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  1. Well, that's interesting. Going to look into it. thanks Dutch!
  2. sweet, sweeeeet! I gotta get back out.
  3. precisely my thoughts and concerns Pakalolo. In jetty scenarios, I'm leaning towards backbone and power.
  4. Guess we'll have to wait see.
  5. This was a complete farce and a show of how much damage to a country hate and TDS can make. Buckle up, the investigation into the origin of this abortion is well underway!
  6. they look great but out of my price range. thx
  7. Yeah, same with the Triumph i was using. Great feel on the bucktails but wasn't meant as a jetty rod and eventually gave in after i had no choice but to lift a keeper to a reachable height. I have the Airwave 9'6 3/4 - 3 and it's fantastic on everything i cast when surf fishing, wouldn't use it on the jetty to haul up anything substantial.
  8. Bob, what brand is this fsc1088 tried to search but couldnt find a brand. thx
  9. Nice one MasterD. Went out early this morning fishing the incoming but no hits. The water had tons of straw grass. Tried different levels on the water column but the lures came back full of crap each and every retrieve. Waves were strong and perfect for strikes but perhaps just too filthy. Will try again tonight if work allows.
  10. The ole' St. Croix Triumph surf, which i used as my jetty rod, has had it's last outing and it's time for a new jetty rod. Very interested to see what others use on jetty's. I need a rod with a good backbone as I don't always have a safe step down to the waters edge and sometimes need to heave a fish up a few rocks. I do carry a telescoping gaff but I don't want to gaff any fish I don't intend on keeping. I think this is what did my Triump in. It lacked the power to lift. At the same time, I use .5 to 1.5ounce bucktails and up to 3ounce bottles, swimmers etc. I was originally looking at: Mojo surf 9' 1-4 - wasn't sure if it had enough backbone to lift if i needed to Mojo surf 10'6 2-6 - liked the lure rating but not the length Tsunami Airwave Elite 9'3 3-5 - felt like it had plenty backbone but I think I would be giving up sensitivity an feel on a anything under 2ounces So i visited TD and a very knowledgeable gentleman steered me towards the Shimano Travela in 8" and the Daiwa Proteus. I really liked both but they were rated for smaller lures but he assured they both could handle SS 2 3/8 lures as long as i don't launch them as a surf rod. Wondering what others use and your thoughts and experiences. thx
  11. I don't walk the beach looking for trash but will always pickup on the walk back to the truck and anywhere around my truck. It really is stunning how inconsiderate and outright unworthy folks are of our beaches. Should have monitors walking the beach wearing steal toe, cowboy boots looking for these folks. Let them choose, a fine and a few hours community service cleaning the same beach or a kick in the crotch.
  12. I'm not fond of all of the art, some look bad a$$ and some should be completely redesigned but that is just a matter of taste and my opinion. Nonetheless, I think all LE, FD, EMT, etc vehicles should display some sort of American flag. It's to represent that they are there to service and protect America and it's communities NOT just an individual community of any one race, nationality or ideology. We are American BEFORE we are of a particular race, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation.
  13. Got my first one of the season Sat. A schoolie but it felt good to see the waters aren't barren. Now if work wouldn't keep interrupting me I could get back out there. enjoy guys!
  14. that's a lot of space for gear! I was going to say cooler and fuel, but it sounds like a full tank will handle most outings without issue. Great stuff guys. Congrats, enjoy and keep us updated as you go along.
  15. oh man I'm crying! awesome