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  1. I get the impression that the word "quit" is not in Fergal's vocabulary.
  2. Looking good Red. The neighbors are gonna want you out of the hood for getting all upscale. Tax rates will be going up now.
  3. But you've got to love the fact that passengers must wear one.
  4. I just might need to open my reel to see what's going on here.
  5. Thunder or fireworks don't interrupt my guys sleep one bit. He might lift his head, look around and then back to sleep.
  6. Were you throwing mud pies at that door?
  7. It seems as though the two pieces you have mate to each other and you're missing the E Clip that holds them onto the shaft.
  8. ^^^ The Marcelle we'd hope for. The real Marcel.
  9. FIFY because we've all seen pics of you after a day in the sun.
  10. My wife cuts ours. That way she can't complain that it's too tall or I cut it way too short.
  11. At least we know you're not an AI bot Mike.
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