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  1. I picked up the 6500HS in that sale. Scooby posted an update on YT and I jumped on that like a duck on a junebug. Got it for $175. Now I have the 4500, 5500, 6500 and the Torque 5. Have a TRQS5BL coming tomorrow, so all I'm missing is a TRQ9 I think. Waiting to find a deal on that one. The Slammer isn't going anywhere, it's a nice reel.
  2. Yes Sir, I'm in NJ, but I'm not yrt allowed to PM other members on SOL. Is there a general number that I could call and ask for Tony?
  3. Buyer beware, the original listing said: New other (see details): A new, unused item with absolutely no signs of wear. The item may be missing the original packaging, or in the original packaging but not sealed. The item may be a factory second or a new, unused item with defects. See the seller’s listing for full details and description of any imperfections: comes as shown in pictures. New, never used. Notice ,there are some scratches on the end of the handle ( on the green portion). Tim and Darth, Darth is right about the "New Other" and I knew about the scratches on the knob before I bought it. Besides those scratches on the knob, and I've looked, there isn't a mark on it. The more I fiddle with it, the "newer" it's getting. I definitely don't feel like I got fleeced on the deal, it's a nice reel, even if it's required a tweak here and there. (Disclaimer) I haven't spooled it yet and it didn't come with shims, so I guess we'll burn that bridge when we get to it. Maybe Tony can fix me up with a care package of nylon shims and the schematic...and I bought another one(TRQS5BL), so watch this space.
  4. The reel is new John, so it's not a wear issue. Re: "rocking", it's more "in/out" than "rocking", but as a result of the play, there is an almost imperceptible rocking. It's not dramatic in either case, but in reading other posts, I remember one member saying that if he wasn't pushing the handle in the cranking direction, the handle felt like it was "welded to the reel", which tells me there shouldn't be play there. The post that comment was on was about a reel that had faaar more side-to-side play than mine does. I don't know whether a shim might be needed to fit between the main gear and the sealed bearing, or if it's a matter of not enough grease, I don't have a schematic and this reel is the 1st Penn Torque I've ever held, so I'm at a loss. I flat freaking love the reel and have tried it out for size on three different surf rods and two boat rods. It's the sexiest piece of fishing gear I've ever bought, and I buy good stuff. Penn should offer shim kits(maybe they do), for fine-tuning. I might be picking fly-specks out of pepper-shakers, but the 1st time out, I want to know it's perfect. I refuse to accept the idea that my Slammers, made in China might be better turned out than my Torque, produced at the Penn factory here in the USA(that means something to me).
  5. Either replace the spool as Scooby said, or use epoxy. Make sure to be neat about it to keep sanding to a minimum.
  6. After closer examination, the flimsiness in the bail seems to have been due to the roller screw being loose, I tightened that up and fashioned a makeshift shim for the knob, so those issues are solved. All that's left of my original worries is the slight side-to-side motion of the handle and it sounding a little loud compared to the Slammers I have. If I had the paperwork and the schematic, I would crack it open and see what I could do about these issues. Maybe Penn carries the shims I might need for the handle. ??
  7. I own a GSB JOHN SKINNER rod and I like it a lot for bucktailing and throwing poppers. If there's one thing the rod is best at is working a popper. I have a SlammerIII 4500 on it and it's great for casting off the rocks. It's definitely not as stiff as the mojo. This spring I might try it with the new Torque 5 I just got, but yeah, it's a good rod for bucktailing.
  8. I'm sorry, your first post made it seem like you were surprised that it was used No idea what it costs for an overhaul It did say "new", but mentioned the scratched knob. I asked the seller if he had the box and everything and he said no. I'm certain the word I'm looking for isn't "overhaul", "tuning" would probably be more appropriate. The click I'm hearing happens when the spool changes direction Up/Down. I just took the knob off and shimmed it with a piece of packaging plastic and that tightened up the play there, I'll bet someone more skilled than me would have no problem with the rest, like I said, I don't really have a gauge of what it's supposed to run like. I'm pretty sure the bail arm shouldn't be so mushy though.
  9. The seller didn't advertise "New In Box" and for the price I got it for, I assumed I might be buying a pig in a poke...but besides the scratches on the knob, which were shown, and the knot and loop there isn't a mark on it. Not one. The bail looseness concerns me, but I anticipated sending it to Penn to convert to bailless, but having never laid hands on a Gen1 Penn Torque, I simply don't have anything to gauge it on. These pictures are what was advertised, even the scratched knob. What you see is what I got. What does an overhaul cost?
  10. Just bought a Gen1 Torque5 on Ebay: No Box/Tools/Paperwork/Shims, just the reel. I unboxed it and it looks "new", with a Gomexus power knob that has a few scratches on it. It was spooled at one point(still has a wrap and the knot on the spool), not "new" new. There is play in the bail arm and the knob has side to side play and clicks against the handle. When I crank the reel, besides the click from the knob against the handle, it sounds raspy and feels a little geary, and there's an internal click. There's a little side to side play in the handle as well. It's not as smooth as my 3 Slammers, but looks beautiful("'s really Gold"), it just doesn't feel like a "Super-Spinner" the way I got it. Before I do anything else should I send it to Penn and have it gone through and let them spool it up for me? I have no idea what I'm looking at and it just doesn't feel right. Maybe it's fine, but like I said, all my Slammers feel perfect and I'm thinking this one was rode hard and put up wet maybe. It looks new, maybe not though.