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  1. Every year or two we always read stories like this. Had one case near me like 10 years ago. The funeral director was doing the same thing and it started getting out of hand. He ended up renting a self storage unit and stored the bodies there. Finally when people complained about the smell, the storage company opened his unit and made the grewsome discovery. They ended up count something like 50-60 corpses. Most of the deceased were people that had no family that claimed the body or family that didn't request a viewing wake. Ones with no family he got paid by the state to process and bury the bodies. I know he was arrested, but don't recall what sort of punishment he got from it.
  2. And we're off!
  3. Miracle Whip
  4. I wouldn't be able to get off the couch for the rest of the day after that breakfast. Ooofff!
  5. The answer was only one page back. You don't need to read the whole thread, but perhaps the last couple pages might help.
  6. Do you never read any previous posts?
  7. He didn't put up the right video.
  8. Hey Brian. Just out of curiosity, were you ever in the military and if so, what branch?
  9. I hadn't thought of that possibility.
  10. Might have been like a one month suspension. IDK, but that's possible.