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  1. I'll take the girl for sure. I guess she's a homewrecker, but she's adorable. Apparently Daiwa has changed their sizing. That was a '20000' size Saltiga. Guess I'm waiting for them to make an 8000 CertateLT.
  2. I'm not aware of anyone who is anti-Trump that the president speaks about in glowing terms. Bernie Sanders is a Jew, yet he has rabid anti-Semites on his team like "The Squad" there a more anti-Semitic/Anti-American group of politicians in our Congress right now? I don't think so. So he said what? That he thought Jews who voted for America/Israel-hating politicians were stupid? I don't know, what did he say? If that's the tenor you're attacking him for, I don't agree with you. For my part, I'm sick to death of Democrats saying that Not voting for Democrats is voting against my interest. I'm old enough and seen enough of politics to despise Democrats. Yes, I said despise.
  3. Democrats...
  4. Actually, it was the Israeli people themselves who called the president "The Chosen One". In fact, I believe they even named a town in Israel after president Trump. That quite an "anti-Semite".
  5. I sent $20 to the Mikeflynndefensefund when I heard it on Mark Levine a year ago...Hope all of the Mueller ill gotten gains are reversed.
  6. Your COLORING Book you mean...right? Roosevelt asked the Russians for help IIRC, Trump made a joke, regarding 0bama, the DNC and Hillary Clinton's base corruption satirically asking Russia for help finding Clinton's 33,000 deleted State Emails. This is the Communist you plan to vote for...He honeymooned in Soviet Moscow. The difference between us is that I don't need to explain my support for Donald Trump.
  7. It truly is bizarre. The Democrats now want to call ONLY the witnesses They want in the Senate trial. They want to move to exclude such witnesses as The Whistleblower Adam Schiff Hunter Biden Joe Biden Chris Heinz...they expect only witnesses that could potentially damage the President to be allowed to testify. Yeah, they're off the rails and the media is playing along, just like it always does.
  8. Joe Manchin is a probable vote for acquittal, so there's a good chance you're right. That would make the votes Against impeachment in the House...and For Acquittal in the Senate, the only bipartisanship exhibited during this whole Democrat fiasco.
  9. Okay, So now Bernie is leading in Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada. He's a Communist and his campaign staff is populated by Anarcho-Communists with connections to Antifa. Now that the mask has been dropped and the seal broken on the idea of Gulags for Republicans, are the Leftist Democrats here on SOL going to lie about it, deny it, disavow it? How does Bernie triangulate as the Democrat nominee and stand on the stage opposite Donald Trump?
  10. That's what they've always thought...They hate America. They hate Americans. They think Veterans are rubes. They are the acid that corrodes America from within. That's the Democrat Party. Don Lemon is the typical Democrat, showing us all what they've thought of Republicans since before we were born.
  11. Sounds just stupid enough to come from a Democrat. Yeah, the sham impeachment that was passed on a partisan vote, then tabled by St. Nancy for 33 days because it was "so urgent"? How about this: You keep voting to Rat**** the Republic and I'll keep voting Republican. Hopefully, the booming economy and the fact that Trump is making America wealthy and safe again will Trump the America-hating Democrats and their propagandists in the MSM and we wont have to worry about going to war here in the homeland. You're a "Bernie bro", right? Avoid Americans with your BS.
  12. Or, just panic. Your choice. Let me panicked during the "Ebola Crisis", didn't you...
  13. Ironically, John Bolton(uber-conservative) is going to make millions selling his book to Socialist. Just like Comey, just like Omarosa. If Democrats(by Democrats, I meant Democrat Voters) weren't so stupid, We'd be much better off as a nation.
  14. I have The Surfcaster Ultimate bag. It's not what you're looking for(WAY BIG), but if the small bag is built to the same standards, it's a no brainer. I have two hard seasons on mine and it's been impervious to everything. You'll probably have that bag for the next decade. I'm considering getting the medium Surfcaster now, as far as the brand goes, they're solid.
  15. Bondi pretty much sank the Democrat's Schiff of Fools. If uncovering the Burisma corruption and the Bidens wasn't in the national interest, why were ABC, WAPO, The NYTs and the 0bama State Dept. so concerned with it? Hunter was collecting $83,333 a month from Burisma Holdings from May, 2014, to May 2019...that's $5 million dollars for being Joe Biden's son.