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  1. Those are extremely pristine. Nice catch there! Paul
  2. I have a surf rod that I am going to deliver on Friday after that I will jump straight into the "Common Cents System" I do believe you are right I think that is a discontinued rod, I have really nothing from Mudhole other than it was "Fast Action." From Mudhole: FSP1367-4-MHX Skagit 525-600 Scandi 480-510 Overhead (outbound line) 10 WT. I will get my details to the build if you like. Guides from memory Strippers 20 16 12 Runners snake 10, 8's to a BFTL-5-5.0 tip (Stainless steel Black) When I was building this rod I build it mostly utilitarian, EVA foam fore and rear. Lengthen the foregrip foam between the reel seat using cocobolo to get a more natural overhand cast placement. Having read your last post I am definitely as twisted in this TH setups as you are. I appreciate your thoughts and effort on this more than you know. Paul
  3. RedGreen I am in a very similar situation. Shortly after Thanksgiving built the FSP 1368-4MHX. This was purpose built for TH in the surf for my Christmas run. In TH application I am finding that a 10 wt outbound as suggested is to light to load the rod. I have since thrown a Rio Skagit Chunker 580 Grain? which I believe is still to light. I need to learn more about the scientific side of things. But I am starting to think it might take into the 700-800 grain. Hopefully I can get this dialed in sooner than later. Paul
  4. Short on time but me thinks "Tungsten leaders" with loop connections. I hope this helps, and you have a great day. Paul
  5. Again thanks for everyone's responses. FishHawk II, I agree with you're comments...........transformer on the way. We will see I ordered overseas and save a few $$. Thanks again. Paul / Dallas TX
  6. I can see that but it sure looks like Fred G's Aunt Ester. "Fred you crazier than a fish eyed fool!" Paul / Dallas TX
  7. That would get your attention! Paul / Dallas TX
  8. Yes Sir, he was nuzzled up at the base of the dunes one morning after a light rain. We were fishing a 3 day tournament and we woke around 0600 my bud grab the proverbial newspaper to head over the dunes. About 60 seconds later he is back, the answer was " it can wait!" Random fishing images. Paul / Dallas TX
  9. You know I am sure there is. I am still looking but I sure am leaning on the Stonfo Transformer. Really is a nice machined unit and well thought out. Fits the bill with room to experiment down the road. Again thanks for your input and time! Paul / Dallas TX
  10. Gentlemen, Thank you for your time and consideration these are the exact responses I needed. I appreciate it. Paul / Dallas TX.
  11. Will not be tying any smalls (freshwater) only salt/surf. Can you enlighten me why not start with this vise? I appreciate your thoughts. Paul / Dallas TX.
  12. Was not aware that posting link to the OPs question was not savy..........read quidelines before Mod's nicked it.
  13. Thanks justcameslabdaddy, because of you and your shrimp I signed up to SOL! F.Y.I I should have done it > 10 ago years. Scrimps are awesome...............I have googleyed "Stonefish Craft store ribbon 100 o/o nylon " and got nowhere. Simply outstanding! Paul / Dallas TX