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  1. Let me say that I do appreciate all of you that took the time to give me your opinions and suggestions. I would not have considered some of these options without your feedback. So thank you. I think I found the culprit. It seems that the 1.5 oz. Live Target Mullet is the suspect. If you've been following this thread then you know I was only able to cast this lure about 38-39 yards, and when I really put some zing into the cast, I'd get an overrun about half way. Well I swapped out my 30# braid for 50# braid and opted to just fill the spool up half way. Then I swapped out the Mullet for a regular 1.75 oz. bucktail jig. First cast 45 yards! After taking off one brake and loosing the spool control knob 2 clicks, pow, 48-49 yards. This is a 10 yard jump over the LT mullet. It seems like a noobie mistake, but that lure apparently creates quite a bit of drag and slows down significantly once it reaches its apex. Right now I have 2 of 8 brakes on, and the spool is set several clicks lighter than the recommended setting. To further test this finding, I will re-spool with 40# braid and tie on a simple 3 oz. bank sinker. Let's see what it'll do then.
  2. Second Update Well I heeded the advice of several on here and removed the 30# Samurai. I had some 50# J-Braid laying around, so I spooled the reel up half way just for kicks and giggles. This morning I headed out to a nearby canal to test this theory. I played with both the spool control and brakes, with heavy thumb and without, and still could not see any difference. The longest cast was about 42 yards, with 38-39 being the average. Right now the spool tension is set a few clicks (2-3) looser than the recommended starting point, and I have 3 of the 8 brakes on. I did try going up all the way with the brakes, as well as taking them all off. The only noticeable difference was shorter casts when using maximum brakes. Right now, I think this rules out the problem being thin line, no? The other option I see is to change the lure. Maybe 1.5 oz mullet is catching too much wind and creating too much drag? This afternoon I'll get back out there and try a standard 1.5 oz. bucktail jig. A last option would be to learn to cast. lol. But really, maybe I need to remove all brakes and just practice training my thumb using Swimbaiters tape method...
  3. I've been contemplating the idea of using tape on the spool as was mentioned, however I have a few concerns. First, what happens to the tape if I get a fish that strips out a lot of line? The other concern is more of me not understanding how that will prevent the overrun. Say I place the tape 60 yards into my spool. Right now my max cast is about 40-42 years. When I really put some zing into the cast, the overrun is occurring about mid way into the cast, about 20 yards in. How does the tape at 60yd. help with a backlash at 20?
  4. I was thinking about the air resistance of the lure as well... If my overruns are occurring midway through cast, isn't that an indication that the lure is slowing down quite a bit? Maybe this mullet does have too much drag?
  5. Right now I have three of the eight brakes on. I went all the way up and had them all on, and all the way down where I had only one on. The casting distance is virtually unchanged. Of course I had to use more thumb control with the lesser brakes. Either way, I cannot get beyond 40 to 42 yards. When I really try to zip it out there, the overrun occurs midway through the cast, about 20-25 yards out. Does this make sense?
  6. Hello y’all. I’m posting this here since my problem is achieving distance with my baitcaster. I'm not new to baitcasters, so I'm a little befuddled with this new combo I'm breaking in (Calcutta Conquest 400 & 7'10" rod, 30# Samurai braid). I'm using this combo in South Florida's inlets for snook, etc., but it is basically a swim bait combo. The bait is Live Target Mullet (1.5 oz.). I've adjusted the spool control knob and breaks according to standard. I can good casts with no backlash with moderate casts, and achieve moderate distance. The problem is when I really want to put some zip into the cast to get some extra distance. The extra zing gets me nasty backlash early on in the cast cycle. I've tried tightening the spool control knob but with limited success. Yes it'll stop the backlash, but it also limits the casting distance. I do use my thumb to "feather" the spool, but it is not that well trained. Is there a remedy to this other than more practice? Someone mentioned they thought my line diameter was too small for the heavy baits I intend to cast (1-3oz).
  7. Resurrected this thread to get an idea of how the New Saltist Back Bay has performed. I'm trying to decide between a SBB4000 and a Ballistic LT5000, and actually have both in my hand as we speak. One will be shipped back to the retailer... but I just don't know which one. They're both very close in size and very smooth with the SBB being slightly heavier, which I don't mind. The BLT wins in the line capacity and drag, which is my main concern about the SBB. But I think the aluminum frame on the SBB will be stronger. I'll mainly be fishing for reds, snook and speckled trout in South Florida. What thinketh ye?