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  1. You sir are correct, a crappy design for sure. I’ve had nothing but problems with this FF.
  2. Hook2 5 - My transducer cable plug backs part way out of the unit resulting in no sonar reading. Anyone have ideas on how to keep the cable seated in the unit? I've tried cleaning both the cable end and the screen end but can't get it to stay.
  3. Return the questionable braid and take the reel to your local B&T to have it spooled professionally. It will cost you a little more initially, but the time and money you’ll save in dealing with wind knots will more than make up for it. If you are just starting out, any sources of user error that you can eliminate will shorten the learning curve and make fishing more enjoyable. I know it’s a PITA to spend extra money after you just dropped a bunch on your new gear, but I wish someone had given me this advise when I first started out.
  4. I actually kind of liked the episode I saw. On the other hand, they could just combine all of these shows into a half hour beard measuring contest and be done with it.
  5. I'll take it for $160.
  6. Ok thanks.
  7. What type of "electric grease" do you use on the transducer and power connections on the back of the display unit?
  8. Who’s they?
  9. Gave it a shot, no luck
  10. East end LI- Is end of May too late for nighttime squid jigging?
  11. Any suggestions on what brands of braid would have the least drag for fluke jigging?
  12. Accurist is a relatively cheap option and flippin switch is nice to have, but you can pop the thumb bar up with your thumb to engage the reel on pretty much any low profile baitcaster. I like the Daiwa Coastal better - smoother, light weight, big EVA knobs and doesn't get geary from saltwater use. They are readily available on auction sites for around $150 which is not that much more than an accurst + power handle.
  13. I wouldn't discount the value of being able to learn from other people's techniques and more importantly to understand why those strategies are successful for them. If you watch Skinner's videos and read his books they are much more about problem solving strategies and how to match tackle and technique to conditions. Same could be said for Buddha's and Elias' videos. On the water trial and error is a great way to learn, but if you can apply strategies learned from others you are more likely to be successful.