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  1. Sometimes I really hate what the Internet does to people.
  2. Got all mine on the 'zon on sale. I have three Slammers. Paid $145 for the 4500, $160 for the 5500 and $175 for the 6500HS on sale. They go on sale periodically. Check the auction site as well, I just went there and typed Penn Slammer into the Bay search bar and found a 5500 for $194 with free shipping. Why don't you go over and offer $175? I'll bet they sell you one.
  3. just...... Mike.
  4. I have the Slammer 5500. It's been perfect for 2 seasons. Get that, or the Spheros. Both are better reels than the BG or the Saltist. Both can be had for under $200. You can't beat the smooth drag on the Slammer.
  5. I'm sort of thinking along those lines as well. If all the cool kids are running Certates, I don't want to miss out on the coolness. But Scooby threw a monkey in the wrench with that BallisticLT. IIRC, the Ballistic is red, so it would match and as we all know, that's the second kind of cool. I just saw that I can preorder the Certate5k, so I don't have to wait to pull the trigger on it now.(just the reel itself) Scooby, we all hang on your advisement're the Tackle Advisor...advise.
  6. If I waited till the end of July, is the Certate 5K the way to go? I pawed a Ballistic LT at a counter once...felt very light. Now I have to ask...which BallisticLT and can I ask about the Slammer 3500 without sounding like a fan boy looking for justification for owning 8 Penn reels? (Also 2 Daiwa BGs an Epixor 30, and a Nasci) Or should I just wait for the Certate 5K?
  7. So what reel do you recommend I put on my 8' Avid Surf instead of my 4500 Slammer? Exsence? Certate? Stella?
  8. That's every trip for me. I grew up by the shore, now live by the Delaware Water Gap. I drive for work, so I keep my stuff in the truck. It means I get to fish all over the NE, but it also means having a two, to five hour drive home every time I fish. I'll run down to MO Co sometimes, but probably fished more days last year in RI than NJ. That's a 4 hour drive home, after a days work and an evening/nights fishing. RedBulls and rumble strips have kept me alive so far.
  9. He's shown us all what's possible.
  10. Actually there were separate incidents in 1916 in Beach Haven, Spring Lake and Matawan Creek. The Matawan Creek attacks were thought to be a bull ahark, but the others were attributed to great whites. They caught one with a human leg in his stomach.
  11. Kil, you have one of the best Jobs in the world...I guess you know that though.
  12. I have the MS106MHMF2 and I'm on my third top half. The 1st one snapped on my first cast. The 2nd top Exploded second time out with it. St. Croix made good on it all. They gave me an Avid as compensation. The Avid has been awesome. I have a new top for the Mojo, but I've been letting a buddy fish it who doesn't really know how to load a rod. Next trip to the CCC, or Shinnecock will be the test. The heaviest thing in my bag is a 9" Magic Swimmer, or 4oz Al Gags...I have no idea what to expect.
  13. I went with the Torques. More than a dozen uses, about 45 bass and blues, at least 30 over 20# and one over 30#...all I've done is rince them down. Still perfect.
  14. I remember you pointing that out in one of your vids. Neither reel has taken a dunking yet, so we'll burn that bridge when we get to it. The drags are butter-smooth and so far, with fish up to 35#, the reels haven't really been pushed. Might try the O-rings Otony mentioned, just in case...