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  1. Haskell's in East Quouge, great little shop.
  2. I've watched Gulls eat anything that they can fit into there mouths. One day after a big storm I went to Shinnecock Inlet West. The waves were washing over the rocks and sand, and then into the parking lot on occasion. What I saw was something I've never seen before, the water pushed the rats out of the rocks over the sand and into the parking lot. It is now different (new construction this winter). The rats were making a run for the center area that the parking lot wrapped around for the little cover it provided. The gulls were landing on the rats, pecking them on the head, (stunning not killing them) then swallowing them whole and still alive. I/we had the smaller rats following us around for cover from the feasting gulls. First time I had ever watched gulls feeding on soaking wet rats forced from there jetty home. Pretty wild.
  3. My Favorite Expo.
  4. We are all "Public Landowners". I'm usually the first one at a spot, If someone gives me that "My Spot" nonsense, I'll usually say something with a smile like, "We all paid the same amount to fish here right?" $0. Rotating and sharing is always better than not. I'm usually the guy that has to deal with anglers following me and fishing where I'm fishing. I will say high, smile and start a conversation. If they're clueless (Usually New, or just ignorant) I will educate them the on way to fish next to someone. If they know what they're doing I'll talk fishing, If they don't want to talk, I have no problem fishing right next to someone in total silence. This reminds me, I know I am not the only angler that loves to catch fish in a spot that someone fished, didn't hook up and says "It's fished out" then I go and catch a fish there!
  5. Maxima Ultragreen is my favorite.
  6. Look at my profile picture. That's my son. It's mostly about spending time with loving family, friends, and friends I haven't met yet. And sometimes to just be alone.
  7. Thanks for all the experience info folks. I am by no means a hard core surf angler, (I've had some spinal reconstructive surgeries in my neck, permanent nerve damage,....... etc....., so I'm kinda limited physically as to what I can do as far as fishing). I find myself using my rod as a cane for balance on the rocks and even on the sand. I do love fishing the back bays and flats. Wading to some of the bars I fish in big currents, sometimes 100-150yds from main land, can be tough especially at night. I'm realizing the last thing I want to worry about is my reel. I've been greasing my reels for years in order to make them as water repellent as possible, mainly for the big surf on the LI ocean beaches. But these days I find myself not able to fish the "big water", so I'm fishing the back bays where my reel constantly gets dunked, or I'm struggling to unhook a fish because I'm also trying to not dunk my reel. My buddy has been fishing VS for years. He has been telling me to get one for the reasons above, I can focus on safely releasing a fish while not endangering myself. I do somewhat enjoy maintaining my reels. But after my last big bass in fast current, waist high, I lost my balance trying not to dunk my reel. After reading the comments here I'm sold. A Van Staal it is, after all safety comes first right? Since I don't need a "bombproof" reel, just water proof and able to reel underwater I'd prefer a bailed reel. Are both models offered in a bailed model? I know my friend will be happy not having to help me as much if I don't have to worry about my reel going under. Now I just need to wait for a few birthday's, Christmas's, and Father's days gift cards to get one. Until then, I'll be greasing the heck out of the reels I have. Thanks, Matt
  8. Fishing with my buddy (very new angler) has a cast off the rocks into the inlet, get away from him. The bucktail lands in a boat and hooks onto the captains sons pants (we all learned afterwards). My buddy thinks he has a fish he's 30yds down the jetty I'm looking at him and his rod asking my other buddy that's between us, is he fighting a fish or a boat? Then the rod straightens out and I barely see his braid blowing in the wind. Within a minute a boat pulls up in front of him just off the jetty, a man and young boy are in this 18ish ft. Boston Whaler, the man throws the jig back to my buddy (who I don't really fish with any more), and says your jig caught my sons pants, I had to cut your line, I'm so sorry for getting in your way. The boater thought he was at fault for being in the way of a jetty anglers bucktail that caught his son's pants. Whatever that's worth related to this topic. P.S.: Makes me think of another topic I may start "Fishing buddies that you choose to no longer fish with and why? What did they do?" Best, Matt
  9. Simply. Reflection and Absorption of sunlight, by particles in the atmosphere. Best, Matt
  10. Love my TICA-TC2 Graphite. 8' 1pc. Gotta Spinfisher V 4500, 1 spool is spooled with 10lb Fireline. Feels like I can cast a potato chip 100 yards with that set up. So much fun catching Albies with that. I have a second spool with 15lb PP. I've seen rod for $100, I paid $120 I think. So good I bought my son one. I've landed lots of keeper bass and up to 12-13lb blues with that set up also.
  11. So I'm taking my morning walk to the end of the jetty with my rod, some bucktails, and some plugs. The first thing I notice is a man running towards me, and the parking lot, he was coming from the end of the jetty. I give my usual smile and a good morning when he eventually gets to me, he replies with a quick wave but keeps running. I think to myself, sweet, I have the end of the jetty to my self. This particular jetty has a light house base almost as wide as the jetty and about 4ft or so high, and the base sits about 8-10 yards from the end of the jetty. I don't see anyone as I approach the base of the light, then I walk to the left of the base to get around it and I notice the head of a little man. There is braided line coming from a rod leaning against the base and another pole stuck in the rocks with line out in the water. As I get on the solid footing on the other side of the base, I'm asking myself why this fella isn't moving any of his gear that's blocking the whole side of the jetty, and why is this guy blocking me from getting out there? I notice that he is looking down, I make my way through the maze of line and almost walk right into him as I kinda swing around the big base. I look at him, he looks scared, he directs me to his hand, I notice he has what looks like a 7/0-8/0 jig hook with a 2.5-3oz jig in his hand, still tide direct to braided line going to his rod. The hook was between the first and second knuckle deep in his thumb, and he had really small hands so it looked like he was gaffed. He was trying to pull it out gently, I asked if he crushed the barb he said no, I said STOP PULLING ON IT!. I cut the braid told him to walk with me back to my jeep where I have a big pair of Manley Pliers that can cut really big hooks. His cousin (the man running back to parking lot) was with us at this point. I cut the hook, and told him he needed to push the hook through and not pull it back, after some ooohs and ahhhhs, he popped the skin on the other side of his thumb with the hook. I told him to make it bleed (infection minimizing), I had some antibiotic ointment in my first aid kit, someone had some Listerine mouth wash they poured all over it. He bandaged it up and went back to the end of the jetty. Pretty basic stuff, it happens, I've experienced much worse emergency situations. I'm glad I've only had to use those Manley's 5-6 times, and none were for me or my fishing buddies, always some fellow angler. I'd love to hear some other emergency situations that have occurred while you were fishing and how you handled the situation. And maybe some thoughts on how it might have been prevented, or what you may do differently if in the same situation again. Best, Matt
  12. I know It's a little pricey, (most of my good gear is purchased with gift cards or gift cash) but my favorite "carries stuff" piece of equipment is my small Gear Up Belt Bag (their version of an Eel bag). It's the open one, (I also use the jig bag as well) with a small inside pocket. I shy away from shoulder packs because of some recent severe neck injuries. It holds on my belt solid. I use it for a lot of stuff and different targeted species, It's very versatile, bullet proof, and drains very well. I made home made plug tubes for it when I want to use it as a plug bag, holds everything I want to throw. If I'm fluke fishing it hold's my Gulp baits, lead, teasers, etc..... If I'm picking up garbage as I walk back it hols a lot of balloons. Oh, and it holds eels and other nasties that I don't usually fish with, but if I wanted to it would hold them well. Best, Matt
  13. What I said, what I wanted to say, and what I almost always say is, "Those little fish are sooooo little and way to little to not through back, to short." If I think English may not be first language, I'll make a hand gesture indicating to small. I'm in no way looking for a confrontation or being "aggressively confrontational", but I'm just compelled to say something. I don't make a judgment on there values or morals, I just state a fact as a teacher would. I've never had any one get in my face or come back at me so strong where I felt like I needed to defend my self. In fact I have had folks apologize and sincerely tell me they didn't know. I've also had anglers insincerely look at me and say they didn't know. I have had experiences when as I'm walking to the end of the jetty I've seen anglers scrambling to get there lines in before I get out there, weird but true. Maybe I look like Enforcement to some. Thanks for the replies folks.
  14. So, this is something that I see sometimes, at least once a season, walking on the rocks at the inlet I like to go to. A group of anglers cutting up caught, short (1/2 the legal size) fluke for bait!!! 1. How do some of you react, what do you say/do (if anything?). 2. More important to me is what do you want to do or say, but don't?
  15. I've been using "Finish Line- Premium Grease for Bicycles w TEFLON fluoropolymer" for over 25yrs. I'm not sure how it compares to Van Staal grease (other than price), I've never used VS grease. I will say it repels water like no other grease I've used. I've used it in all my bike applications (mountain and road), all my fishing reels, countless outdoor applications, (door hinges, Locks, etc). I use it on tools, and my Jeep. It's like magic how a little amount repels water totally. The old stuff had a unique odor to it, but the new stuff is basically odorless. I love it!