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  1. WTB any condition Woolfort Resin darters, any size. Will be fished.
  2. How do you retrieve pikie style lures? Do you change your retrieve for smaller or larger pikies? What conditions are you throwing them? What are your go to pikie lures? Just got a 6" Fixter pikie and am excited to test swim it, I plan on fishing it the way he intended with small twitches in boulder fields this season.
  3. Waiting on the next storm and will give it a go.
  4. Ill take for asking if still available
  5. I'm going to try drifting some super light bucktails tipped w/ 6" Mr. Twisters at sunrise on a mud/sand flat. Fingers crossed.
  6. Water is cold. I've heard people fish bloods in the river, in a recent post someone was fishing albie snax in shallow water, drifting them near the bottom in current. Fishing NJ, my first outing I target sod banks that warm up in the sun at low tide. Then during a high tide that sodbank warms a layer of water one to two degrees more than the rest of the water. I fish small keitechs and 1/4oz bucktails. I have not run across the same type of mud here in ME to apply these tactics. What areas should I focus on? Will they be stacked deep on ledges or do they venture onto flats to feed? I have been fishing the past few nights with low confidence due to the rains. TIA
  7. Mdwin

    Jig ID

    Inchiku style jig
  8. Thank you for your input and report!
  9. You guys will get a kick out of this, I am trying to locate Spiny Dogfish. The short of it is I’m a student at UNE doing my masters and I’m working with bycatch reduction devices (BRD’s). These are devices that emit electrical pulses. As you may know sharks can detect weak electrical signals that bony fish can’t. These devices aim to overstimulate sharks electrosensory systems and keep pesky dogfish away from commercial longlines…. Also down the line perhaps be adapted to recreational ground fishing. Anyhow I’ve tested one group of 12 dogs and need to find some more to keep testing. I am going to try and get out to Tantas 4/10 to try for some. Any info/locations would be helpful. I’m aware they migrate south after November and don’t come back in numbers until may/june but a recent study has come out that says there is a small sub population that hangs out north of the cape during the winters, I just haven’t found them yet. Here is a link to our lab website if you are interested in learning more. There is a cool gif of a dogfish approaching a device during a live lab trial. https://sites.une.edu/mohanlab/research/ TIA
  10. Just moved up here for school. I am coming from NJ so this is a big change of scenery for me. I am 10 min away from the mouth of the Saco River. So far I have scouted the inlet and talked to a few fishermen. From what I have gathered they say it is a tough year for bass and right now according to them the water is too warm so they wont hit plugs. Personally I think bass everywhere will always hit a plug/artificial if it’s the right depth, speed, and profile. Any pointers for fishing this area would be greatly appreciated, also any current fishing reports. Friends I have talked to in NJ said the Maine bite for large fish is all in creek mouths on eels; any truth to this? Also how long do the bass stick around for up here? Ill probably be making a few more posts to pick your brain as I keep discovering the area.
  11. In the surf? aren't those premium boat reels?
  12. See this is almost opposite of what I’ve experienced, I’ve inquired 3 times and had emails back almost immediately answering all my questions. Keep in mind I am not an owner yet but it’s almost scary how instantaneously the reply’s are via email.
  13. I am contemplating buying a ZX22 to pair with a 10’ Century Stealth. I have so many questions but I will boil them down to a few of the most important: What are the size comparisons to the VSX series? How do they preform in the long term compared to the VSX series? How is customer service with Zeebaas (2022)? Pros and Cons that you have from experience with the reel….
  14. Last night I threw a RB Plugworks Slopester for two hours not a sniff. I saw lots of bunker and spearing around, I figured I had a real good chance at a bigger bass with all the bait and the warmer weather we have had. have yet to break the 30" mark this season. also quick question; how do you fish a yo-zuri mag darter? I know guys swear by them but I've never caught on them and I don't know if I'm working it right? I usually fish on a constant slow retrieve with slight twitches every few seconds. Maybe I'm just not fishing them in the right places?
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