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  1. Depends on your size but I second the Big Rig. The Cuda HD I have is also very stable for me to stand and fish. I’m 5’10 185 so standing in yaks isn’t an issue most of the time but if you’re a bigger fellow then you need a wider boat like the Nucanoe or Hobie PA or Big Rig. Just depends on your flavor
  2. So looks like $20 shipping USPS Priority. How do you want to do the transaction?
  3. Let’s go USPS. I’m thinking Priority USPS. How much you think it weights?
  4. I can cover shipping if that’s easier. Either way I’m fine with
  5. Let me know and we can iron out the details
  6. Hey are you still good for the $140 price and split shipping? I don’t care about season being out been trying to get one of these covers. Shipping is to 27502
  7. I use a Visicarbon Pro for night fishing and while paddling out duck hunting. Works great and is also collapsible
  8. That’s a great deal for the Native Slayer. Was at the local shop the other day that carries Native $2200 after taxes. Not sure about the drive issues but for sure the bearings would need to be changed b/c of salt. I’d got one for that sale price just to flip in the spring
  9. Looking some places other than the boat ramp to put in sound side in Emerald Isle. Any places that are accessible?
  10. I’d like to know myself. Heading that way in March.
  11. I second the trailer too. Buying one this weekend for longer trips around the state and for the convenience after a long day fishing and paddling. I have a truck too but I don't really like doubling up kayaks in the bed when friends come along.
  12. I'd buy new too with warranty. I've seen a few guys, speaking from experience, have a broke drive after fooling around trying to race each other. one was an Outback and the other a 12ft PA. Great boats and worth the money if you can save.
  13. A buddy uses the Malone Seawings for his Outback