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  1. Use central vac piping from the big box stores works great and you can hot glue it together and put bottoms on them.
  2. Its go time! Lady called me on monday for some moneys.
  3. Originals are needed
  4. I mailed mine to Springfield environmental police on a Monday and had the sticker by Friday.
  5. I bought a new boat and trailer a month ago. Boats registered by mail but I'm using my trailer plate from my other boat still. Have an appointment next week at the Springfield rmv. Hopefully they don't throw me out cause its considered non essential.
  6. my cats mangle them all the time here in the eastern Springfield area. But those cats came from holyoke so they're a different breed.
  7. People been using them for chunking in CT River for striper. Didn't think that was legal?
  8. Bought a new 2007 Frontier SE crew in 2006 and still have it. 212 on it and just did basic recall repairs and the rotor and pads a few times. Beat the crap out of it for its whole life. Will still burn rubber for as long as you want. Always ran 285 tires with leveing kit from New. Definitely a solid truck for the money. Still sees the redline weekly. Still handles like a Ferrari. There was a few issues like a broken leaf and worn ball joints and a broken spider gear at 200k but what would expect. I have literally pounded this truck since new. I would buy another again for sure. Yes the yotas are nicer but everyone has one. Hopefully nissan will redesign it.
  9. Call the cops. Lol
  10. Boats easy 4 days i had boat stuff overnighted/priority mailed from Springfield to Springfield for 8 dollars on monday and had numbers in my queue by Wednesday. Now I have to get a stamp from insurance for trailer. Good thing I have 2 other boat trailers to steal plates off of till I get a legal one.
  11. The chances of finding sch 20 is gonna be slim. The 6" sewer /drainage is called something different. Need to research it or go to a E J Prescott and ask the guys what they have.
  12. Someone said they closed slim shad point but it looked more like the big E there yesterday.
  13. Got a few nice ones this am.