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  1. won't matter. the pedophile commies will just change the meaning of the term child pornography.
  2. let me make a prediction. The commies in NY/NJ will, all of a sudden, be pro "stop, question and frisk" at """random""". They won't target the thugs and parasites, just the law abiding gun owners making sure they are unable to defend themselves and their family during this DCW (dem crime wave) in their crime ridden chit holes.
  3. F that POS. Liberals are nation cancers.
  4. Police service and protection should be available and determined by political affiliation. If you are a commie then you get ugats. Conservative, full prompt service. I say get all cops out of these animal chit holes. Let these fecal beings destroy themselves. Simple. Hate cops, don't call them. Handle your own issues, hell, you either created them, helped create them or have been voting those parasites in who are the issues. Reap what you sow.
  5. yeah if you're the right color
  6. The regret, being able to carry and not doing so, would be great should the need arise. If this dem crime wave affecting the nation is any indication, it’s that you are more likely to be confronted with danger than ever before. There is no longer such a thing as anywhere where crime and violence can’t or wouldn’t happen. Vigilance and preparedness is paramount.
  7. I'd vote for Desantis over Trump. Plus I doubt the commies would allow Trump to continue with good health for long if he did run and especially if he won this time around. Hell if I was Trump I wouldn't run. The commies are going scorched Earth and this time they have nothing and everything to lose.
  8. CNN will never be what they were decades ago unless they burn the house down and rebuild from scratch. And even if they did, it would take another few years to establish a new name for themselves and gain public trust. They are beyond amputating the leg to save the body. Must be reborn.
  9. I'll bet he takes a prominent role in the WHO as a consultant or what not. No way he's going away until he's certain Trump is out of politics and Reps don't pose a threat to the liberal cartel.
  10. Eff him, he's a fecal human being. Good riddance once he's gone. The country will be a bit safer.
  11. As this thread points out, joggers are not inherently prone to assimilation into any society of any kind, not even the one's created by them. When the biggest danger to joggers are other joggers, when other black cultures despise blacks in America, you know there really is no hope. Now, there are really great people who happen to be black but an abnormally large portion are just not cut out for living amongst normal humans. What is the solution? I'm of the mindset that there is no solution. They are pushing and pushing to completely destroy, kill and control whatever they set their eyes on. For what end? They don't even know. They destroy and poison society because they can and our political system has been infected by them so they are protected. Until society finally tires of this and takes action, there exists no hope for anyone.
  12. the fact you even asked that question explains the overarching problem.
  13. we'll see soon enough if the commies have the goods or not. If they do, I say well done. If not, I say let the criminal investigations begin.
  14. So I did set it all up but didn't use it until a few days ago when my debit card wouldn't work at the register. Completely forgot the apple pay until the girl asked why I didn't use my watch. LOL...it worked eazy peazy and no drama. At this point I'm going to use it as the convenience is fantastic. I always have to open my wallet and search for a card out of a dozen taking time. Thanks guys.
  15. Ok, yeah I know. Get with the times, stop being an old fart, trust the system etc etc etc. So I've always been super suspicious and hesitant about using certain tech. Apple Pay was one that scared me right off the bat regardless of Apple's reassurances. Well now I'm revisiting since I embarrassed myself trying to buy stuff without a wallet. Yep forgot it in my jeans when I switched to cargoes and my wife had to pull out her wallet to pay while the cashier looked at me like I was a deadbeat, leach, bum, bastard having a woman pay for me. (ok maybe just me being self conscious) I've been reading a bit and understand the tech but just can't shake the doubtful gut feeling. Anyways, how many of you guys use it and do you like it? Do you feel safe or have you had questionable issues? Tips suggestions? thx
  16. yep, let's see how Brandon and his crackhead POS do when the Reps take over congress and the investigations start. I say 3am raids for everyone, Brandon, Hunter, Pelosi etc. Gloves are off.
  17. Then it's not all Trumpistas is it?
  18. Do you back Biden?
  19. agree with the premise. We need to make sure TS is not grooming folks like the MSM did with the George Floyd riots and killings. But as I stand before burning businesses, I can tell you this is just a peaceful protest.
  20. no amount of "evidence" would ever convince real Americans this wasn't a commie hit job. And yes, they would rise this being the ultimate catalyst.
  21. haha because the commies have and are doing such a bang up job thus far. riiiiiiight.
  22. I know no one here actually thought liberals were honestly for the little people, right? They will attack the middle class where they know they lack the funds and longevity of a prolonged court battle. The commies are going scorched Earth on the middle class before Reps take over. Liberalism is the cancer to cancer.
  23. From what I understand transactions having to do with existing fpid cards are all going through normally. It's just the first timers. What town is handing these out in 28 days?!?!?!?!?! Good for you guys. I normally have to wait 2-4 months
  24. The reason the commies are so emboldened is because Reps don't normally take the low road or do pay backs very well. I say leave the Christian ways for normal life...politics is GOT! Reps suck at it. We need to fight fire with fire, eye for an eye. If those running don't have the stomach for it then stay out of the game. Only after the commie parasites are obliterated can there be a return to normalcy in gov.
  25. Ok clarification on this. NEW fpid apps are on hold but address changes, lost cards etc are being processed normally.