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  1. that's what they are saying. they all will have the trials moved to other venues which are all predominantly white.
  2. they will burn down a lot of cities.
  3. google the bastids .nothing really works. cant spray my entire yard. they say to put a fan blowing on you to sit outside. well we did that. 5 people and 5 fans. lol. last night while cutting up the trees that felled in my yard after the storm I had to wear long pants. long sleeves and gloves and a ski mask to prevent getting eaten alive. now today my decking material/trex is being delivered .looks like I will wait until the next rainy day to put it up. tonight I have to finish the tree clean up and reinstall the stockade panel fence that also came down.
  4. your screen name does fit you
  5. ILADELPHIA - Philadelphia residents were asking questions after a group of people armed with bats and other objects took to the streets Monday night in Fishtown. And Mayor Jim Kenney provided his answer during a noon news conference Tuesday: "Going forward, any displays of vigilantism will not be tolerated, period," Kenney said.
  6. not saying your wrong, but to condemn the ones who want to protect property ? you cant possibly be behind that ? did you see what they did to the shoprites, target, Walmart, modells, foot locker, wawa, atm machines, rent a center ?
  7. condemns the people of fishtown who went out armed with bats and shovels to protect there own community. kudos to those who did . eff that azz hole mayor. he has allowed all that destruction with no effort to stop it and thinks you should not be allowed to protect whats yours
  8. so today at noon is our drive by for the grandson.then birthday cake as we will be on opposite sides of the fence. but his mother was fine that I put up the play/swing set we got for him.
  9. oh stop. like childwood is any better
  10. it did make it outside though, but it was gone before we hit the train.
  11. well I am hear along with many others. like nothing even happened. just ordered the pork with broccoli rabe and provolone. when done that I will get a quart of vanilla ice cream from bassets. rode the train over .
  12. for lunch ? the bridges are open again.
  13. I tried but the as per my luck, the damn lighter wouldn't work