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  1. Hello @bob_G
  2. We make pizzas often here in Casa Cornbread. I need something more pretentious to step up my game. I don't think 950 degrees to cook a pie in 60 seconds is really necessary. Most pizza shops run their ovens at around 600 I believe (I could be wrong). So if I can run 600 degrees and cook a pie in 15-20 minutes, I think that would work well.
  3. Speaking of pizzas, anybody have experience with small pizza ovens? I keep eyeballing one of these. Ooni Fyra $300 for the wood pellet fired version. They also sell gas powered versions in 12" and 16" or a multi fuel version. I think I'm just interested in the wood pellet model. Hardwood pellet fueled for consistently high heat and low maintenance Wood fired flavored 12” pizzas Reaches 950°F (500°C) in just 15 minutes Cooks stone-baked pizzas in as little as 60 seconds! Ultra portable at just 22lbs (10kg)
  4. You just got Frank* 's attention.
  5. Those two hood rats that killed the Door Dash driver in NYC aren't even facing manslaughter charges.
  6. Did you peruse the link I posted? It has a pretty easy to understand explanation.
  7. And a useless 13 mile range? Pfft!
  8. Balls in the breeze. Must be a friend of @Bernie12
  9. Must be a rewards member.
  10. Mick? Is that you Mick?
  11. equation to calculate horsepower,%3D Torque x RPM %2F 5%2C252.
  12. Outboard motors cannot make efficient use of torque unless they can utilize a huge propeller as with a ship and that just isn't practical. That is why when the throttle goes to neutral, the boat loses propulsion immediately like applying the brakes on a car. They are actually very inefficient power sources, but useful for their application.
  13. HP gets you to the finish line faster. Torque lets you pull a barn down with less wasted energy.