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  1. I just purchased the Vibe Sea Ghost 130. My first fishing kayak. The price was perfect for my budget, came with the paddle as well. All the reviews iv read have been great. I am sure a hobie would be incredible as well it is just well beyond my price range at the moment. I do wish they had the brighter colors in stock, so ended up going with the camo one which i know is not ideal for visibility. I do plan on purchasing a nice big orange flag, and will also have to research some other ways in which i can make myself known. Iv been getting a ton of info off of this forum, its absolutely incredible. Safety first. Then tight lines!
  2. I have heard only great things about this kayak. Did you end up purchasing one ? Id like to hear what you think about it. I just bought one and am waiting for it to arrive!
  3. Has anyone ever had any luck (trying not to be too specific) with any ponds in plymouth ma ? looking to fish lures. but have anyone ever had any luck with worms in these southshore ponds ??
  4. thats my sons due date!! hoping i catch one around then as well!
  5. When your fishing for blues, do you use a steel leader ? i hear their teeth can snap lines. i want to hook up on some blues this year for sure!
  6. Awesome, thanks for all of the info guys. I will definitely give eels a go. Can't wait till it warms up!
  7. I live in Quincy.
  8. Hey guys, Iv been trying to find information on where to get live eels. Everyone always talks about how amazing they are for striper fishing, i definitely want to give it a shot. Are there any tackle shops in the south shore that would have live eels, or even the north shore ? Im definitely willing to travel.. Or are these something you need to catch yourself ? and IF so... Does anyone have any tips on catching eels ? tide, what to look for, bait, would i dig for them or set out traps.. are traps legal? i would prefer just to buy them but i guess that would also depend how expensive they are.. Any advice would be great. Thanks guys.
  9. Iv heard it gets pretty hairy, l will probably stick to mostly yaking boston harbor
  10. thanks for the feedback. Never been to the canal so just doing some research.
  11. Right on thanks! Iv never been to the canal, so just looking for some info. I plan on giving the canal a shot once or twice this year. New to new england so just doing some research.
  12. does anyone ever fish from a kayak in the canal ? or see anyone doing it ? is it frowned upon? i know some people get very sensitive about the canal haha..
  13. Very nice trout! I gatta get on some of that. delicious.
  14. I need to get on some fish! thinking of trying some spots in the next week. Anyone have any recommendations on tackle for holdovers ?
  15. hows the trout fishing been lately, anyone getting on any ?