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  1. don't forget the weakfish in the spring.
  2. and still 7 behind the playoff picture. I think they dug themselves to deep. shame hextall didn't want to play the kids. they are now the youngest team in the league. I still think they trade Simmonds and a defenseman for something. Talbot is a nice pick up. time to get rid of the injury prone goalies. shame stolly couldn't stay healthy. its great to see hart so fundamentally sound and not just relying on flopping around. pp is finally worth watching those 2 minutes. 47% over the last 12 games or so.
  3. I understand why. I just looked at the starting line up and there are at least 12 names I never heard of . for me nascar has declined since the death of dale. theres always going to be turn over, but geez,looks like any joe with money and a fast car can break into that line up. the qualifier racers were snoozers. they rode around in a circle for 3/4 of the race with no passing. no bumps. no accidents. looked like a casual ride down 95 into Baltimore. when lowes,subway,target, and others stop sponsoring, you know things are bad. they should start another tier with the old and retired guys. probably get more fans .
  4. I drove down through basto yesterday. I see someone cut trees down across the paths me and others used to reach the river above the bridge. pretty sure its state land . no no trespassing signs anywhere.
  5. yeah and everything on the internet is true...……….
  6. and nothing happened
  7. me too...……………...
  9. I didn't say google dirtiest play . I said google cheap shot malkin. you are correct. you can find just about any player doing something, but malkin has been known to take cheap shots since entering the league. he is a star so they look the other way. he has had a hearing or two but not suspended. listen, I would take him on the flyers without hesitation and same with Crosby because of there talent. kind of goes back to the gretzky days. if any player got close enough to breathe on him, the were put in the box for 2 minutes or Jordan taking 3 steps every time he had the ball. star players get preferred treatment.
  10. 19 pages but 25 priest were listed from the Camden diocese which is the only list I read. 24 are dead and 1 shows removed and he is the one from my church that my wife still goes to.
  11. I did not post this as a religion thread. to each is own if and what the practice. I posted it to show that it does hit home.
  12. Where you from in Camden County? that's correct. had more of a chance at being arrested for assault than that priest for his crimes most likely. that's correct also and fortunately for me,then at the age of 20, my mom had all ready called the police and they stopped me before I got my hands on him because I may still be in a cell. as for ccd classes. we sent both my kids , raised them catholic and they are grown now, and neither go to church.
  13. and 7 priests were from the church I belonged too and I new 2 of them and my parents knew 5 of them. they are all dead now. 1 of them molested a kid around the corner right under his parents nose many many times and it was too late when they found out. another priest there that I had confronted and tried to pummel him for a separate reason, was immediately transferred the following day. we now know why. the church didn't want me to bring his name into any investigations obviously. of the 25 names released from the Camden diocese, 7 were from my town that I grew up in, 3 are from the town I am in now and 3 are from the church my wife and I got married in. disgusting.
  14. you don't watch much hockey if don't think malkin is a cheap shot guy. you can google it and see time and time again the cheap shots he takes.
  15. I have never tried, but always think about doing it ? I understand you have to get a license . not asking for your best spot, but does all beaches down the shore hold clams ? do I look for a empty marsh at low tide ? just looking for some pointers. last summer my daughter calls me on the phone and asks if I want some clams . are they fresh and if so ,yes. an hour later she shows up with 60 tasty clams that her and a girlfriend dug up in tuckerton for something to do. she didn't know or have a license. they used plastic toy shovels and a cooler to put them in.