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  1. Find a rocky bank. Throw a square bill crankbait parallel to the shoreline bumping the bottom.
  2. Seems to me, it's more of a landmark than anything else. As far as the food goes, I never found them to be any better than most decent Chinese joints go.
  3. Most definitely. I go through the VA for all my meds. I have two that would total close to $1000/month. My co-pay through the VA is around $27/month.
  4. It's probably been a good 20-25 years since I listened to Stern. Especially more so once he went to Sirius.
  5. Does the sink have a vent that ties into the main vent that goes through the roof?
  6. Who? I don't think I've ever heard of him.
  7. @Ditchbag praying for you brother. Love ya Ted (no homo).
  8. Every time I see a video of someone fighting and getting dragged off a plane or away from a gate, it's always Spirit.
  9. I served with a few guys in Kuwait that wore those neck knives. Not my thing, but they were very fast on the draw and pretty skilled with them too.
  10. Is that 80# hollow core available in Hi-vis Yellow?
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