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  1. 1 on the way out to deny the skunk
  2. I mostly fish a river and I opted for speed from point A to B so I chose a touring style sot. The specs are 13.5' x 28" and 58lbs.with a rudder. Some of the downsides are no standing and a minimal approach to gear.
  3. There's a store in central Va. that has the Pescador 12 new for $585 on closeout
  4. I believe that might be the "stall"...I've had pork butts hold at 155-160 for well over an hour before.
  5. I remove the membrane, but if I was offered ribs with it still on I certainly wouldn’t turn them down.
  6. St Louis ribs are spare ribs with the skirt and sternum/cartilage removed
  7. That's 1 fine Father's Day gift !!
  8. Pma531 Are you pulling the membrane off the inside side of the ribs?
  9. +1 St.Louis take longer to cook than baby backs
  10. Roland Martin has a great video for rigging Senko's for the lighter tackle people
  11. You beat me to it. Pompano are delicious! I always bring a rod for the trough in my arsenal.
  12. There is this I've never used it
  13. We use the loctite at work..unclog it by stabbing a safety pin down the tube
  14. You might need to top the spool off...