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  1. Bottom looks like a Rhode Island Popper.
  2. I’ll take #9 please.
  3. Barlow's Clam shack for fried fish or lobster roll with an ice cream has always been a good lunch spot for us.
  4. Sounds good. PM inbound.
  5. Blue needle is 2.0 oz and other two are 1.7 oz rigged. Pink has one pointer behind eye as shown. $95 shipped PP
  6. My family has owned a house in Eastham since the 70’s. There is a significant change in the recreational pursuits of people on the cape since 2015-ish. I haven’t been to Nauset beach in last 5 yrs when swimming isnt closed. I can no longer fish there due to the seals. Moving north to Marconi, Newcom, Ballston, Coast Guard and Head of the Meadow and I rarely see anyone in the water. I’m not familiar with beaches south of there but the prevailing sentiment where I am familiar is that the shark menace isn’t worth it.
  7. There is no longer any swimming on the ocean side due to the sharks. The bay side beaches are harder to gain access to now as the towns have locked them up for the residents. So now you have a tourist industry which has lost fishermen, ocean swimming and most of the bay swimming. Seal watchers are far and few between. People will go once but few return daily or even annually to see them. Now it’s just becoming a prestige vacation and that will end soon when there’s nothing to do there.
  8. It’s a mount for electronics which usually lengthens and adds a pivoting attachment plate OEM mounts.
  9. .
  10. Yeah, strange market right now. If I didn't have too many....
  11. Habs please.
  12. One of the greatest fishing spots in the Northeast, Great Point, is totally inaccessible due to the seals. I'm sure they generate more money from seal watchers than the fishermen who now don't visit the island at all due to the ruined fishery. Cape Cod has already lost a good portion of its surf casting visitors and now they're losing their beach goers due to the shark issue. I'm sure the locals are more than happy to see less tourists but it will affect their tourist related businesses. One of the fish they pirated from us last year was an Albie which realized its predicament and made an unbelievable run. When it stopped, it was dead. We presume its huge run gave it a heart attack. Reeled in as dead weight. Seals ignored it once it was dead. So now there are two seals floating on their backs snacking on two Albies, like they were ears of corn, which they had previously stole from us and another ignoring the dead fish on the end of our line. Awesome.
  13. I fish Nantucket for the first two weeks in October and they're really a menace. Just as you've described. I've had two showdowns with them on a dark beach. I'm not backing down. Have lost too many fish and plugs to these bandits.
  14. Bernzy please.
  15. So you were half correct. It is an early round LS69 needle. He verified this. Not his Game Changer offset needle like the black/orange needle I posted above.