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  1. as you suggest, anything else?
  2. I hear ya, and understand that. Just not a wise decision on his part.
  3. And it almost cost him his life. Loyalty and love misplaced. There is no way he can ever live a normal life there and think he'll be safe. It's just a pipe dream. DR is lawless, wholly corrupt and an extremely dangerous place. You truly live there at your own risk if you have anything that resembles money.
  4. I dont think it's the fact that he's Dominican that folks dont understand. It's the fact that being worth all that $$$ why in 7 hells would he go there.
  5. Yeah, i try to fish early or late whenever possible but unfortunately, lately work pretty much dictates when i can go out. guess i was extra touchy that day after being sick as a dog for a week and dying to get out there just to have deal with these heathens.
  6. And so it begins. The jet ski parasites and paddle boarders are in full force. How much stupidity does it take to paddle and jetski near a jetty where it is obvious there are multiple fishermen with lines in? Why in the world would you speed, trick and jump your jetski near fishermen? Today i could've (and probably should've) hooked 2 parasites buffooning very close to the jetty with their jetski. It's clear why folks hate and despise them. Most folks on the jetty were just looking asking themselves WTF is it with these idiots. I understand, share the beach, but for all that's good, you have entire center of the bloody inlet to do your monkey circus show. Where are the great whites when we need them. Ok, I'm done ranting.
  7. He knows he cant win. My thought is he's looking for a cabinet position should a Dem get elected. He's termed out in NY if I'm not mistaken so he needs to think next steps since he knows he can't even win a senate/house seat after what he's done to NY.
  8. This happened Sat, it was a full house on the jetty and everyone is casting straight out but this momo comes and casts at an angle near me. I'm like WTF?!? Most people are courteous and use common sense but there are the fair share that are novices who are just looking to get out there but perhaps don't have a person guiding them. Then you have the parasites that make you wish you weren't a good person. Hey, perhaps they need the spot/fish more than I do. Just not worth getting into an altercation now a days. I fish, obviously to catch, but mostly to relax, clear the mind of all the work hubbub and enjoy being on the beach. I hate crowds so I'll just move.
  9. I hear ya. I went out Sat after I sent the post. Paddled about 2 minutes and was already feeling light headed. Had to paddle back to shore before I got into any real trouble. The water was too cold to take it off and continue. I'm leaving the coffee can on for another few days if not, I'll just wait for it to warm up, screw it.
  10. Yeah I agree with KingHong on the neoprene neck. I bought a Level 6 dry top a size larger and the neck still felt like a boa constrictor. I did the coffee can 24hr stretch thing and still too tight. About to cut a few rings from it but yeah, my next top will be neoprene.
  11. I never worry about that. I simply put a sign on my Kayak that reads, "No Biting Zone". This makes it illegal and impossible for me to get bit!
  12. lol, if I didnt pick it up it would've been 5mph for the next 6 weeks. I'll see. I really want to get out and fish it as soon as possible. Will probably pick up a wet suit just to get at it asap. Also plan on doing the self rescue stuff unloaded then loaded, less the FF. thanks for that tip, didnt know.
  13. already pricing some out. thx
  14. holy cow, that's a lot of space, just enough for a hammock!
  15. thanks, really great deal and dealing with NiceBass was awesome as well.