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  1. They were all interchangeable for the most part.
  2. I'll take the darters.
  3. I'll take these.
  4. I see foxes almost every night I fish the south beaches from Smith Pt to Hither Hills.
  5. I stopped buying my beach pass. Not worth the cost for an out of towner. Grew up on south shore but only visit 3-4 weeks a year. My friends stopped buying their passes and they're still residents. Not certain which animal has screwed my fishing plans more, seals or plovers?
  6. My offer still stands.
  7. I’ll take em
  8. Very cool. Work great in freshwater.
  9. I like this combo. I’ll take em.
  10. I find it amazing that the common flu has not been attributed to a single death this year!! It saw the China Virus in town and it packed its bags and moved on. Year after year after year of steady impact on our elderly and suddenly it just moves on. It was really racking up steady numbers too! Anywhere from 35k to 80k deaths per year. Oh well. Maybe next year?
  11. If you split, offer $40 for the two darters. Thanks.
  12. Do you do feathers as well?
  13. I'm going to take a flyer on this reel. Hook me up!
  14. If you split, offer $30 for needle and rip stick.
  15. Them?