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  1. Hey

    Where to get good blintzes?
  2. Sorry, no links allowed.
  3. Where is Tommy's? And what is your go to order when you go there?
  4. This is a good resource: Here's where you can look at safe clamming areas:
  5. Have you made this before yourself?
  6. I miss Wonder Bread... from before the company closed down and then later gott bought up by ... a Mexican bakery conglomerate.... it was never the same after that. The texture of the crumb is not what I remember. Now my quick weekday lunches are made with Sunbeam bread. which I used to hate.
  7. Ha! When I lived in Georgia, I lamented on how everything down there was white bread dough made to look like a different bread... Baguette - Long skinny white bread Itallian bread - long fat white bread with seeds on top Bagel - white bread shaped like donut Pizza - flat white bread with sauce and cheese on top
  8. So is the egg meant as a teaser to attract a fish's attention through the murky water?
  9. I like the rye bread they serve at Harold's NY Deli in Edison NJ. The mile high pastrami sandwich serve three people. They have an all you can eat pickle bar that includes piles of fresh rye bread. You can order a loaf to go.
  10. Where to get the rye in Trenton?
  11. Yup! The vinegar works and about an hour of time to let it seep in, then just carefully work it. It's come out. I regularly replace Moen cartridges and have the puller tool. Don't know if the Moen puller would help your sink.
  12. What is a casting egg? And how is it used? I initially thought you meant large egg sinkers.
  13. Know what you mean! I had a 2 hour commute into the city on the NE Corridor and maybe 2.5 to 3 hours to get home. Did that for 10 years! (2 hours - 15 min to train station, 15 min waiting on the track, 55 minutes on train, 10 minutes to walk to bus stop, 20 minutes for bus to drop me off in front of the office).
  14. What is is Food Fling?