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  1. In general, what is considered to be thick enough Ice to fish? I may try to get into Ice fishing for the first time this year.
  2. Should be a big day for the Pats! I think Brady is going to play better in the cold then Mahomes. Plus I love the experience he has over a young quarterback. I am predicting a foot of snow and a Pats 31-28 win! Book your tickets to Atlanta!
  3. I have trouble mostly with lighter lures which obviously makes sense on windy days. I mostly would fish various SP minnows, would it be better to focus on the weight of the lure in general? It sounds like others who responded like the idea of using a heavy lure. I appreciate your response!
  4. Hi Guys! As you can probably tell, I am very new to this site. I love stripper fishing and I am happy I found this community! One thing I have I trouble with is fishing offshore in windy conditions. For example, I fish in a lot of marshes and notice I can't get the correct action on some lures in these conditions. What is the best way to combat the wind and be more effective on these days? I could use a heavy lure or even bottom fish. Just curious what other's do to fish on windy days.
  5. I recently started using PP braid last year and love it. Honestly, it is really a great value for the price and I would continue using it in the future.