. bad times for all involved.
  2. eagles trade agholar and next years 2 and 4 to move up and draft the best safety/corner on the board. 2 nd pick will be the best center left on the board they may draft a lb in the later rounds. and of course a d lineman or two. maybe even the running back from temple so they can clean out the slop they have now behind wentz.
  3. you like blue fish, but you put everything in the cabinet on it. I bet if you put all that on the dark meat it would eatable also
  4. looks like chiggers
  5. ok my bad. I will try harder next time.
  6. I think the lack of carbs is effecting you...…….lol
  7. are you just ****ing with me ? you never heard of DONT POKE A SLEEPING BEAR ? the phillies were sleeping. he threw at him and woke him up . you better go find a hoagie shop and get an Italian with spicey mustard
  8. but we are not looking for wise in here.
  9. still being nice here, but...…………………..
  10. the phillies went 14 innings scoreless but in the top of the 9th 2 games ago mets pitcher threw at/over Hoskins head in retaliation. last night Hoskins started the 8th with a triple and they scored 3 times and then in the 9th against the same pitcher that threw at him, he took him deep.
  11. its where the boat is docked. the water is not closed. you can target flounder but they have to be thrown back if docked in jersey.
  12. yep no bat flip or staring or pointing fingers or charging the mound.
  13. that's why I posted what I did
  14. lol you need new material
  15. I said they are silly. obviously the banter keeps them going.