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    In a van down by the river.
  1. 100ah ip67 with internal heater and Bluetooth. Kinda top shelf, but this is gonna power my Jon boat on some electric only lakes and also power a 1500 watt inverter in my van.. $500 shipped..
  2. Half ladder racks are great setups if you don't mind drilling some holes...
  3. I don't waste my time watching b-ball...
  4. My bud has the Seaeagle 350xl and that boat is bad to the bone. My perception touring yak would beat it in a paddling race but that is the only upside. My Nucanoe Flint is my fishing platform, thou and the Seaeagle is superior- 15# lighter, more stability and 200# more capacity. He rarely deflates it, It's too easy to car top.
  5. Yeah they are and there's a spanish mak in the pic!
  6. I saw some pics from Ocracoke. Baitfish would rather die on the beach than get chomped by a big blue!
  7. They should've at least let Gen. Mike Flynn slap him on his wrists.
  8. I have a motor with a pwm. I can tune it down till the prop is barely turning and kinda hold a spot but the motor is best for covering distance. I think I would prefer pedal if I only had 1 choice and lived near the ocean for sure. Spot lock and a battery are going to cost you $$$ on top of the kayak and if you capsize... Plus here in Va. if you put a motor on a yak you have to register it. I had to provide a Title to the DWR to register my yak. Pay the fees, renew every 2 years and property tax But... motors on the lake are awesome for me! I can go for miles
  9. Yeah he has a billion dollars in his sock drawer ..
  10. 2 points: 1. I don’t think You need a gigantic cast from the beach. Finding cuts in the bar and fishing the trough can be very productive. The rods you’re considering are good choices 2. Get a kayak…
  11. Ahh okay I thought it was a perch but it’s not on the website. Then I read about “fat snook” and my imagination took over..
  12. Caught a few of these in the sound
  13. Just got back from a couple of days at Oregon inlet. Didn't do much on the beach but had a good day soundside from the yaks.. Several pups and a few slot drum. No trout..
  14. Back in the day… lives eels guaranteed a striper when the current was running at night under the bridge but it’s too early in the year for that.
  15. Frisco and Avon piers are much closer to hatteras than the OI pier although the OI pier is unique because of the heavy current when the tide flows. I’m not much on pier fishing but I used to fish the bridge alot 20 years ago. Bottom rigs with blood worms, chunks on fish finder rigs for bigger stuff and jig gotcha plugs when you get bored.