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  1. Dirty jugs are the best look em up online
  2. Looking for a used Zeebaas Zx-2 27 bailed left handed (right hand retrieve). Black and silver are both fine thanks in advance.
  3. Agree, Just recently broke 4 guides a current version loomis Muskie rod and rather than replace 4 guides I figured I’ll jusy get a new rod for with the rod replacement program and be all set come to find out that they don’t make this rod anymore even though it’s on their current website. Loomis offer to replace it with a steelhead rod I said not thanks and just decided to repair it.
  4. No. As I’m sure your aware G. Loomis got sold to shamino so basically it’s a shamino Rod with a loomis logo not saying this in a bad way just is what it is. However even thou the older rods loomis will still warreny to the closet match of the new stuff.
  5. Ande leader has really took a step back so much to the point I don’t use. Recently Ande leader material has become much more “limp” and have broke it on hookset multiple times which was never the case with the old formula. I have a spool like a 2 years old and a new one in the same lb test and night and day difference I prefer a stiffer leader for it has more abrasive resistance. This is regarding the regular leader version not the flouracarbon. As for pink I like it stained water conditions but probably doest make too much a difference.
  6. The older G. Loomis Rod is much nicer had both rods. The loomis surf 1266s and 1267s are the best I’ve ever used but hard to find as they do not make anymore.
  7. ? Should not go under main form?
  8. Looking for a used zeebaas ZX-2 27 bailed left hand (right hand retreive).
  9. Still available?
  10. Those are nice depthfinders
  11. Lol
  12. Tom Brady is the best QB of all time.
  13. My dad has a 2011 SRX with 180,000 miles no problems whatsoever. Nice car not the best on gas though.
  14. I am looking at buying a G. Loomis surf 1267s and rod only has 5 guides is this normal.