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  1. Huh, invented in RI. I thought they came from wooden casting chickens.
  2. Reel down so that your rod tip is pointing towards the water and the line is tight before you set the hook. You should be loading the rod on the hookset and keeping it bent the whole way up. Slack line = lost fish.
  3. Yes, I've had it in sushi restaurants and they call it engawa. The way I've seen it prepared is the chef lightly scores it with the knife and serves with soy/ponzu sauce, wasabi or lime zest. Different texture than the fluke filet, kind of like squid sashimi. It's considered a delicacy.
  4. If you want to keep it light try a Fuego 2500. Line capacity and drag should be more than adequate for your application.
  5. For Fluke I've started alternating drifts with bucktails tipped with Gulp and Z-man this year and haven't noticed a higher catch rate for Gulp. I slather some procure on the Z-man baits before each drift. The time saved replacing gulp that gets torn or pulled down the hook seems to offset any scent advantage.
  6. I'll take it for $250.
  7. Where in LI are you?
  8. I use the conventional version mainly for deep water fluke bucktailing 1- 4oz. I trimmed the tip a few inches for better action on heavier end of the range. I wouldn't say its "too heavy" for tog jigging, but I like a softer rod for tog.
  9. Appearance of security rather than actual security as always. At least they aren't making you take your shoes off at the DMV... yet.
  10. I have the 7'M, which is rated for up to 3/4 oz, and IMO good for up to 1 oz. I would think the MH is good for a bit more than that, but 2oz might be pushing it.
  11. To answer your question, no. However, I once did a kayak fishing trip out of Jupiter with a guide from Deep Blue Kayak Charters and would recommend it. They were using outbacks, the guide was helpful and I thought the price was reasonable. Not the same as a rental, but another option to get on the water without a boat.
  12. If you are going with the hi-low use a glass minnow style teaser on the top dropper loop. I’m not convinced it catches better than a bare hook, but the teaser “head” helps with quick release of shorts and robins which are usually more common than keepers.
  13. Try McCall in Cutchogue. They have a few Reds that might fit the bill.
  14. What reel did/would your pair it with?
  15. Mine was "delivered" to California. I'm in NY. Would be interesting to know how this scam works. Requested a refund from Amazon.