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  1. From what I understand transactions having to do with existing fpid cards are all going through normally. It's just the first timers. What town is handing these out in 28 days?!?!?!?!?! Good for you guys. I normally have to wait 2-4 months
  2. The reason the commies are so emboldened is because Reps don't normally take the low road or do pay backs very well. I say leave the Christian ways for normal life...politics is GOT! Reps suck at it. We need to fight fire with fire, eye for an eye. If those running don't have the stomach for it then stay out of the game. Only after the commie parasites are obliterated can there be a return to normalcy in gov.
  3. Ok clarification on this. NEW fpid apps are on hold but address changes, lost cards etc are being processed normally.
  4. I concur with the hit theory. The commies will use this last hail mary as a final notice. I would not doubt they already have plans in place if this last attempt fails. The commies are so insanely scorned, they will not allow Trump to run in 24 no matter what measures are needed. Trump would undo every commie loony toon policy they conjured up and they cannot allow this to happen. Not only that but they know a Trump admin would step into office with gloves completely off. Justice, reparations and revenge will be the order of the second term. He and the Reps would, we can only hope, would know they only have 4 years to eviscerate all the commie policies and enemies. Hunter and Joe will face justice.
  5. So true. I just received my Florida non-resident carry permit renewal letter and app. So simple, I can do it all online and mail them the fingerprints, done. 8-10 weeks for processing but I've always received it before my current one expires. 0 hassles, ah, the American state of Florida, gotta love it.
  6. He sometimes forgets he's Prez. Effing Brandon the buffoon.
  7. 3? holy crap sounded like she was breaking the sound barrier. Amazing she's alive at all.
  8. toss them over said mega wall
  9. Communists can't, don't and won't ever build anything. They just consume and leech off every resource until it's gone. They would destroy their half and eventually beg to for aid. Parasites consume, never create.
  10. you're always going to have cops that are egotistical and untouchable. They get off on authority. That's what cameras and courts are for.
  11. WTF?!?!?! She looks and sounds like a man. Wonder if she's on testosterone therapy. In that case 2 issues. 1. isn't that an advantage while playing other women and 2. or she's not on T and she's a he... originally I mean. Or a hermaphrodite.
  12. area business owners should all chip in and pay his rent for a few month or two. He made sure those 2 thug POS won't try this again. hehe, well, how disrespectful of me. One won't be trying anything but a black suit and a casket.
  13. good question. I'm leaning towards going to an all in one range that does all in one day and you walk out with a complete verified packet. Gun For Hire is one such place. They will have the 1.5 pics too. I'm still waiting on 2 permits before I do the cc app. Let us know how you made out.
  14. awesome, just awesome!!! This made my day. More maggot food, MLM. Neighborhood a little safer today. Good stab, no mercy, good riddance.
  15. cool. I've been researching them all morning, lol. Would definitely be using Hornady. Thx