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  1. St Croix Avid or Seage. Both are in your range and they come with the best product service in the industry.
  2. So sorry for your loss, take comfort in the knowledge that you and Ressie shared 15 and a half years of live and happiness and all dogs go right to heaven.
  3. Week... By the end of next week it'll be $5gal. Let's go Brandon.
  4. Better jump on that $3.99gal. just drove from NYC to West Jersey, cheapest I saw was $4.19. To all you 33%ers... Bite me. Find a Republican and pay for half their tab at the pump. This is YOUR FAULT!
  5. Amazing photography
  6. Patton would have been fired by Obama or Daipers long before he every got to make that phone call. Obama fired dozens of three and four-stars. Patton was an extremely effective commander and loved his country, he would have no place as a flag officer in today's armed forces.
  7. I have the Certate, it's perfect. Had it since 2019 and has given me zero problems. I don't even think it's ever thrown a wind knot. I've never felt any reel like it, it like butter.
  8. If they have no ID, confiscate their stuff on the spot, otherwise, ticket and heavy fines. Someone poaches a deer and it's serious business, should be there same with gamefish.
  9. I got a set as a present back in the summer, but didn't start using the shaver until October when I ran out of refills for my Schick Hydro. I'm sticking with Harry's, but I grew a beard in November, so I'm just using it for edging. FWIW, I saw that Target carries the refills.
  10. Yeah...okay, whatever you say Andy.
  11. Are you stalking me Andy? You posted up your brilliant retort within seconds...kinda creepy.
  12. My ban had nothing to do with that Fly as I'm sure you're aware. I'm not even sure it had anything to do with what I posted.
  13. There'll be okay...Andy.
  14. It was never your door.