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  1. Don't send the dog in!!
  2. I remember seeing some iconic fights over the rabbit ears on ABC wide world of sports when I was a kid...
  3. Yes Silva broke his leg on Weidman. Weidman broke his leg on Uriah Hall. And Uriah Hall was on the same card as the original Silva/Weidman fight. I love this sport!
  4. And nobody took a knee!
  5. @Riverboat33 It was easy to justify $70 after this pandemic. Got some friends to come over with brews and grills. Rose, Weili and the great Schevchenko on the same card... I couldn’t pass it up! And it was real-time not the chopped up vids online after you already know who won! Spoiler Alert: Usman smashed. Valentina dominated and Thug Rose was freaking amazing! Put Zhang Weili to sleep!
  6. None! He mostly beat club fighters. He was a sideshow with a cult following. But it was fun for awhile.. he was known as the King of the Four Rounders.
  7. I think Butterbean deserves an honorable mention!
  8. Was brutal. MMA is a sport second to none! Move over woke ass team sports! My only problem with UFC 261 was that the card was too stacked. It took attention away from Valentina
  9. People with regular mountain bike's will run you down around here. And that's been going on for 30 years
  10. My bud got 1 last winter... I rode it the other day and it is the real deal. It's a tank with ton's of power. I was very impressed. The batteries do wear out and lose capacity though and that's something to consider.
  11. I highly recommend getting getting a Slow n' Sear to complement your new Weber.
  12. George Foreman
  13. If there was ever a good time to have a hair-lip...this is it
  14. If everyone else vaccinates. that means I don't have too.
  15. Oh yeah first cast on a year long plan for my 1 week vacay in Hatteras. Duct taped my finger the rest of the trip. (that's when I learned to cast conventional}