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  1. If I can find one I'm buying it.
  2. River dropped fast!
  3. I'd love to know how you would even get insurance on a mini truck with no crash ratings. I see them everywhere here in Western Mass. They have non DOT ATV tires and wheels. They look cool but only having 20 horsepower doesn't make up in cool factor.
  4. Tbyrd, any luck with derby standings?
  5. Got 12 today from 5-6:30 when the sun was out seen like 30 fish come out up river and put on stringers. No stripers seen taken.
  6. Got a few on the South Hadley side walking the shore after work. On a flutter spoon no less
  7. Was at boat launch yesterday on South Hadley side. Took a few casts after work for stripers. Didn't see any action. Boats out there today. Still didn't see any action.