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  1. Yeah, if I get the shot, it's going to be the J&J I think, because it more of a traditional vaccine. I have to do more research on the J&J though, still don't know enough to make an informed decision.
  2. Twist them off. 90% of the time, it works every time.
  3. Thank God we gave birth to this perfect generation of idiots. "Now I know why tigers eat their young."
  4. Well China isn't going to become a superpower without our help are they? Now Iran gets to produce vax, North Korea gets to produce vax"...and You get a vax and You get a vax and You get a vax...", all courtesy of the American taxpayers, whom the rest of the world will continue to resent. Maybe the biggest threat to the planet is the Democrat party.
  5. Please don't feed the trolls. You would let a tick continue to gorge itself if you found one attached to you. You wouldn't offer up your arm to a nest of mosquitoes, so why allow this tapeworm to feed off of you FA?
  6. At what point are we going to accept that the federal government doesn't work for us, we work for them?
  7. "anti-American communists that wish to partake in the destruction of western civilization." FIFY
  8. They believe the country of Wakanda is real. They think they're going to mine "Vibranium" and cure cancer. The most ill-prepared group of people to ever attempt something like this. I give it a month before the first murder.
  9. Just got one Saturday and fished it Sat/Sun. I haven't hooked anything on it yet but I like it.
  10. I think this girl's death can only be reconciled by mass riots and looting in all the major cities. Surely there are "teens" somewhere who don't already have a big screen TV and a dozen pairs of Nikes.
  11. Cities mean schools and hospitals, fire departments I'm thinking they are saying "city", but the mean an encampment. They won't have any running water and only the electricity they bring with them...So Deer Camp. I wonder how they plan to feed themselves. I guess they're banking on donations from "woke" White leftists, just like the Chazistanis.
  12. I made it to the end trying to figure out what language you were using. May as well have been Chinese, because I didn't understand a word of it. I'm going to reread it a few times and see if it penetrates my brainpan.
  13. I watched the whole thing and wanted a massage after.
  14. Yet here you are preaching.
  15. I have a reel that needs topping off and this seems like a way to go since the splice wouldn't be cast, what I want to know is, am I wrapping the lighter line around the heavier line on both ends? That would make sense, right? Also, I'm using MaxCuatro, should I do PRs instead of FGs on the splices?