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  1. Welcome to New England, from late May-early November you'll be able to fish the shores and catch an array of species, most of us here target stripers. You could get a low-mid end range spinning set up for $200-$400. There are a lot of factors to take in considerations pole length, lure weight, pole action, one piece or two piece. Then reel sizesize,the actual reel weight (which depends on stamina hours your going to cast) the line,you can load it up with monofilament or braid, braid is far superior its properties are thinner, supple,near zero strech and better sensitivity. You could learn a lot from local bait & tackle store in your area and of course herehere as well. Best of luck you'll have fun if you can get into a blitz of breaking fish. 5/0
  2. You should try the 1/2" drive impact brushless 2,200 foot pounds holy moley!
  3. I'm seeing that more frequently, either they are a complete dip stick or just brazin.Either way they should be penalized by being beaten with a herring! Just saying.
  4. My take on this subject nis that customer shouldn't cry poor mouth, chit happens learn from it and move on. I understand how things are very tough for the small bait and tackle shops, but really? The chump who straightened out that hook probably tryed to horse that fish in and I'm willing to bet he's drag was friggin nailed down. The shop owner has nothing to do with a mfgrs defects/cheap hooks.Almost every angler knows what hooks need to be changed out before use....Almost everyone knows this,this is Cardinal law.
  5. Wow looks very inviting, nice job.
  6. Bob I agree...
  7. como esta biatches. Beat wishes guys! 5/0
  8. This past January Pat's/Colt's deflate gate raining and raw but these to were champs!
  9. 97 and only 17k....wow what a gem!
  10. Not much of a beach buggy but it get's us around,we have a 05 Dakota 98K. Last bottom pic is 1.5 miles from the Canadian border & we were 2.5 mile from the ramp out on the ice. Watch out for those Indian bowfin..,
  11. I made this about 13 yeas ago,it has a locking SS rod that has held up over the years.
  12. I hope he's a lefty cause he if he's not he's gonna have to cheat with the opposite hand....
  13. Looks rugged but Where are the rod racks?
  14. Nice looking vehicle, I think some good points where brought up in regards to lift and CV joints not mixing well together, the running boards being @ a lower clearance which could cause you to get stuck and even damage them. Staying on the high side is very key,airing down and common sense will help you along as well. Jump online or visit the check point where you will enter the beach and ask them,I'm sure they've seen it all and will give ypi and honest and unbiased opinion. Good luck and enjoy your time out there good times and memory's are to be made.