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  1. I like my High n Dry bootfoot neoprene waders. They are comfortable and durable and you have a choice of 800 or 1500 gram thinsulate boots. They also have breathable bootfoots . My buddy has a pair and loves them. They started out as commercial shell fishermen and seems to build waders that are durable and functional. I use them happily for steelhead in the coldest temps. My buddy uses his breathables in all temps.
  2. Are the Robert's Rangers for sale separately? I would be interested in those. Thank you
  3. I have only had these waders for a little over a year. All I can say is that they are warm in the coldest conditions and seem ruggedly made with an interesting reinforced front and very warm and substantial boots. Before I found them, I went 2 years without neoprene bootfoot waders and I tried many combinations of clothing under my stocking foot waders, but I was never as warm as I am in the neoprene bootfoots. I bought the 15 talls. My buddy bought size 10 stout. Both fit as we hoped and expected and both of us ordered our actual shoe size. not sure where they are made but the company story was interesting to me. I also bought some of their base layer stuff. They are fine for fall and early spring but not winter. https://www.hndoutdoors.com/about-2/
  4. I’m a steelhead and striper guy with big(15) feet. Waders are an issue. I go the cheap stocking foot route for my warm to cool water fishing and repair or replace them as needed. However, mid winter steelhead fishing for me requires neoprene bootfoot waders. I found a company called High N Dry. They offer breathable or neoprene bootfoot waders with a choice of 800 or 1500 gram thinsulate boots. My buddy got the breathables and I got the neoprene. We both are very happy. Company’s story is that they are developed for and by commercial shellfishermen.
  5. Believe it or not, I have had success repairing stocking foot boot leaks with Flex Seal. I turn them inside out, hang them up and spray them. It is a little messy, but after spraying them they finished the season without leaking. I have also successfully used Flex Tape for pin holes. Again I tape the inside of the waders. What can I say, I like info mercials.
  6. I’m sure you know this, but just be aware of the added fees. Sometimes it’s as much as 1-2 grand at the used car dealers. Even the dealerships that claim no fees have them in some form or another. For example, we just bought a certified used car for our daughter. On the contract after the settled price was a 750 dollar LOJAC fee and 250 for window scribing serial numbers. On a used car. Somehow I don’t think they added that after it came off lease. In addition, LOJAC? I was waiting to be charged extra for the 8 track player they were going to add. I liked the place we bought our last used car, but it was on Staten Island. It’s US Auto Network or believe it or not cheapcars4sale.com . It looks scary when you get there, but all the prices online are exactly what you pay and there are no fees. We bought my daughters last car there and when she totaled it( daughters) after 3 years we got more than we paid for it from insurance. We didn’t go back because they had low inventory and we needed to get a car so now we have LOJAC. Good luck
  7. I do wear a base layer for wicking and I am comfortable. I can say I have never been cold in my neoprenes up there-from the chest down anyway. I have 2 pair of Cabela's wading pants and I like them both. I have had one for quite awhile-they are much thinner than the current version and are my go to under the neoprenes- they keep me dry and are all I need under the neoprenes. The recent purchase is much thicker, but not too bulky. I have also purchased a base layer and wading pant from High-n-Dry recently. I like the base layer. I wanted to love the 2nd layer, but I just don't think they are warm enough when its really cold. I will wear them in the spring under my stocking foots because they are comfortable. The H-n-D base layer is super thin. I have worn them in addition to the fleece pants. They are comfortable, but I don't notice any change in my comfort level. I am considering a wader purchase from High-n-Dry. They have neoprenes and a "breathable" bootfoot wader that they carry up to size 15. The boots are offered in 800 and 1500 gram thinsulate which may serve us well in Pulaski. They were out of 15's in the breathables or I would have pulled the trigger. Interesting company-commercial shell fishermen that needed specific gear.
  8. It is one of my favorites. I like it in the bone and bone silver. Been good to me out front. I add an O ring to help with the TA clip.
  9. As a long time Salmon River steelheader who is also getting older, I really appreciate this post. When I first started bootfoot neoprenes were the only way to keep warm and I have worn them almost exclusively during the winter months. Recently, with mobility in mind, my buddy and I made the move to stocking foot and after two winter trips I am really cold and uncomfortable in them. In fact, during the second trip I went back to my bootfoot neoprenes and the difference was significant. I tried an additional layer under the breathables and that helped, but the warmth of the bootfoot neoprenes up there, for me, can’t be matched. I usually get to go up there once a month from December to May so I am going to continue to wear my neoprenes in the coldest conditions while I work to improve my breathable set up. My feet are 15’s which complicates things as there is no going up in size for more room. I appreciate the info. Thanks.
  10. I love the President. I’ve had both reels. I’m a steelhead guy and that’s where I used both reels. President excelled in cold, really cold conditions. Took a beating and held up well. Drags and anti reverse failed in cold weather on the Sedona. My two cents.
  11. Wow. That is something. I looked in March. I couldn’t get a discount and 0%, it was either or, but the price never got that low. If you don’t mind me asking, what area are you located in? I’m in Jersey.
  12. I would like to respectfully offer 80.
  13. If the last deal fell through, I will take the rod for 75 if that is the price. Thank you.
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