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  1. I used to live out in Centereach (many years ago) for many years. It was beautiful and a great place to raise kids, until the illegals and low lives started showing up and ruining it. I took on a huge financial burden and added 2 hours to my commute each way but it was worth it. Glad I sold when I did. Sister in law had 2 houses up there and last I knew, they had issues selling because they waited too long, neighborhood was shot. Not sure how it is now since it's been a long time now but I don't think it got any better with the infestation of MS13.
  2. Decided I am really never going to get a .40. Which is why I only own 9's and 45's. Bro wants these gone though. These are not reloads nor are damaged in any way. $300 pickup only. AC area, can meet if close by.
  3. Parts of Philly are worse than Yemen. Real shyteholes. Whenever I have to go through that hellhole I go early and leave as soon as possible. I say let those animals kill themselves, it's cheaper than having them cycle in and out of the justice system at our expense. It's a shame innocents are victims in these parasite havens.
  4. Another privileged elitist who lacks the courage of his convictions and like all Dems. Get an apt in the projects in some shytehole Dem controlled city and donate all of your wealth to those who you claim to be oppressed. Otherwise **** and give your wife your balls back, your 2 minutes a day are up.
  5. Don't need to produce anything friendo. These are terrorists and they have no rights or privileges. Stop the rockets or get sent back to the stone ages.....I mean wtf, they are already there practically.
  6. Gone too far? Are you absolutely insane or just obtuse? Your friends the Hamas pigs use citizens, women and their own children as shields!!! You have to be a special kind of animal to do that. Israel should level 10 buildings for every rocket the pigs fire. Make them important buildings, buildings they will miss. Coat the rockets with bacon grease! As a wise man once said, "Now, yooz can't leave".
  7. or as long as Hamas exists and terrorists are allowed to control countries.
  8. wow! serves me right, I should know better.
  9. BS, everyone knows the educational system in this country are rife with the cancerous brainwashing of the Socialists. Conservatives, hell, anyone who does not think alike, speaks out or has any thought that differs from their insane ideology is quickly cancelled, silenced and shunned. They are quickly made an example of. If you think for a second their grades would not be unjustly assigned in the negative, you are delusional. This is the case in all grades. At least in K-12 parents can speak out and make a fuss enough to occasionally make a difference. But don't kid yourselves, our children have been thrusted into a social/political war and are being used as pawns. The teachers unions are the greatest threat to our children as they have proven during this pandemic. Effing parasites.
  10. Is it? Does anyone here really think the kid toucher has any idea what he is doing? I'm wagering this is extremely possible. Everyone knows Joe doesn't inspire fear much less respect on the world stage. This is why everyone and their mother is testing him out so soon. Joey knows he's out of his league. He's a puppet and the parasitic left is glad such is the case. Haven't they been pushing their wacko socialist ideas right up his arse? I thought he was a moderate, lol. Guess not, besides at this point he must be glad someone is in the background guiding him on what to do. Sheeeeit, he's going to make Carter look like a genius. Do you think Grenel is completely out of the loop on such issues? I think not.
  11. What? And take out the purveyors of voters? No way the kid toucher ok's that.
  12. from one old clunt to younger one, meh, who cares. They're both parasites.