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  1. ethnic purity priorites....you mean like Islamists? You're right every single Muslim country I've ever seen is just a huge melting pot of cultures, beliefs and freedoms. Lib Commies are just like the LGBTquack!@#$%^&& mentally ill folks, they riot for them yet fail to understand they would be the first to get tossed off a building. What galactic stupidity.
  2. just beaten? wonder how many of the females were raped or molested. Mother effing animals. I have a major bone to pick with Satan. He is definitely not pulling his own weight around here. There are way to many radical Islamists above hell. Eff him, we need to start force bussing terrorists his way. But I guess he's like all parasitical commie liberals, all talk until he actually needs to take a few hundred thousands of these animals.
  3. or a promise of a...wait for it...wait for it...life time appt to the SC. Can you imagine this incompetent psycho babble BSter as a SC judge...OR any judgeship of any kind?
  4. Should be the day of remembrance...that these folks are mentally ill and need help not encouragement. If anything, anyone supporting them has blood on their hands for falsely motivating and lying to them that this behavior is ok when it's not in any way shape or form.
  5. It's not just Hamas. It's Islam as a whole. At some point or another in history, most religions were terroristic and genocidal. Islam is probably the only one, in todays age, who refuses to assimilate and progress to civility and humanity. Instead they still practice slavery, religious sacrifice, pedophilia, barbaric, genocidal and terroristic actions toward any and all neighbors. It's true core is to kill infidels and take over the Earth.
  6. At some point there will be no more women or children to release and the animals will have to decide if giving up any more hostages is smart or safe for them. It's their only bargaining chip. Israel will have to make a very hard decision soon between atomizing the radical Islamist terrorists or allowing more Israelis to die. Either way I think all this is for not. Israel has proven to make weak decisions which always embolden the terrorists. Level the mother effing strip and NEVER give it back, UN, Brandon be damned. Hamas and the majority of Palestinians are terrorists and/or supporters and have lost the right to any 2 state solution as they have proven to be animals who cannot coexist with ANY nation, Jew or Islamic. Who the eff wants these people? Not even one single Islamist country will take them.
  7. smarter for sure! Just look at the UK, France, Germany etc. How is their cultural identity going? Down the fecal tube with all these immigrants who bring their neanderthal cultures instead of assimilating. Hell, look at the US.
  8. Corrupt, hypocritical elites displaying how it's done. Truly grotesque humans. What kind of people disown an innocent child to protect the debauchery of their POS crack head parasite son? Yeah, really great humans those Brandons. Especially that first lady, pure class eh?
  9. I really like this guy thus far. He knows that when a structure has that much rot and decay it’s best to simply use a wrecking ball and start anew. Unfortunately, my gut says the socialist/commies may have other plans for him.
  10. Good god. Hideous, just gross. She proves you can’t buy class.
  11. Rep Solution? here, answer ur own question. what happens to business leadership or sport team coaches when they fail to meet goals and expectations? Yep that simple. Buuuuut, a solution is NOT their goal. For if the issue was rectified it would diminish their “raysizm” agenda wouldn’t it. All these so called “leaders” are simply plantation agents making sure no slave/voter focuses on the open gate.
  12. No one more qualified than you to make that statement!
  13. Facts hurt though and it’s par for the course for socialist/authoritarians to insinuate stupidity when someone points them out. But you continue, Americans will will once again have to clean up and disinfect our nation from your parasitic policies.
  14. Yep, this has been the socialist/commie plan all along. This is how the parasites destroy the very fabric of America, illegal immigrant by illegal immigrant, Americans be damned.
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