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  1. All of them probably just dump their spent fuel rods over the side... or sell it to Iran!
  2. The crab has been turned into a transgender zombie by a parasite that controls its mind. Castrator barnacles (Sacculina sp.) A Sacculina barnacle enters a host crab by finding a chink in its claw joints. The barnacle sheds its hard shell and squeezes itself in. At this point it looks more like a slug than a typical barnacle stuck to the underside of a boat. It then sets up home, leeching off the crab's nutrients and turning it into the vehicle that will allow it to reproduce. Once fully-grown, the barnacle looks more like a soft, pulsating egg yolk. If the crab is female, Sacculina forces it to care for the millions of barnacle larvae as if they were her own. But if the crab is male, it will be feminised in order to do the same thing. Not only is it rendered infertile, it grows a larger abdomen to carry the barnacle's young, its gonads shrink, and it stops developing its fighting claws.
  3. We have floating nuclear reactors in the US Navy. They are called Trident submarines. Their powerplants provide enough for the submarines operations. In event of humanitarian support for disasters, they can provide enough power to light up a small city. the article even states that the alleged floating reactors have a "capacity of 35 megawatts each, close to that of those used by nuclear icebreakers."
  4. True, the meat comes off following the strands of muscle. But it's very moist and tender, kinda like.....OK, it's kinda like scallop! But it does not taste like scallop. More of a texture thing. Very mild fish.
  5. Cumberland County. I don't think report was too specific for fear of spot burning.
  6. Was wondering how the crabs have been doing this year. Anyone been trapping/fishing them?
  7. I have a rental property and each spring, I inspect and let the hvac guy come in for maintenance. I noticed several walls in the unfinished basement that had salt and mineral deposits and at least one that was noticeably damp (stupid tenant never reported this!). Asked my hvac guy for his two cents and he said, "Looks like you have a clogged rain gutter and it's flowing under the eves into the wall and down your basement. We looked outside. It had just rained the night before. Sure enough, we see a big wad of leaves overhanging one side and water dripping along the exterior wall. We find similar on the other side. We also found the landscaper had hit one of the gutter drainpipes and dislodged the elbow that goes into the diverter. And we found a diverter that was put in backwards so that water splashed back toward the house! Inside the house I went upstairs and found that water was seeping thru the ceiling on one side in a closet ceiling - Again, tenant did not report! I flipped the concrete diverter the other way and put the elbow back in place. Had the HOA manager send someone to fix the gutters on the roof. Cleaned the mineral deposits with a rag and warm water and let it dry for a few days with a dehumidifier running. Seventy five percent of the problem was now solved. One wall still had water seeping from the cracks. Looking at the exterior, and adjacent neighbor has some kind of sump outlet that flows out near that area and had eroded the ground so there was only loose gravel exposed. I notified the HOA that they need to install a French drain there. In meantime, I mixed up a few cups of hydraulic cement (Got at the local hardware store for like $7 - stuff hardens in 10 minutes!) and sealed the seams between the bricks where the water was seeping in. Problem solved!
  8. "EVERY" local pier!!? Sounds crowded. I woulda thought I could drive around and find a spot where no one is at, hang a 1500 lumen battery operated LED work light and drop my jigs.
  9. Probably a few bits of cartilage was cut off and left behind when filleting? Cartilage is hard protein. Braising long enough and it turns gelatinous.
  10. Went out to Korean restaurant in Centerville last week and had braised skate wing for the first time - I've fried them before. Very tasty fish! braised in a spicy sauce. Fillet the top with a spoon or fork, then lift off the bone (which is really cartilage) and you have another fillet underneath! Does NOT taste like scallop.
  11. They are everywhere now! Get your monkey-smelling butt off the couch and go fishing now! Go! Go fish now! Gooooooo!
  12. Just wonder if Labor Day means a BREAK from fishing to some?
  13. I'll be up in NJ for a VA appointment first week in November. I figure I'll take a look on the Jersey side. If I don't see anything. I'll drive up to L.I. and check out the North Shore, I hear currents can be a little too fast in the south shore.
  14. I think I'll wait til the water temp drops to the mid 60s and try under the inlet bridges with an underwater LED light. Maybe late Oct/Nov?
  15. Aside from a MA saltwater fishing license, is there a separate license to fish squid from a pier or bridge? I may be up around Boston in the fall for a weekend. Looking for something to do in case I get bored.