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  1. Just for sport, I've taken my herring rig and tossed it into a local freshwater creek. My sabiki got slammed by a big crappie on the first cast! Also bluegill will viciously attack them too! Was hoping some Yellow Perch would bite also, but have not seen them yet. btw... crappie are a delicious fish!
  2. I got skunked first week of March on the Jersey side. Might be up again end of March.
  3. So these inline vs. offset laws.... Do they apply to all fish? Or just stripers? I was about to tie a bunch of fluke rigs and was wondering if flounder hook were still legal?
  4. Just an FYI The Catfish and Carp guy on youtube did a whole show about heating up hooks and bending them and quenching them in oil, and water and did tests on the strength. As I recall, all methods that involved heat made the hooks brittle and they broke with hand-strength.
  5. Waiting to hear you you do! Hope you're better than my last trip!
  6. A guy out on the pier when I got there said he had been fishing for three days and got nothing. At least the wind died down, he added. He was tossing out clams and going into the car to warm up. When I saw the catfish bell on his rod start to jingle, I called him out. Turned out to be a crab. I was getting similar jiggles on my unattended rods. On day 1, he was going on one of the party boats and decided to fish the dock at the marina before boarding. Said he hooked onto a huge striper. As he was pulling it up, it broke off. Weather was cloudy, 32F. Looked like the sun wanted to come out, but some wind and clouds swept in. I was there as the tide was incoming and got nothing. Lost three flounder rigs. At 7:30 I moved over to the floating dock and fished there too. Got a snag and lost another flounder rig. When it started SNOWING, I gave up.
  7. Got skunked! Fish from 6 a.m. to 8:30 jigging for Herring and Flounder. No luck. Game warden stopped me and chitchated
  8. I'm going to give it a try tomorrow. Going to try bucktails, gulp, and gulp sandworms. Also going to throw out Sabiki rig and try to catch herring.
  9. Free bait?
  10. I got skunked on weekend of Feb 20th and 21st. I'm up in NJ again in a week or two. I'm going to give them another try while jigging flounder.
  11. Yea? Well, I'm driving all the way up from Virginia to crowd that spot now! And I'm bringing both, the DC and Virginia Chapters of the Loyal Order of Googans with me!
  12. Is this a spot burn!?
  13. Sooooo.... If the new plant only takes up 1/3rd of the real estate, a property developer will pay a politician for the zoning to make the other 2/3rds into valuable shore town condos! taxes go up. Win! Win! for everyone.
  14. Put the waste on a tuck that rolls around the country forever!
  15. NASA does seem to have a history of rockets blowing up on the launchpad, or shortly after launch.. Nt often, but does happen maybe once every 10 years or so, the ones that make it onto the news.