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  1. X2 on the $30 Camekoon bobbin shown in the video, I got mine in red though. Because red.
  2. That was the reason I asked. I wanted to know if the Suzuki came in a 2-6 or 3-8. I guess it doesn't. I have a SC Mojo 10'6 in 2-6 for Topwater in the ditch, I'm looking for something affordable for throwing jigs there.
  3. If the line las at the top of the spool, you shim the spool. If the line lays at the bottom of the spool and there are no shims under the spool, you have to shim under the rotor, as per Tony at Penn. Penn has shims for that, I know, because Tony sent them to me for free.
  4. If I were to use a Suzuki to throw the big Savages and Gags/Baggs jigs in the Canal, which one would you recommend Kil?
  5. I'mwaiting for the striper special to come out. I need another canal rod.
  6. I bought the 8' CC Popping Nano on Saturday at the show, looking forward to casting it at some tunas. It was nice meeting you Kil.
  7. That's pretty cool spotting them on the glide path...never thought to look.
  8. Which handle are you referring to? I ask because I want to upgrade the handle on my torque 5.
  9. I'd say you're pushing it if you're talking about the 10' Avid 1-4oz. It's a great rod, but 3oz is about the max on it. They have that great warranty though, so give it a try and report back to the group.
  10. St Croix '8 Mojo Surf. $169.99 on Amazon. Perfect for fluke, blues, weaks, Albies...right in your wheelhouse.
  11. Thanks for that. Really. Great song you never hear anymore.
  12. I'm in for the Scabelly. Thank you.
  13. SLAIII 4500 with 300 yards (possibly 292-5) 30#PP. Spooled tight, it took the entire 300yd spool(no backing). Note the fill line at the back of the spool. That's all you need. I have the 5500 and 6500 as well. Love the 4500 on my 9'2" Lamiglas GSB. Almost 1/2lb lighter than the 5500. The only other option I'd throw out there, if you must have a 5500 size Penn, look for one of the lighter models. I have 2 Torque5s which both feel lighter in the hand and on a rod than the SLA 5500. Whether the 2-3oz is worth the extra coin, you have to decide, but cheaper and lighter Penns are available as well.
  14. I picked up one of Pappy"s Pride's 3oz metal lips...and a bunch of MadMantis poppers and jigs. There were some good deals on Super Strikes (two for $25)...yeah, I spent way more than I planned to.
  15. Between Giglio's and Julian's, basically all the bases are covered as far as stripers and the rest are concerned. That said, I stopped at Saltywater Tackle on my way home from the Asbury Park fishing show today and my jaw almost hit the floor. Their lure selection is unreal. If you plan on fishing for tuna, Dorado, pelagics...check it out. They don't carry striper lures, but they definitely have the best selection of lures and high end tackle from around the world in NJ, bar none. Leaving the credit card in the car is strongly advised.(they don't put price tags on any of their stock). The place is amazing.