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  1. west coast fishing. looking at getting one of the two in the 9' or 10' or in between. which one is better or better buy. would likely use as a bait rod and throwing 2-3oz. weights for stripers but would also like to use to throw lures 1/2-1oz from the shore. would be using with a bg 3000. other recommendations welcomed within the price range of these two, would rather buy once and cry once. thanks.
  2. So TD said my replacement rod is out of stock from Penn and can they replace my original order with a St. Croix MSC110MHMF2 Mojo Surf Casting Rod, no additional fees. Is this a good trade off? How does the the st croix replacement compare to the carnage II? Thanks
  3. The odd thing is I didn’t see any cracked, chipped, or damaged glue/clear hardener on the guide feet. I would assumed if it was bent with force, there would be some kind of damage at the guide feet. Will be waiting for a replacement. Hope it doesn’t take too long.
  4. Thanks. Yes mine looked more bent. It’s been returned.
  5. No problem, and yes it was packaged exactly like in the video and will be shipped back exactly as packaged. Shipping was super quick, I got the tracking email on Saturday morning and the rod shipped across the US to me on monday morning at 10am. “Matt” quickly replied to my email about the possible defect with a return label. I was looking forward to using it too, especially after a month of waiting, but I guess I’m going to have to wait longer. Good things come to those who wait! Thanks for the reply.
  6. Returning it today. Thanks
  7. Just got my penn carnage II 11’ surf casting rod from tackledirect, does this look normal? The lower guides looks too bent forward to me. The rod was in a plastic wrap with bubble wrap at both ends and shipped in a hard cardboard tube. There does not appear to be any signs of forcible pressure on the guides as the feet of the guides are not cracked or have paint chipping. Thanks
  8. Yes and in plastic bag with bubble wrap on both ends. I emailed and received a reply from “Matt” at tackledirect, with a return label, but was told they would have to order a new one again. I’m guessing I’ll have to wait another month to get a replacement, as they had to order this one. Just wanted some input before sending it back. Thanks all!
  9. Yes and in plastic bag with bubble wrap on both ends.
  10. I was looking but wasn’t able to find any paint chips or cracks on the guide feet. I figured if it was bent then there would be some kind of pressure point where it bent but wasn’t able to find one. I also didn’t want to try to bend it back as I didn’t want to damage the guide feet and “glue” (not sure what you call the clear hardener).
  11. Ordered from tackledirect on 1/5/19 and just got it today. Penn carnage II 11’ surf casting rod. Upon inspection, I noticed the lower two guides (before and after the break) looked too bent/leaned forward. The rest looked “normal/straighter”. Is this normal or a did I get a defect? See pics. Anyone have the same rods and can chime in? Thanks.
  12. Thanks for the recommendations. Yea Avets are great but I’m pretty sure it’s out of my budget. Leaning towards the lefty fathom 2 levelwind in the 15 or 20 size. Anyone have experience with these. I’ll be satisfied if they can reach out to 100yrds on my carnage 2 11”. Theses are going under $200 on eBay.
  13. Right hand but learned fishing using spinning reels with my left. So using my right to crank and left to hold the rod feels awkward. All my baitcasters are lefties.
  14. New west coast member here. I’ve searched on this website and other internet links, but nothing really popping out to me. I have a 11’ penn carnage 2 surf casting rod on the way and was looking for a matching left hand retrieve conventional reel. This will be a bait rod throwing 3-5oz lead, targeting stripers and possibly sturgeon from the banks/shore. I was was looking for something under $300. I have an abu 6601c4 and it works great for me after replacing the bearings with orange Bocas. I also have a 6601 c3 that I removed the levelwind but have yet to use, also has orange bocas. manually guiding the line will be a challenge. I’ve used nonlevelwind reels twice only, they were right hand retrieve, which felt weird since I grew up using spinning reels. Therefore all my baitcast reels are lefties. I will most likely used these two at first until I get more feedback or do more research on one to match my rod. I was considering the penn fathom 2, Penn Fathom Lever Drag, and penn squall. Even looked at the Avets, if it’s a better investment. Let me know, Looking to pick your knowledge. Thanks.