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  1. I’ll take these.
  2. If this fall apart, I will take them.
  3. I’ll take 5, 6, & 8.
  4. I’ll take #5, 9, &12 as long as #12 isn’t a green eye. if 12 is green, 13 or 14 will do if they’re both black eyed or red.
  5. I’ll take em
  6. Tight lines for all. Here’s hoping that this year’s rat pack will be next year’s schoolies and so on.. Thanks for the opportunity!!
  7. I’ll take em.
  8. End of the rainbow sale! I’ll take this lot if sale doesn’t transpire.
  9. The Tsunami Trophy 2’s are a great value rod. Good components, 70/30 split, and excellent choices to choose from. Penn Carnage 2’s are another good value rod. Excellent components and 50/50 split for travel. As mentioned, the Avid sale is hard to pass on.
  10. I own the Carnage 2 and Trevala and they’re both fine rods. Any of the options you’ve mentioned would be great. Go to a well equipped store and spend some time with them.
  11. I’ll take the lot.
  12. Will consider electric or manual models. Located in lower NY but willing to travel to Mid-NJ to Cape Cod for pick-up. Thanks
  13. Looks for a similarly configured Seaswirl. Better construction concerning the little things. Trim, hinges, hardware that won't rattle apart after a rough ride. The larger Bayliners ride terrible. Top-heavy.
  14. I'll back this up at asking price if no deal.
  15. I'm in for the Scabelly! Thanks for the chance and the donation!!