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  1. Or maybe a Lamprey?
  2. I have not found much online content lately of people catching them. Maybe a couple in late November and then nada.
  3. Or has the water gotten too warm?
  4. Hearing of more Stargazers being caught.
  5. Without diverting to another controversial argument... It's like gun laws. Legistlate all you want, people will still shoot each other. Only the honest people will follow. The ciminals (poachers) will still try to make an easy buck by taking what they can as long as someone has money to pay. Russian sturgeon after the fall of the Soviet Union virtually went extinct as they were harvested to satisfy the US demand for caviar back in the Roaring 80s.
  6. No, I came from Virginia for possible run of Atlantic herring. Actually, I came up for an appointment at the VA hospital, to visit my mother, and manage my rental property. Fishing was #4 in the list, but took up most of the time.
  7. Monmouth County beaches and inlets - no herring. Sunday - Fished afternoon, late evening from the inlets and marinas. Next morning, fished the beaches, jetties and inlets. Nothing. If I had not had various appointments and fires to put out, I would have tried fishing piers on the North inside the hook. But had to do the 4 hour drive back to Virginia.
  8. Hit the Moco beaches 9 AM to 10:30 yesterday casting sabiki to see if there are any herring around. Half an hour on the surf, got nothing. Another hour off a jetty on the water and the inlet jetty was also fruitless. Called it quits at 10:30 just as the sun broke from the clouds. As I was walking back to the car, an old salt was getting ready to go casting. Introduced himself as Don, and that he did not recognize me from around here. I told him I grew up in Jersey, but miss the fishing and came up from Virginia. He showed me a little 3 inch, diamond jig he got in Panama City FLA, that he said just slays the Stripers. Got for $1.50 he said. Only saw one other guy on the rocks on the opposite side of the Jetty. He didn't look like he had much luck either. Lots of seabirds in the water. One hanging near me kept diving and popping up 50 yards from where he went in. Wanted to stay, but I had an appointment. Later, I wanted to get the sabiki in on some of the municipal piers along the seaside towns inside Sandy Hook Bay, but a contractor issue on one of my properties delayed me and soon it was time for the 4 hours drive back to Virginia. All in All, a good weekend.
  10. the usual Mirena on Sunday two fish Herring with Sabiki. Windy and really cold. I only stayed out there about 30 minutes, not a bite. * Set up my green fishing light in the water, and started casting. Lots of small bait hanging by the Light. But no bites. Fished from 5 to 7 p.m. I think we went and had dinner at a local pizza place. Resume fishing at 9 p.m. on the incoming tide. Tried fishing on the drawbridge, some guys came out and chased me away. They told me I couldn't fish there, unless I wanted to take a ride on the bridge when it goes up. I moved back to the * bulkhead, and set up my light again. Fish from 9:30 p.m. to 11. No bites.
  11. Seeing reports that herring are still around. Going up to NJ this weekend and will try for them on the Jersey side.
  12. ….unless, you wake up to some dude cuddling up to your back (with excited anticipation) as he whispers into your ear, "I can't believe your stupid husband is out fishing in this crap!"
  13. ….and the you realize 6 hours later, the dog is still sitting in the boat, in the rain!!!
  14. I swear I'm seeing the same fish posted over and over again with the same lures in it's mouth!
  15. What size sabiki? Little - dime sized Medium - Quarter sized Large - Tootsie roll sized Bigger? Did you use a flasher (half of a broken CD/DVD, or strip of aluminum pie plate?)