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  1. I can attest to this first hand. I work for a retailer and our company's payroll just increased another 9 million in the NYC area alone since January. This has led to organizational restructuring and it ***king sux. We now have stores with only 1 or 2 cashiers and 1 manager with no one on the sales floor to provide customer service unless the customer walks up to the registers to ask for help. And yes, they are looking to downsize the corporate and field offices in the next 2 months. So yes, these socialists are parasites and the cancer of the Earth.
  2. I'm betting it's a bit of a few things. dissatisfaction with salary Trump derangement syndrome hatred in his heart mostly because he's a racist
  3. Bloody marvelous idea Mark! for smaller bucktails perhaps a 20ga or .410 pouch? getting one and will let you guys know. thx Mark
  4. White man stages a hate crime by 2 black guys.....it was faked...Can you imagine the outrage and possible rioting especially if he got off with no jail time? Yeah...Smollett must do substantial time.
  5. And this is where you end up when you allow hatred and racism into your heart.
  6. Too expensive, a stone will do. It's customary there isn't it?
  7. There isn't any proof of this but, would absolutely NOT put it past them. They are both racist pushing the racism and social justice agenda. Lord knows they can't run on policy so what else can they run on?
  8. She needs to be made an example of. Everyone needs to be reminded that their actions have consequences and they may be held to account. Let her live her consequences to the fullest.
  9. people like her make me question my stance on late term abortions.
  10. The full power of law should be applied without mercy or leniency! This should be an example to other racists who wish to promote hatred and public discord. What a POS racist and hate mongerer.
  11. Hi all, I'm here tying a few more bucktails and thinking, is there a benefit to paining the open mouths red or leave it whatever color I power coated with? Tried doing a search but didn't find anything on the topic. Anyone have any thoughts, insight? Thanks in advance.
  12. There should be a law severely punishing those who make false claims, be it racism or rape. Funny how the racist socialists shoot their mouths off immediately when they think they can push a racist agenda but now they are choosing to, "withhold judgment until all the facts come out". What farce!
  13. Just like Rocks&Reds, I use John Skinners program. It's awesome and very affordable for all the features it does. and guess what, no damaged papers or ruined logs; all on your PC/Laptop. Super nice analytics too! This is hands down the way to go, you wont regret it!
  14. Great idea, will be trying this. thanks
  15. I don't have boat but I'm getting one for my beach buggy this season! Only saw 2 trucks had them on my beach last year. This should help keep socialists from parking too close to me, lol. If it works, I'll get a Maga Stormr jacketto have plenty of space on the jettys.