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  1. In the surf? aren't those premium boat reels?
  2. See this is almost opposite of what I’ve experienced, I’ve inquired 3 times and had emails back almost immediately answering all my questions. Keep in mind I am not an owner yet but it’s almost scary how instantaneously the reply’s are via email.
  3. I am contemplating buying a ZX22 to pair with a 10’ Century Stealth. I have so many questions but I will boil them down to a few of the most important: What are the size comparisons to the VSX series? How do they preform in the long term compared to the VSX series? How is customer service with Zeebaas (2022)? Pros and Cons that you have from experience with the reel….
  4. Last night I threw a RB Plugworks Slopester for two hours not a sniff. I saw lots of bunker and spearing around, I figured I had a real good chance at a bigger bass with all the bait and the warmer weather we have had. have yet to break the 30" mark this season. also quick question; how do you fish a yo-zuri mag darter? I know guys swear by them but I've never caught on them and I don't know if I'm working it right? I usually fish on a constant slow retrieve with slight twitches every few seconds. Maybe I'm just not fishing them in the right places?
  5. Depends on a lot of things, location, what the fish are eating, weather, current, etc. this is a super broad question but my go to for the spring are Alan’s combat gliders, SS darter, and yozuri hydrominnows.
  6. South jerz poppin off prior to this cold snap, 3 nights in a row I saw and heard fish busting in the dark. Wouldn’t really hit small paddle tails and only took big slow presentations. Fish up to 25”. (ODM Backbay + saltist backbay3k + 15lb suffix 832)
  7. Hahaha yea but I want to catch more than 1-2 early fish that are over 25”. I’m definitely going to try throwing big metal lips at night even if it feels weird. Thanks for that advice!
  8. Is there a tide you tend to favor when fishing like this? (Pic for attention)
  9. I want to expand my horizons when it comes to early back bay fishing for bass with lures. The past several years I have looked to fish tidal flats that drain to 1-2’ at low and are 3-5’ at high also they have a nice current. The only issue I’ve had is that I don’t have any confidence that I will find anything over 25”. Early season how do you target the larger fish, do they hold on different structure? I usually do well by April fishing needlefish at night in similar areas described and catch up to 30” at night only. Early March what are the optimal circumstances (structure wise) to find a striper 25”+?
  10. I ended up fishing the spring with a vsx150 paired w a 9'odm dna, I gotta say it's like a match made in heaven. i will say though that i had the chance to throw a 10' century Stealth custom made by Advanced fishing USA in Avalon NJ and that combo is beefier yet feels really nice with the 150, im looking into getting that rod for trophy fish only nad using the dna for normal fishing.
  11. Of course. Hopefully looking at 150 vs 200 tomorrow at tackle direct and then will buy in the next 2 weeks. Will have the trophy season for bass alert here in NJ to test it out.
  12. I’m going to go to tackle direct tomorrow and feel one in person. I think if you are right on the sizing I will pull trig on the 150 and put the slammer 5500 on the star rod. Thank you for your advice!
  13. Right now I have my 9’ ODM DNA paired with a Penn Slammer 3 5500 with 30lb braid. I use this set up for bass in the 35”+ range. I usually toss lures from 1-3oz. Which VSX will: 1. Balance my rod nicely 2. Offer enough size so I can feel confident casting 3oz darters and such. I know the slammer 5500 is slightly oversized for the 9’ but I have confidence when I hook up to nice fish that I can control the fish and the fish is not controlling me. I would like the same for my future VSX. Also at times I will be swapping the reel to a 10’6” star paraflex 2-6oz and will never be casting more than 3oz. Thank you in advance!