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  1. This is basically the point of my op rant. Gov. Black faces’s political career is over and he has nothing to lose. The Democrats are running roughshod over the state. Va. is deep blue now with no check or balances. Writing to representatives and holding gun rallies ain’t doing squat. They have to be voted out
  2. For heavy spinning gear get a breakaway cannon. For heavy casting I just throw a light cast out to get the line wet before I start to heave it out there.
  3. Parodi Kings.... I got a 5 box of these greasy bastards for a overnight river float. This is the pretty side.
  4. I'm guessing this year is gonna be a bust for central Va. What happens to frys and eggs in a raging river?
  5. Lucky for you...Now there is the intranet...when I first started surf fishing I had to buy a book.
  6. I only carry a few rods on the kayak. I tie direct with my senko/jig rod and use clips on my topwater/crankbait rod.
  7. Dang that's a small foot! What's your shoe size? One?
  8. Ribs and sausages at the paw-paw patch
  9. DO NOT TASTE MERCURY! It's bitter and leaves a nasty stain on your tongue.
  10. The spawn is on!!
  11. The new seaeagle inflatable boats with the drop stitch floors are nice like the 380. The stealth stalker 10 is sweet too
  12. Check out the nucanoe flint. That pivot drive looks awesome and can be purchased later. The kayak is all deck with rails down the length of either side. It has a transom so there’s multiple power options
  13. I've been thinking about using a small window weight if I can ever find one. I just want something to drag the bottom and slow me down
  14. El Duce said Courtney paid a guy to kill him..but then he accidentally walked in front of a train so Courtney's secret is safe.