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  1. Offer $50 for the Guppys.
  2. Curious as to what is locking these reels up. I have experienced some grinding after a good sandy dunk but it usually clears up soon after. This is a fully sealed reel. It’s not going to feel like a Stella or Slammer. After returns for grinding, has Tsunami ever reported what the issue was?
  3. I’ll grab this Mark.
  4. Does that Goo-Goo Jr have a tie groove? looks deadly.
  5. Add Winch #3 to RM for $60 shipped??
  6. I’ll take th RM.
  7. 5 and 8 please
  8. I’ve been struggling with wind knots since I first purchased this reel, 6000X. I’ve been really aware of how the first loop goes on the reel and it has helped somewhat. Some of the knots though were 5-20 feet from the top of the line so not sure what to think about that. Hard to ensure there’s no loops like that at night in the dark tho. I’ve tried other reels on this rod, GSB 1201M, and they’ve had no issues. Lowered to 30lb braid from 40 lb and had it spun on by a shop after I lost my favorite popper last week. The rest of the week went without a hitch. Hopefully this makes a difference. Love the durability and drag on this reel. It’s been dunked numerous times and dropped on rocks and sand with no issues so far. When I serviced it after the season last year I noticed some water intrusion in the anti-reverse clutch area. I wasn’t surprised or alarmed. Happens.
  9. Offer $50 for these.
  10. I’ve always liked the A40 and Jr version. Just came across one of his A-54’s and may like it even more than the other two! All the A40 derivations are versatile and his are easily tunable. Handle current well too.
  11. I'll take these.
  12. I’m too fishy for my car Too fishy for my car... Some fresh 2 oz darters to round out my stash. GTG for the season.
  13. Love that Tequila Sunrise crackle.
  14. Work the squids on top or as a slash/jerk/glide bait subsurface?
  15. Lot 3 please.