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  1. All 4 for $25 shipped? If so, I can do that.
  2. Would you do $45 shipped?
  3. If still available, I will take them shipped for $50.
  4. Sounds good Konajon. Thanks.
  5. Actually, apologies, just saw the weights - going to pass. Def nice plugs; however, thought they were lighter.
  6. Would you do $50 shipped? If so, I'm game.
  7. IF Konajon doesn't take them - I would take 3 of them (one of each color) for $30 plus shipping. However, obviously priority to Konajon. Thanks.
  8. I will take this at asking.
  9. Hooked up!
  10. Yes, good for me.
  11. I will respectfully offer $100 for the lot.
  12. You aren't kidding - searching for the common sized SPROs is now comparable to mining for gold! haha...
  13. Hmmm...."everything" in my bag? :-)
  14. Forced hot air - obviously, it looks great; however, the worst for heating (and your wallet). We have it programmed to heat between 65 and 67 for the day; however, drops down to 62 at night.
  15. Yes, wishing a speedy recovery! Best to all of you.