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  1. Good day on the water. some nice scup there too!
  2. The ref's need to check their voicemails..
  3. does the black seabass bite have a small window ? or is it decent until fall ?
  4. Super windy this weekend, 30 fish for the day is great, especially in that wind!
  5. Can anyone recommend a good tackle shop here in Quincy??? I found one online and it wasnt even there anymore..
  6. Wen't out again, different spot caught two, 22" and 24" on an SP!
  7. Thank you for the tips. If we end up fishing this week i will keep you posted with the report! It is indeed. but don't judge a book by its cover.
  8. oh please.. if you can tell where i am by looking at the photos then you have already fished this body of water. I didn't name which specific place i was fishing and i didn't specify where on this body of water i was. Can a man not get excited and post about his fish anymore ?
  9. Im going up there this week, May 23rd. I mentioned I go up there in July every year for a week with family, i usually do well catching smallies.. however my question is if anyone has any experience catching salmon or lakers from shore in may, i was looking for some tips...
  10. Had the day off and got up early to catch some fish! This was my first time fishing saltwater on the East Coast and ended up landing 5 stripers! My first time catching striped bass and now I'm hooked! Saw some Osprey catching some fish as well. All in all incredible morning so decided to share with you all!
  11. 140 views but of no one willing to share some tips ? or 140 views of people looking for the same answers haha
  12. Hey all, I will be helping a family member fix a few things up at their lake house at the Weirs next week, so my father and law and i decided we would give some fishing a go. We usually fish the area in july and have success fishing with live worms catching TOO many rock bass and some fun smallies. Question 1.. Will it be too late in the season to catch Trout or salmon from shore or docks? We don't have a boat and but would love to get on some trout or salmon. If they will still be biting, or in that area what is the bait of choice? should we just go with worms and shiny lures ? question 2.. will the bass be around yet ? Im sure it depends on the water temp. I dont wanna spot burn anyone but if anyone can give us some tips we would greatly appreciate it! if you don't feel comfortable writing back in this thread feel free to shoot me a message! Thank you in advance for the feedback!
  13. does anyone know when fluke fishing for 2019 starts, and what the regulations are? cant seem to find anything for 2019.
  14. Does anyone have any experience fishing weir river or bound brook in Scituate ? iv been scoping it out via google maps and it looks like both run through behind peoples backyards.. does anyone have any pointers on places to park, side of the road or particular parking lots they use ? if you can DM i would really appreciate it. I just don't wanna step any anyone's toes and plow through peoples backyards haha. I'm not asking for anyone's specific fishing spots either, just looking for some friendly advice before I make the attempt. Also does anyone have an success with spinners or lures in these waters ? Appreciate all the advice iv been given so far, this forum is phenomenal!
  15. Hey, How did last year work out for you with finding good yak launching spots ? This will be my first year out there.