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  1. Any Albies showing up yet?
  2. What do you use to target Spanish?
  3. Creek chub are fun to catch. Used Trout Magnet lures. Never ate one.
  4. Last time, I saw little seed clams was on the beach at the tideline in Sea Girt circa 2007. I pick a random spot where the water was keeping the sand wet and scoop a handful of sand to find maybe a dozen baby clams that would dig back down when dropped on the beach,. They were about a little smaller than my pinkie nail.
  5. Yes. Sudsy filled me in on Bob's prowess as a fisherman.
  6. Went to a local baitshop in the Marina yesterday. I ask for Bob. Everyone points to the guy behind the counter. I tell him Sudsy says "your ugly and old". The guy gave me $3 off my purchase. Who knew?!!
  7. You didn't mention THAT to me! I woulda left the pier in the back and joined you out front sooner. I like to fish and gawk. Pretty much skunked on the pier. One kid said he got a few fluke. My third cast something grabbed my 5 inch gulp shad and pulled it off the hook. After that, nothing. I pulled out when the rain came in and all the Paddle boarders made a dash back to dry land. (crossing my line as they went). Fished about 6:30 to 8PM
  8. I was wondering if anyone has seen over time whether the conservation measures have made a difference in the quality/quantity of fish? Just curious. I don't work for gov or any conservations groups.
  9. Garfield?
  10. If I see anyone on the beach with a rig for raking sand fleas, I'd give 'em $1 for ten sand fleas.
  11. Cool! That should work!
  12. They seem to have big cheek meat muscles. Good for clamping down on things.
  13. I have a lot of Ryobi power tools, so I got a Ryobi air pump. They all use the same Ryobi battery pack, so I don't have to get another type of battery to clutter up the place. Wireless so I can maneuver around easily to any tire that is low.
  14. That's an easy tire fix with a $6 plug kit from any auto parts store, or Walmart.
  15. How many hours of fishing did it take to reach your limit?
  16. Sandfleas. Caught at the surfline.
  17. If your just doing a single trip. Just get a walmart clam rake. Don't forget to get spray for the biting flies and wear long sleeves this time of the year Out of state license is only for the biting fly summer months it seems.
  18. Whether it's the Jersey shore, Delaware, Maryland or Virginia, the salty surf is still about a 3 hours drive for me. At least with NJ, I get to visit my mom as part of the trip too, and check on a property or take care of my annual physical with the Veteran's Administration. Added bonus is I only need the salwater fishing registry. The other states require a saltwater fishing license. But with this covid thing, I would be limited to just fishing. Might try the AC area. Are the casinos open?
  19. Anyone see any kingfish in the surf?
  20. All the bait has been hauled up and ground, pressed for omega-3 fish oil capsules.
  21. Or has the water gotten too warm?
  22. Or maybe a Lamprey?
  23. I have not found much online content lately of people catching them. Maybe a couple in late November and then nada.
  24. Hearing of more Stargazers being caught.