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  1. nice..............doesnt happen a lot these days we should make it to 31 this year
  2. you mean like the gay nude beach in cape may ? higbees by the ferry.
  3. the fk285 are 90.00 more each and 2 inches longer and 6 lbs heavier so i dont know
  4. low maint and my house is no beautiful home. its a small two story ,3 bed 2 bath.
  5. 6 weeks over do now. they did send me 2 free kayak carts. today i asked them if he had another color in stock or something comparable to ship. he has nothing in stock but has a shipment with fk285 coming in also and my fk184 are on another shipment. so he told me which ever comes in first i will get. i am thinking i wont be getting on the water much. original order was placed late december
  6. my house was built in 1911 but its nothing near those old victorian stlye homes. your house probably looks better all decked out in different colors. my house had asbestos shingles on it when i moved in so went with vinyl.
  7. i understand painted house does have its place on certain homes. old victorian style and such .
  8. nice. its funny how in jersey most of what we sell is 4k or 5k but over the bridge they prefer 27k or 3000k i prefer the higher k. its brighter but if its too bright,dim it down. cant add light once its in is my belief.
  9. wow..................... i just won a bid for 21k pounds of romex for 199k dollars. back in december the same order was under 120k
  10. a lot of what the homework and find the right guy
  11. you could be right, but once and its done. how many times does a house have to be painted ?
  12. pressure wash once in awhile is easier then scrapping and painting.
  13. curious as to what color light output as the website doesnt say for the retro units they are also good for 35k hours and are 16.00 each. the halo are 70k hours rated and color selectable 2700k 3000k 3500k 4000k 5000k with a push of a switch . not saying sunco are bad.
  14. vinyl siding ends your pain
  15. Bill Gates transfers $1.8bn in stocks to estranged wife Melinda Gate i hope she can live off of that