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  1. They pinched it off and found a body between the north end Bridge and memorial bridge. Don't know yet if it's the missing kid. Smallmouth and pike have been chewing tho.
  2. Water is low
  3. I'm gonna splash the boat at Medina street tonight. See what's going on at the mouth
  4. Where you located?
  5. Sold to seawolf hunter. Closing this down. Thanks SOL
  6. I would do $620 to help cover shipping.
  7. Used vs275SXP with bag and box. Blue braid used on boat once. Casted 20 times max. Bought this year. $650 shipped PayPal
  8. Closing this down.
  9. I have a almost brand new vs275x silver looking for a vsb100 or vsb150. Reel was fished once on boat. Box bag reel.
  10. I'd make an offer but I really don't feel like heading into town today. I want both of them
  11. Yes manual jacks. It is a project for sure. I was going to do a full gut and set it up the way I wanted but I'd rather be fishing than working on it.
  12. 1992 skamper for 8 foot bed but could be used in 6.5. Weighs around 1300 lbs. Canvas has a few chew holes from mice. Some water damage. Really solid actually. Has a toilet. Project. 300 bucks. Located in 01095. Gonna fix a few things and power wash this weekend. Let me know if you want more pics.
  13. I live in Springfield and traveling is part of the fun. Cape , RI , CT are all close to you. Your 20 years old. Get a truck with a cap or a van. So many opportunities in New England.