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  1. 0 sympathy. They gave none when deciding to molotov. Did they know a human could be harmed? of course they did. Let them fry. Throw them in the Sahara with no water. That is all these parasites deserve.
  2. why are these parasite still breathing our oxygen?
  3. I tip my hat to those millennials that came from hardship and overcame. They refused to play the race or entitlement card to pull ahead despite adversities. They said no to reckless and irresponsible sexual tendancies and said yes to education and pride in being government independent. They work hard, sacrifice and strive to better themselves and their families. They chose to raise their kids with the same ideals that they are not victims, they are not owed anything. They can accomplish anything but must sacrifice and work hard to earn it. Most others are a cancer on society.
  4. I assume this is sarcasm.
  5. Doesn't he look like a political prisoner begging for forgiveness knowing full well he did nothing wrong? Go ahead kneel, all those weak of mind, character, soul and 0 self respect. And these people go home to their families and pretend to be men.
  6. I hope someone in those neighborhoods still has a conscience, decent heart and morals...but I doubt it. Truth is not all black lives matter. Black people hurt, killed, black businesses destroyed and black on black crime continues. See their hypocrisy? Truth - "Some Black Lives Matter" Farce - "Black Lives Matter", "systemic racism", "antifa" etc.
  7. as the elections near we can expect the parasites to get crazier and expose more and more of their insanity. If this is what we have now, can you image when Trump wins another 4yrs? I think they will go full ******. I see more riots in Nov. We know they are the disease and all 2a American patriots are the cure.
  8. I would expect no less Maxie. Is this is your method of dodging his racism? Are you giving him a pass? If so, why?
  9. Twinkle toes Trudeau is an immature snowflake at best. A boy trying to play in a world of men. First shave off the beard, you lack the nuts and moxie for it. Second go on national live TV, get on both knees and beg for forgiveness for your white privilege cultural appropriations and black face racism. Simply stating it was wrong doesn't count. According to "the people" you must kneel and beg forgiveness. The rest of the world needs us more than we need them. Who cares what they think. DC? DC is one of the largest lib cities. Of course they would declare him unfit, they all have TDS. Russia and NK? I think you are wrong. But I did get your lefty point.
  10. they've gotten really bad in my neck of SJ. Nothing works well and shooting them off you with a .45 seems tempting.
  11. does it matter who is applying the brutality? just a yes or no pls.
  12. thx for the info.
  13. Funny, everything I read shows that cops shoot way more whites than blacks. Yet black on black deaths were at 7,407 for 2018.
  14. thank you Mrs.Schneider! May I use the bathroom pass? parasite
  15. "just saying". Children and idiots, "just say". Is this the best you can come up with? That I or others are outraged at black people saying they are tired of being abused, Kap and BLM? Kap is a POS and BLM are hypocrites. You insinuate, make assumptions and try to stain others characters with cheap racial shots. So allow me to return the favor, only I'll be factual. It's race card throwing POS, Dem leaders and race baiting cancers that are the cause of most of the black socioeconomic issues. It is due to the decades of failed welfare and handout policies to appease the masses vs incentivizing them to become govt independent. And me having a hard time convincing you that I'm not a racist...well thankfully, convincing you or your character approval is not a requisite to my happiness.